Mommy, Mommy!

Rikkaidai Story

Niou was bored. When Niou is bored, you know what that means. Yes, you guessed it, CHAOS. Let's say, YOU DO NOT WANT A BORED NIOU.

He was sitting on a bench, because benches were for sitting. Most of the times.

Akaya sat down next to Niou, not knowing what horrible thing he would say/do to our poor Akaya.

Niou smirked. He had an idea. Which is NOT good. Especially from him, and also because of that smirk. Yes, that smirk. "Hey, Akaya..."

"What?" Akaya asked. He can't believe he answered Niou.

"Don't you think that we're like a happy family?" Niou said.

"...A...happy family?" Akaya repeated.

"Yup. A happy family." He nodded.

Akaya stared at his sempai blankly.

"You know, you're our baby brother, I'm your older brother, Marui is my brother, Yagyuu is the brother, Yanagi is um... our Aunt, and Jackal... is... our Uncle! Yeah."

"So... you're saying that Yanagi-sempai and Jackal-sempai are married!" Akaya nodded at that logic.

"Uh... no, I mean we act like a crazy family..."

"Oh... then what's Sanada-san and Yukimura-buchou?"

"Um... Yukimura can be father; Sanada-san can be the mother. Hehe, that'll be the day." Niou chuckled at the thought.

Akaya tried to imagine Sanada in a pink apron. Now he imagined him as a mother... He shuddered. "Sempai... please don't say that..." The thought was glued in his head. "Great, now it's stuck in my head." It really, really FREAKED him out.

"Niou-sempai, couldn't Sanada-san have been a dad?" Akaya suggested.

"Nope. Sanada-san is mom."

Akaya wanted to smash his head against a brick wall. Maybe he'll ask Marui-sempai to do a smash on his head later.

"GET THAT IMAGE OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!" Akaya shouted. He was desperately in need of a brick wall.

Niou smirked. "Sanada-san in a dress... gah, if you see that I would pay you so much money." He said.

Akaya imagined Sanada in a pretty blue dress, along with a bow. He wanted to pull his brain out and wash it 300 times.

Niou smirked even more. Let's try this one more time... "Sanada-san as your mother in Rikkai. Isn't that great? You won't get in trouble that much. Sanada-san would be such a great mommy."

Akaya imagined Sanada with as a mother; he imagined their whole team as a family. He was a baby; Niou, Marui, and Yagyuu were the brothers. Yanagi was the aunt, it was odd... Jackal as their "balding" uncle. Yukimura as their father... and Sanada as their mom, tending to his children. Akaya wanted to kill himself for thinking that.

Niou smirk got as wide as it could. Success! He watched at Akaya acted like he just saw Sanada actually in a dress. This is fun. He pulled out his digital camera from his pocket and snapped a picture.

"This is going on the internet..." Niou mumbled to himself. He left after seeing that his job is done.

"Sanada-san... in a dress?" Akaya muttered to himself. The image was GLUED to him mind.

Sanada just happened to walk by. "Akaya, time for practice." He said.

Akaya just stared at his fukubuchou. He started to look horrified. Poor guy, he still had the image stuck in his mind. He looked like a small child who had his toy stolen, or a girl crying out "pervert" to a perverted old man. "GAHHHH!!!" He cried. He pointed at Sanada. "-AHH!!!!-" He ran off.

Sanada just stared at Akaya blankly. Then he thought of something. "Niou..." He muttered.

Niou was safely with Yagyuu. He pretended nothing happened when Sanada asked.

Akaya was staying away from Sanada for the next month. Every time he comes within 7 feet of the other boy he would shout again. Poor, poor kid.

Niou really did send it on the internet after all. He put it on his blog. It was now in the main page. He smirked. He loved being the "brother" of the family. He can easily blame his other "brothers". Like Marui.