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It's Just a Small Problem

'This is crazy!'

Sakura ran further and further away from Konoha, a large, black bag strapped across her chest bounced heavily against her thigh. Her breath came fast as she kept running, urging herself not to look back.

She had met with Tsunade earlier that day about an upcoming mission, but she had never expected it to turn out like THIS.

Her mission had been simple actually. Several members of the Akatsuki had been spotted in a particular area over the past few months and it dawned on Tsunade that that area could possible contain was could only be the Akatsuki's headquarters.

Tsunade then spent weeks in her own private room (which, unfortunately, left Shizune to take over a few of the Hokage's jobs) to work on a secret elixir that was suppose to help in the capture of the S-Class Criminals.

Sakura clutched her hands around a small bottle of pinkish liquid that was tied around her neck. This was it. The magic elixir that would be the solution to all their problems. At least, that's what she hoped.

She slid to a stop as she dropped down to the ground. Un-strapping the bag she set it down carefully. "Tsunade pre-packed this for me…maybe I should just take a peak and see what's in it." Her hand reached for the zipper, but before she could open it she heard voices a few yards away.

Resisting the urge to rush in she made sure to conceal her chakra well before she slinked against the bushes and looked though them. There, not too far away, stood three different Akatsuki members.

'Those odds aren't in my favor though…' She though silently. Looking at them closer she couldn't really say she knew who they were. One was a tall, blonde haired…man? She really couldn't tell if said person was a girl or a boy considering their hair was up in a style similar to Ino's. However, even though the persons bangs covered their left eye, she could see a glint of metal instead of the actual body part that was suppose to be there.

The other one was a…plant? That had to be the weirdest thing she had ever seen, and she had seen a lot of things in her life. He had a large, Venus flytrap like plant surrounding his head. And if that wasn't creepy enough, he was split down the middle into two different colors. One black and one white.

The third one seemed to be the most normal of all (of course, being in Akatsuki, how normal could he be?). He had spiky, dark brown hair along with a strange swirling mask. Orange and black…strangely this screamed Naruto in her mind.

"But-but-but!!!! ZETSU-SEMPAI! Deidara-Senpai was trying to shove his little birdies down Tobi's throat! And Tobi was doing nothing but being a good boy like Tobi always is!" The masked one, obviously Tobi, ranted.

'Well, so much for normal.' Sakura thought, taking the elixir from around her neck and uncorking it. 'Looks like it's time to see what this baby will do. Maybe it'll make me even stronger, or faster…I can only pray.'

"Yes, but you're alright now Tobi." The white side of Zetsu said. "But in all honesty we couldn't care less about it." The darker side chimed in.

Sakura tipped the bottle against her lips and swallowed it all completely. Soon, a high pitched scream could be heard as the three Akatsuki members became alerted, pulling out their weapons and rushing toward the sound.

---(Back at Konoha)---

"Lady Tsunade?" Shizune entered the Hokage's office quietly.

"What do you want, Shizune?" Tsunade sighed heavily, leaning over piles and piles of papers that she had to file though.

"Do you have the elixir for the Ninja Council, Lady Tsunade?"

"Huh? Oh yea. It's right here." Tsunade leaned down and fumbled though a few papers before coming back up with a reddish-black colored elixir. It had been specially designed for those seriously injured ninja that could get away from their enemies. Provided there were no medic-nin around and they were on their last resort, they could take this and it would make them young again. They'd still have their abilities, and being small would make it easier for them to hide and could prove vital for a mission.

"Uh…Lady Tsunade…"

"What is it NOW, Shizune?"

"Well…this is the wrong elixir…" Shizune's voice spoke out.

"What…what do you mean?" Tsunade looked up from a particularly long letter. "What do you mean it's the wrong elixir?"

"Well…when I was able to help you with it I looked over the papers. It said that the elixir should be a pinkish color. Did you place it somewhere else?"

"Pinkish…" Tsunade paused slightly before her eyes widened considerably. "Oh my God…"


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