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Summary: Harry has a conversation with his six year old godson, Teddy Lupin.

A/n: Hey guys. Just an idea that came to me suddenly, I'm fascinated by what happened to Teddy Lupin during his childhood, so I might make a story about his life after this one. Hope you enjoy!

Ginny was in the kitchen drinking her morning tea and reading the Daily Prophet when she heard the front door slam open. Startled, she jumped, spilling some of her tea across the page of the paper.

She quickly waved her wand and cleared the mess away, then stood up to find out what all the commotion was. She practically ran down the hall towards the front door, only to stop abruptly at the pitiful sight in front of her.

Teddy Lupin, in all of his blue eyed, turquoise haired glory, sat in front of the door, his head buried in his arms, and his shoulders shaking while his sobs echoed through the hallway.

Ginny quickly walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his tiny frame. He looked up at her, and she immediately felt her heart break. Teddy, who was always all smiles and laughs, now looked at her through a tear streaked face, and a pair of watering, puffy, red eyes.

She kissed him on the forehead, and picked him up, holding on tighter when she felt his small arms wrap around her neck. Ginny carried Teddy into the living room, where she sat him down on the squashy sofa, and knelt down on the floor in front of him, so she could be at his eye level.

She shot him a reassuring smile, and was glad to see him return it with a small one of his own. He had stopped crying, but his face was still tear stained, and his eyes were still wet.

Ginny took a deep breath, having no children of her own yet, and being so used to the happy, fun loving little boy they all knew and loved, she really didn't know how to handle the situation.

She decided that waiting would be the best thing to do, and sure enough, after a few moments of silence, Teddy spoke up. His voice was quiet, not at all like his usual loud one, and Ginny had to lean in to hear what he was saying.

"Can I talk to Harry, please, Ginny?"

Ginny was a bit taken aback by the boys sudden rejection of her, but she smiled back at him and said, "Sure. I'll just call him now for you."

She walked over to the fireplace, threw the floo powder in, and stuck her head in the green flames. After a few minutes of whispering, Ginny pulled her head out and stood up.

"He'll be here in a just a sec Teddy. Is there anything you need?"

Teddy shook his head no, and Ginny smiled at him again.

"Okay. I'll be in the kitchen if you need me."

Harry apperated into the living room with a loud crack the second that Ginny closed the living room door behind her. He looked around, spotted Teddy, and immediately his grin faded. He rushed over to the couch where Teddy was sitting, and sat down next to him.

"Teddy, what's wrong? Are you hurt? Are you alright? Is something wrong with Andromeda?" Harry asked worriedly, imagining all of the horrible things that could have possibly happened to his young godson. He loved Teddy like his own son, he was so much like Remus and Tonks. He had Tonks's loud, lovable, klutziness, and Remus's love of knowledge and caring. Already at his young age, Teddy was showing his wisdom. He shared both of his parents courage and bravery.

Teddy wiped his nose on his sleeve, and Harry grimaced, passing him a tissue. Teddy sniffed and blew his nose loudly, hopping off the sofa to throw the tissue away. He sat back down and looked up at his godfather with big blue eyes, his wild hair falling in his eyes.

"I want my parents."

Harry winced, he and Teddy hadn't been forced into the conversation of his parents so far, though he did know that they died fighting and that they had loved him very much. Andromeda had answered all of his questions about them, what they were like, and how they died. But Harry had know that this day would come, when Teddy realized just how hard it was living without your parents. And who better to help then Harry Potter, who had lived without his parents for nearly his entire life.

Harry looked at Teddy sadly and said, "I know you do Teddy. I know you do."

Teddy looked down at his hands, and said in a quiet voice. "I went to the playground this morning."

Harry smiled softly. "Did you have fun?"

"No! Well, in the beginning, kinda, I met this kid named Jason. At first, it was fun, cause we played in the sandbox, but then his mummy came to get him to take him home. And so he asked me where my parents where, and I told him they were dead. Then he tells me that I was lying and that I shouldn't lie about something like that. And I told him, I'm not lying, my parents really are dead, and then he got mad, and threw sand at me, and called me a 'stupid baby' when I started to cry. But I'm not a stupid baby! The sand got in my eyes and it made them water. And then he just went over to his mummy and they left and I felt really sad, cause, why don't I get to have a mummy? What did I do to not get my mummy and daddy?"

Teddy was crying now, and Harry picked him and put him on his lap. Teddy wrapped his arms around Harry and cried into his robes. "I just want my mummy and daddy back!"

Harry hugged Teddy back and whispered to him softly, rocking him back and forth. "Sssh. I know, I know, Teddy. I don't have a mummy or daddy either."

Teddy's sobs got louder and louder, and he screamed, "I want my mummy and daddy! Why can't I have them? I want my mummy and daddy!"

Harry's heart broke for his godson, and he stroked his hair in a pacifying way. "I know you do, Teddy. But you know what you have? That I bet little Jason doesn't?"

Teddy sobs slowed down, but he still kept his face buried in Harry's chest. "What?" Came the small, sniffly reply.

Harry smiled slightly, and he whispered in Teddy's ear. "Me." And he reached down to Teddy's stomach and tickled him. Teddy let out an involuntary shriek of laughter, and he wiggled in Harry's grasp.

Harry kept on tickling Teddy, until he was forced to look up at Harry. Teddy smiled a little at Harry through his laughter, and tickled Harry back.

"Hey, that's no fair! You're not allowed to tickle you godfather!" Harry cried out in mock outrage.

Teddy smiled broadly up at Harry and said, "Yes, I am. It's a rule." He continued to tickle Harry and Harry said between laughs, "Oh, a rule, is it? Well did you know that it's also a rule that I get you back?"

Teddy smiled again, and Harry smiled back. They continued to tickle each other for a few more minutes until they both stopped, panting, as Teddy lay, worn out and tired, on Harry's lap. They sat in a comfortable silence, until Teddy spoke in his quiet voice again.



"I love you."

"I love you too."

Harry smiled down at the top of Teddy's head, and kissed his turquoise hair. They sat in silence once more, until eventually the room was filled with Teddy's soft snores.

Ginny walked in the room, when she heard no more noise, and smiled at the scene. Harry looked up at her and gave her a weary grin. He scooped Teddy up in his arms, and carried him over to Ginny. She looked down at the sleeping child, and kissed his cheek. Then she stood on her tiptoes and kissed Harry. He smiled into the kiss and returned it eagerly.

They broke apart, and Harry walked down the hallway to the room where Teddy stayed when he came over for weekends. He placed Teddy under the warm blankets, and with a wave of his wand, dressed him in his pajamas. It was time for his nap anyways.

He felt Ginny's arm slip around his waist and he turned towards her, putting his arm over her shoulders. They both smiled down at the sleeping boy, and looked at each other.

Ginny broke the silence.

"I'm pregnant."

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