I know I have two other stories up right now, but I juyst had to put this up! XD The first chapter is VERY short, but only because I don't wanna give too much away yet. I wanna know if this is good or not. This is an AU. The people might be OCC. I don't own Naruto. Plz bear w/ me!!

" You have no obligation to read this..."

A teenage girl looked out of her window.

"This is simply the story of my life."

Her pink hair slightly swaying in the wind.

" About my hopes and dreams, and how they were all torn away by the people i love..."

Tears slowly sliding down her face.

" I ask you because this may be my only chance to say this."

Her eyes seemed so cold.

"I don't keep a dairy in fear of my family finding it and reading it."

The girl stood up.

"I do not know you, but I'm asking you to know me... "

She looked toward her mirror.

"I want you to learn from my mistakes, and hope you never make them yourselves... "

She fell to her knees.

"I...I need to say this, even if your not really there..."

She looked into the mirror.

"Wait, I don't know, but I know if I don't say this I will fall apart..."

She rapped her arms around herself.

"I ask you to hear my words because this... this is my story... "

She bowed her head.

"My story, it began six years ago, about 5th grade..."

She looked into the corner of her room.

" Before I start, my name is Sakura... Sakura Haruno."

She wiped her eyes and stood.

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