Okay so I promised an epilogue so here it is. You are really lucky to be getting this because I thought I lost my flash drive that this is stored on and I almost had an episode all over my room. I was in frantic frenzy finding mode. I tore my room apart to find that thing. But not to worry I found it! NE WAYZ here's the Epilogue to My Sunshine.

-100 years later-


After the honeymoon Edward and I parted from the rest of the family for about four years. We went to Alaska but a very remote part of it. I loved Alaska it was gorgeous. We regularly checked in with the family. A year after we moved they moved to another small town in Ontario, Canada. After four years I visited my dad to tell him that we were moving to London, England. He was sad and said he was going to miss us. We lived in London for about 3 years. Then we went to Greenland. Then Russia. Then we decided to take a few years off and travel Europe. We've been moving around ever since. 10 years ago we moved back to the States. We've stayed on the east coast mostly. I haven't seen anyone from my past since we moved to England.

We drove down that old familiar hidden path, and turned down the long drive. A sight for sore eyes was that big old Victorian white house. Yes, after 100 years we moved back to Forks. The town hadn't changed that much. Still small and green. The house had been updated apparently with the times. After unpacking everything Edward and I got into his newest version of the Volvo. We drove onto the highway and went until the pavement ended. There was that unused trail. We ran and found ourselves back in our meadow. It was as if we'd never left. The meadow hadn't changed.

"Time always stops here. Time doesn't exist in this meadow. That's why it's magic" I said to Edward. He pulled me into his arms.

"Time is irrelevant" He smiled. "Are you glad to be back in Forks?"

"I really am, I've missed it" I truly have.

"Did you want to see Charlie?"

"Yeah, we should" My dad died about 6 years after I left. He was shot on the job. Some people that were running from the law decided to hide out in little old Forks. The held some hostages, Angela was one of them, and he was able to save Angela. He was not so fortunate. He died like a hero. To the whole town. They held a commemoration ceremony in honor of him. We went to the Fork's cemetery and I saw his tombstone

Charlie Swan Father, friend, hero

1968-2013 (ignore these dates idk when he was born)

I touched the stone. I missed him, I did. I wasn't able to go to his funeral because I was supposed to be 24 years old and I hadn't aged a day. We left the cemetery and drove home. Edward laced his fingers with mine.

"I love you", He said. Edward made it a daily thing to remind me that he loved me. As if I needed a reminder, shortly after we moved I discovered another power. I am empathetic. Accept I can't effect emotions. I can feel them, but I can also tell if someone is lying. I could always feel the love of Edward radiating off of him. And his words rang with sincerity.

"I love you too" We pulled up to the house. It was night now and the couples did their thing…if you catch my drift. Edward and I went up to our room and laid on the bed. He turned my lullaby on and we just laid in each other's arms. We had to put thoughts and other things into each other's minds to keep out the thoughts of the very sexually active couples of the household. It was finally time to get ready to leave for our fist day of school. We got ready and left in our cars. We pulled into the parking lot and got out. The school also hadn't changed. We went into the administrative building and got our papers. Edward, Alice, and Emmett Cullen, Jasper and Rosalie Hale, and Bella Mason. I took Edward's original last name instead of Cullen or Swan since I had family buried here. But that last name was just for school. We were enrolled as 17 year old students, just so that Edward and i were the same age. We went off to our classes promising to meet at lunch. At lunchtime we went into the cafeteria. We sat in a corner in the back. I surveyed the room, I saw many kids. I had classes with kids who were the spitting image of their grandparents. Kinsley and Damien Newton, James Crowley…and a girl I swore was Angela Webber. I smiled. I heard all the thoughts of the students. Kinsley Newton look exactly like Jessica Stanley. Her thoughts were on the scandalous new family. I watched the group interact. There was some much that was different. I got up to throw my food away. A blonde haired boy walked up to me. "Hi I'm Damien Newton, aren't you Bella Mason?" I mentally laughed…I guess some things never changed…

VOALA! I did it an Epilogue! Tadow! If you have any questions ask me and I'll fill in the blanks for you…THANKS FOR READING!