This story was created for two reasons. One: All of my other stories that aren't about to end or on hiatus everyone seem to hate. Two: BlueMyst19 wrote a wonderful story called "The Misadventures of Robin Sam" which was my inspiration. Aside from "Robin Sam" character the story will be completely different. Presenting the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom, Ed, Edd n' Eddy, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, SpongeBob SquarePants or any other characters who may appear in the story.

Sir Raven sat in his large Victorian style chair holding an upside down book. "Welcome children, to Story Time with Sir Raven! SIR RAVEN!" He yelled to the terrified children sitting around him. "Today's story is the horrible tale of Robin Sam. IT'S HORRIBLE!" The bird announced. One small boy, named Pudin raised his hand. "Mister Raven, I thought the story was called Robin Hood!" He exclaimed. "That's just what they want you to believe Pudin. WHAT THEY WANT!" Sir Raven replied. "Okay." The boy said. "Here we go; our story begins within the kingdom of Peach Creakenshire…"


Peach Creakenshire was a lovely kingdom, full of forests and rabid animals and peasants and stuff. In the very center was the castle/town place of Cul'De'Sacingham. The dirt-poor peasants lived the Park n' Flush Village. Here we meet our heroes: the Band of Merry Eds. For a living they scammed dirt-poor peasants, so as you can guess they didn't very much money. MUCH MONEY!!!!

The Band of Merry Eds consisted of three; Ed the Mono-browed, Double Dth (Pronounced Double Dee-ith like a medieval name.) the sock headed, and Eddy the short. "Hey!" the indignant and so aplenty named Eddy the short remarked to Sir Raven. I'm telling the story here, so shut up! SHUT UP!!!!!!!! Anyway the peasants lived in peace mostly. Except for one problem; Cul'De'Sacingham was ruled by the evil lord Kevin. He taxed everyone like crazy, explaining why there were so many dirt-poor peasants. His evil Knight and Debt-Collector Dennis wandered Peach Creakenshire arresting people who could not pay the tax, and sentencing them to death. DEATH!!!!!!

The only bright spot in the peasant's dirt poor lives was a mysterious heroine known only as Robin Sam. She robbed rich guys and gave the money and stuff to the poor; this was completely pointless as they would give the money back to Sir Dennis when he collected the debts. At least she tries. Now that the stupid introduction is over we can switch to good ole' third person Point of View. THIRD PERSON!!!!!! Let us begin with Robin Sam delivering her most recent raid's treasure to the residents of Park n' Flush Village…

"Haggis! Get yer' ye ole' haggis right here! Only twenty-five sliver!" Eddy yelled to the peasants. "Eddy, their dirt-poor as are we. How can they afford the haggis; in fact its not even haggis! Its pantyhose stuffed with dirt."Double Dth complained. "But its super yummy." Ed added, eating the last "haggis" that they had made. "Well Robin Sam just gave them all some treasure which they can pay for with. In fact… Hey Robin Hood Parody! Send some of that money over here why don't ya'!" Eddy told her. "Thy would never give such to your kind. Thou are thieves and con artists not disserving this money." Sam replied. The three Ed's just looked at her blankly. "You talk funny." Ed finally said.

"Someone had too much ale last night." Eddy whispered to Double Dth and the two giggled. "I did not!" Robin Sam said and then hiccupped. "I was talking about Ed." Eddy replied. "I don't drinkith Eddy." The Mono-browed told him. "Well if thou are done acting like imbeciles then I must be off." Robin Sam said before leaping up a tree and disappearing. "I'm not acting." Ed yelled in vain.

With my two other attempts for a new story: Calvin at Camp: The Freaking Huge Adventure and Bearbert, We Hardly Knew Ye being complete failures I hope this story will fill the whole in you Behind the Scenes loving heart. I really like this story at least, its always fun to write for Ed, Edd n' Eddy.