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Lately I've been feeling numb. I've grown tired being fake... I still have to do everything by myself. My mother has started dating again. I hate this because now I have to do everything for my family and this man... For the first time in my life, my mother hit me. She slaped me in the face for telling her man to leave me the fuck alone. This is when I snapped.

Thinking about it now, my mother didn't start to change until after I had my outburst. Things didn't change until I began to stand my ground... Huh? Oh yes, I'm sorry, I spaced out.

The pink haired girl stood from her place. "I'll be right back." She said to her reflection. She walked through her empty house and went into the kitchen. She grabed some water and made a sandwich. She went back upstairs and sat back down, facing the mirror. " Would you like some? No? Ok."

When did I start to talk to myself? Don't look at me like that! I'm not crazy, I just need someone to talk to... Anyway, back to the story...

I started sayin no. My mother throws things at me. She sometimes chases me around with a frying pan.

Laugh all you want, that shit hurts! I still wanted to be like Sarsh.. I'm not sure why...

Days still went by, but things began to change. I'm teaching my big brother how to wash dishes and how to sweep. I'm also teaching my little sister how to washclothes and to mop. My mother still gives me the cold shoulder... I'm starting to think somethings wrong with me... I sit with everyone while we eat, but I can't help but feel left out...

I looked around it felt like everyone in the room had this connectiontaht I wasn't apart of. It was the same connection that I use to have with Sarah. I knew that, but I acted as if I didn't notice.

I'm a sixth grader now!! I don't even remember my school life, but I think I now know why my older sister loved school. She could be herself at school. Now, its my turn. I began to make freinds but none close enough to tell about my life at home. My life was turning around! My mother even started cooking and being nice!!

I love my friends. I'm getting really close to them! There names are Naruto, Neji, Tenten, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji.We are a pretty weird group. I'm closest to Shikamaru and Neji. I really am being to trust them.

When outside of school I caouln't hang out with them much, but I still loved them. We were real close, the only thing they didn't know was of my past, and the bruses kept under my clothes...

It was just me Shikamaru and Neji. I got my mom to let me sleepover a friends house. That day she had hit me real hard.

We were playing games in Shka's room. I kept throwing m 'n 'ms at Shika beacuse he was winning. Neji was amused, he always says that I'm funny to watch. Shika tackled me playfuly, when we landed on the floor I landed on my side. I screamed in pain, I felt tears slide down my face. I feel Shika and Neji tring to help, I hear Shika saying sorry every 3 seconds. after about a minute the pain dies down and as I calm down, so do they.

"I'm really sorry, I didn't know it would hurt that much!!" I smile and try to play it off. Neji dosen't buyit. "Lift your shirt..." I laugh and call him a perv. Now Shika has the same face as Neji. I looked down ashamed. Both boys slowly lifted my shirt over my head, now left in my bra, bruese/cuts free for all to see. Shika got up and got a first aid kit. Him and Neji cleaned my wounds and put bandeges on my cuts. I felt my cheeks grow hott. I calmed down a little. When they were done, Neji picked me up and placed me on his lap.

Shika rubed my legs while Neji ran his fingures through my hair. "Who did this to you?" Neji whispered, pleading."Please tell us.." Shika whispered, pain clear in his voice. I whimpered and spoke quitely Soon my little explination turned into my life story of my life, all the tears I didn't let out in the past were coming out and now I was trying to catch my breath. Neji picked me up and placed me on Shikamaru, and kissed my forehead. "I'll get you some water." He left the room.

While Neji was out of the room I remember Shikamaru running his hands through my hair, trying to make me laugh. It worked, I was laughing so much.

Neji came back and gave me the water, scolding Shika for making me laugh so much, hurting my already sore throt. I drank the water and smiled at the 2 boys, which were now blushing madly. I turned my head slightly. They got even redder.Neji threw an extra shirt at me. I blushed now. I ran toward the bathroom, but not before stoping and stealing some of Shika's shorts.

I still don't know what happened while I was changing, but when I got outof the bathroom, both guys were wrestling on the floor. It was really weird, but after I giggled they both had gotten up.

And they stared at me. I blushed and asked if it looked that bad. For the first time I saw both boys stutter and blush. I giggled, both boys playfuly glared. I jumped on Shika's bed. "I call middle!" We said earlier that we were all sleeping on Shika's bed. Both boys blushed and got into bed. Neji at my back and Shikamaru at my front.

That night I slept very well.

We all woke up tp screaming. Shikamaru's mom came home in the morning, when she saw 2 biys and a girl in the middle of the bed, she thought very dirty.

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