Four years ago in a village called Konoha, a fierce demon attacked for unknown reasons, but this was no ordinary demon. This demon was the most powerful demon in history. The demon was called Kyuubi, the Nine Tailed Fox. He was the most powerful demon for a reason. With one swipe of a tail he could destroy mountains. And not to mention the fact that he had amazing regenerative abilities which made him almost impossible to kill. With such abilities, not one of Konoha's shinobi could stop this monstrous monstrosity, except for one.

Kazama Arashi, Konoha's youngest and most powerful hokage in history, managed to defeat the great beast. He summoned the Shinigami, a god-like creature to seal Kyuubi into his daughter, but it came with a great cost….his soul. With his last dieing breath Arashi told Sandaime aka Sarutobi the previously, or now currently hokage of konoha, that his daughter's name is Kazama Naruko, and that he wished that she would be treated like a hero. With that said, the greatest hokage of Konoha, Kazama Arashi left the world.

Sarutobi looked down sadly at the sleeping little bundle in his arms and sighed

"You are going to have a hard life little one" he said sadly