Own? hell no! If owned Fire Emblem there'd be more dragons and less human, in short, I do not the Fire Emblem franchise.

This is a one-shot. I'm also following the plot that Roy went to Ilia instead of Sacae. A mamkute is the humans that turn into dragons. SPOILER ALERT, unless you've beat Fire Emblem don't read.

'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree'

Eliwood's POV

I stood at the entrance to Arcadia ankle-deep in sand. Lyn stood next to me while Roy talked to guard, which happened to a dragon in human form.

Roy'd brought mehere for a short vacation from the struggles of ruling a country. Roy probably wanted a break from being a General as well. Lyn had been at the castle at the time Roy suggested we go to Arcadia, Lyn jumped on the chance to go to Arcadia.

Lyn had vanished inthe Sacae plains only to show up over twenty years later at the Lysia Capitol asking if an old friend could visit. It turned out that when Roy was attacking Ilia Lyn was assassinating Bern soldiers attacking the plains.

"Father," Roy called to me, "they're opening the gates."

We entered the village of dragons. It was truly an amazing sight; what we heard of Athos' story back then didn't even begin to describe this place.

Lyn and I were enjoying the view when a small mamkute bounded up to Roy and jumped up onto his shoulder.

"Hello Fa," Roy greeted the little mamkute.

"Hi Roy," the mamkute said cheerfully, she caught sight of me and Lyn, "Fa see you before, in desert waaay back. Scary bandits were attacking guests. Fa see you both outside house when shaman talk to me."

"You've met?" Roy asked.

"No, but she is a dragon," Lyn pointed out, "It quite possible she saw us."

"But I don't remember Canas ever saying he talked to anyone," I said. Canas had been our only shaman at the time.

Fa jumped off Roy's shoulder. She grabbed onto his sleeve and tugged him down the street. "Come on Roy. Sofiya and Idoun want to see you. Idoun like to meet you two too."

We followed Fa and Roy down the street to a small park where to two girls were waiting. I recognized Sofiya right away but the other was a mystery. She must have the Idoun person Fa was talking about.

"Hi Roy," Sofiya said shyly.

"Roy…" Idoun said it like she was new to talking.

Roy talked to the three like old friends. Idoun seemed particularly attracted to him Roy returned the faint affection. I was just thinking about what would happen if Roy truly fell in love with the girl, then a thought struck me.

I burst out laughing. Lyn asked me what was so funny, I told her and she burst out laughing. I almost thought I heard Hector's disembodied laugh in the background and a few choice comments.

"Father…?" Roy asked, "What's so funny?"

I brought my laughing under control. "It…it's just…"

Lyn-who'd stopped laughing-added her comment, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

The look on Roy's face was priceless.

"It's about your mother."

"What about my mother?"

"Ninian, she was an ice dragon."

A/N: I thought it was an interesting idea, "what if Roy found out he was part mamkute.' Hehe, if the theories I read online are right, Ninian is Nergal's daughter, oh that's creepy.