My Otousan

By: PinkTangerine150

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Sasuke but I do own Ryuu

A little late because I forgot what day it was then I remember, IT'S JULY 23! Then I had to finish writing this XD so enjoy!

SasuNaru "Otousan!" Was the first thing a baby boy said to Sasuke as he can home from a mission. "I'm not your otousan." Sasuke told noticing his as the baby's azure eyes "Those are dobe's eye color too..." wait a minute... mpreg

"Thirteen Months!" A blonde boy shouted slamming his hands on the dinner table. He stared angrily at his raven haired husband with his mouth slightly ajar. He had been given news that his husband was going on an thirteen month mission meaning… well he wasn't going to see him for thirteen whole months! "Why are you on a mission for that long?" He cried. "Do you not love me anymore?" He brought his hands up to wipe his falling tears and made a couple of sniffing sounds. His raven hair husband wasn't sure if he was acting or being truthful. "You hate me don't you! I bet there's someone else!" He yelled as he turned to run out of the kitchen.

"Naruto!" The raven haired boy said grabbing the blonde by the shoulder. "I love you and would never leave you. There is no one in the world who I love more then you. So stop this nonsense." He said hugging the blond. "I love you." He repeated.

They stood there hugging until Naruto had finally calm down. It only took him a couple of minutes but his raven haired husband didn't mind. "I'm sorry, Sasuke." Naruto said hugging the boy back harder. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been moody lately."

Sasuke just stood there nodding his head as he continued hugging Naruto. "You should go visit Tsunade tomorrow."

"What? You think I'm crazy or something?" Naruto snapped.


"Yeah... I will... don't worry." Naruto said pouting before he started rubbing his face on Sasuke shirt. "When are you leaving?" He asked looking up the raven haired boy.

"Tomorrow morning." Sasuke told looking down at him. Naruto nodded his head. "I'll miss you." He said feeling the tears slowly fall down his face once again. "Be safe, okay." He said wiping his eyes.

Sasuke helped him wipe his tears before leaning in to kiss Naruto on the lips.

A shadow fell over Naruto's face as he slept peacefully in his and Sasuke's bed. His raven hair husband was watching him quietly with a small smile on his face. "I love you, Naruto." He said brushing part of the blonde's bangs away from the smaller boy's face. "I promise thirteen months will go by real fast." He said and leaned over and kissing the sleeping boy.

Before leaving, Sasuke gave him a final kiss on the forehead turning around and leaving. "I love you, Naruto." He said again as he closed the bedroom's door.

"I love you too, Sasuke." The blonde said back as he slowly opened his eyes and he could feel his tear fall down his face. "Please be safe." He whispered quietly to himself.

"Can you repeat that? I wasn't sure if I heard you right." Naruto asked in a shaking voice. It had been two days since Sasuke had left for his mission and today he had decided to do as his raven haired husband had told him and go visit Tsunade.

"You heard me right, brat. Your pregnant." Tsunade said folding her hands under her very large breast. "Three months to be exact."

"THREE MONTHS! But I'm a guy!" Naruto said freaking out. "If you don't believe me, I have proof!" He said unzipping his pants.

"We know you're a boy!" Tsunade said covering her eyes with her hands. She pulled her hand back down when she heard the sound of Naruto zipping his pants back up.

"THEN HOW THE HELL DID I GET PREGNENT?" Naruto shouted at the blond hair woman.

"You know stress isn't good for the baby." Tsunade told causing Naruto to pant in anger. "The reason why you're pregnant is because of the nine-tail fox. Some demons gender's are unknown or they even don't have one. Since the Kyuubi is a genderless demon, it can give birth if it wants to." She informed. "Since men can't carry babies, the Kyuubi has a small part in you body, below your stomach where he can let the sperm of another man's in and develop a baby.


"Stress." Tsunade said shaking her finger 'no'. Naruto pouted.

"Fine! Have it your way." He said sitting down at the nearest seat and crossed his arms over his chest "So I'm pregnant and Sasuke won't know until the baby is seven months old. Then he'll think I'm crazy when I tell him: 'Oh hey Sasuke! Guess what! We made a baby together since I'm part hermaphrodite thanks to the Kyuubi!'"

"Yea, pretty much." Tsunade said nodding her head. "And since you have no clue on having and raising a baby, I will assign Sakura to watch you till you're ready!" She told.

"Doesn't she have to take care of her own children?" Naruto questioned Sakura's two sons.

You see, Sakura and Lee had gotten married before Sasuke and Naruto which was a big surprise to Sasuke and him since they didn't know Sakura had liked Lee. At a young age, Sakura had given birth to two twin boys which they named, Hiroto and Katsurou. Supposedly, Sakura was pregnant with her boys before Lee and her were married so it could explain why they wanted to get married so quickly.

"Yes, but that's why she has Lee." Tsunade told smiling. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door causing Naruto and Tsunade to stop their conversation. "Come in." Tsunade yelled.

"Tsunade-sama, Sakura is here." Shizune said opening the door with Sakura right beside her.

"Oh good. Just the person I wanted to talk to." Tsunade said waving her in. "Sakura we have good new." The blonde woman said smiling. "Naruto is... pregnant!"

"What?" She shouted. "No way! Really?" Naruto nodded. "When? How? He's a boy! Isn't he?" Sakura said running over to Naruto and touching his stomach.

'God, this day is going to be long...' Naruto thought as Tsunade said explaining to Sakura how Naruto got pregnant.

Finally, thirteen years had passed and today was the day Sasuke was coming home. Naruto was so excited as he carried a small raven haired boy throughout his and Sasuke's home, all smiles. The little boy Naruto was holding looked around eight months and looks every thing like the older blonde haired boy except his hair.

As Naruto walked around, the raven haired boy smiled up at Naruto as he realized how happy the blonde haired boy was. Looking down at the smaller boy, Naruto gave a bigger smile.

"Guess what, Ryuu!" Naruto questioned the raven haired boy, "Otousan is coming home!" The blonde said hugging the baby. "He's going to be so excited!" He said spinning around in circles. The baby boy's blue eyes widen as he saw how excited his Chichiue was and couldn't help but smile. He had heard his father talk about and showed pictures of his Otousan but never really met him before in person. Even though he was still baby, he some how remembers the picture of how his Otousan looks like. He was really was a bright baby.

"Otousan?" Ryuu said smiling.

"Yes, Otousan! Your so smart!" Naruto said hugging the baby and giving him kisses causing the baby to laugh. "One day you'll grow to be as big and as smart as your Otousan." He said causing the boy to giggle.

"Chichiue!" The boy said clapping his hands, "Otousan!"

"Yes! Chichiue and Otousan!" Naruto said taking a sit on the couch laughing. He looked at his son and smiled.

Ryuu looked so much Naruto except he has the same hair color and style of Sasuke. The rest were all Naruto genes. His nose, his round face, his skin color, his sky blue eyes, every thing was Naruto. He even had Naruto's attitude. All Naruto's friends believe that when he gets old enough to eat normal food, he's favorite would probably be ramen. To many, it was hard to believe he was Sasuke's child. fact no one would believed Sasuke was the father of Ryuu...

'Shit! What if Sasuke doesn't believe Ryuu is he's son?" Naruto asked himself, "And he thinks I cheat on him! He already thinks I was mad at him for leaving for thirteen months!' Naruto thought as he shot up from the couch. "Come on Ryuu, we need to go see Sakura!"

"Otousan!" Ryuu shouted laughing and still clapping his hands. Naruto had to laughing along.

"Okay, captain, we'll see you later!" A gray haired boy yelled as he walked towards the town along with two others who were probably his teammates.

"Yea, bye Sasuke-sensei!" The purple haired girl next to him yelled too as she placed hair arm around the brown haired boy next to him who rolled his eyes.

Sasuke waved at his team before turning around and walking towards the Uchiha Compound.

'Finally, I can go home and see my Naruto,' The raven haired boy thought sighing out loud, 'I hope he isn't too mad...' He kept on walked forward and stopped when he was in front of the Yamanaka's flower shop. "Humm..." he thought as he decided if he wanted to get something for his Naruto.

He looked inside the shop hoping to see Ino, but instead noticed a small boy with a messed up hair cut and look to be around the age of five- sitting at the shop bored. Sasuke noticed that the boy looked a lot like Ino, but as a boy.

'I wonder where Ino is…' He though questioning himself about who the smaller boy was.


"Naruto. Sasuke will believe you no matter what and we're all here to prove your right so don't worry." Sakura said patting the blond hair boys back. Naruto and her were at the Konaha park with Ryuu and Sakura's twin sons, Hiroto and Katsurou who where both five years old. The boys both had Sakura's green eyes and Lee's black hair. Not styled the same since Sakura won't allow it.

"I know, but I don't want to give him any wrong ideas. I mean, what if he thinks I was cheating on him! Ryuu doesn't even look like his father!" Naruto shout as he pointed at the spot where Ryuu was. "He'll think I had an affair or something! I bet you anything! And on his birthday too! He knows I'll do anything to help him rebuild his clan…"

"Naruto, don't worry. Everything will be fine, Sasuke will love Ryuu...Wait…where's Ryuu?" Both Sakura and Naruto turned around and look at the spot where they had last left the small raven haired baby, but only Hiroto and Katsurou were there.

"Oh my god! Ryuu!" Naruto shouted as he jumped up from the spot he was sitting at and quickly began to search the park.

"Hiroto... Katsurou, where is Ryuu-kun?" Sakura asked her twins who looked up at their mother.

"Ryuu went to look for his daddy!" Hiroto told.

"He kept on saying, 'Otousan, Otousan.'" Katsurou said giving his mother a smile.

"He left when you guys were talking." They both said at the same time.

"Why didn't you tell mommy?" Sakura asked and the boys looked at each other before looking back at their mother.

"Mommy was busy..." Hiroto answered.

"...And mommy said not to bug her when she's busy." Katsurou completed.

"Is mommy mad?" Both boys asked felling guilty.

Sakura sighed. "No, mommy's not mad." She said smiling at he sons.

"But NARUTO IS CRAZY!" Naruto yelled as he ran back to were Sakura and him were once sitting, "He's not here! God knows how long we were talking! He could be all the way to Sands by now!"

"Naruto!" Sakura slapped her hands on to Naruto's face. "Get a hold of yourself." She told shaking the boy by his shoulder. "We've been talking for a few minutes, he wouldn't have gone far." Sakura told than got up and grabbed her two boys. "You go look for him and I'll go inform the Hokage." Naruto nodded his head and went off to search for his son.


Sasuke turned around and noticed a baby boy on the ground. He was pointing his finger at Sasuke and had a huge grin on his face, "I'm not your Otousan…" Sasuke told, "and you know kid, it isn't polite to point fingers at people." Sasuke picking the boy up who smiled at him, "Now... where is you real otousan." Sasuke said looking around but noticed there was no one around and no on looking for a baby. It's kind of weird how people just leave their kid lying around. Who knows what kind of crazy people are out there! "I guess I have to bring you home until someone calls for a missing baby." Sasuke said talking to the baby.

"Otousan! Chichiue!" The baby yelled clapping his hands and laughing. Sasuke just shook his head. 'He's sure loud.' Finally, the baby was done laughing. He opened his eyes and stared straight into Sasuke's and smiled.

Sasuke -on the other hand; was shock. "Those are dobe's eye color too." ...wait a minute…" This kid looks just like Naruto, now that I think of it. The eyes, nose, everything. Naruto wouldn't have cheat on me… right? He's gay and there's no way he could have done that... right?

Sasuke looked at the baby with a serious face. The baby, too, looked at him with a serious face. He then smiled and yanked hard on Sasuke hair bangs. "Fuck!" Sasuke yelled. The baby just kept on laughing. "Otousan!" The baby cried pulling Sasuke hair harder. More giggled where heard as Sasuke tried to pull his hair back.

"Stop pulling on my hair!" Sasuke yelled getting angry causing the baby to finally let go. As he looked at the baby, Sasuke gave him a glare. In return the baby smirked. "...did he just... He couldn't have... did he just smirk?" Sasuke thought out loud. "I think I'm going crazy..." Sasuke said slapping his hand on his head making the baby giggle more.

"God... what have I gotten my self into?" Sasuke cried out loud.

As Sasuke walked towards his house, the raven haired baby kept on yanking on his hair. He had found out that the baby's name was Ryuu since he's outfit he was wearing had his name on the tag in the back… but there was no number. "Aren't people afraid of losing their babies? OW!" He shout as Ryuu yanked on his hair again.

"Hehehehehe" Ryuu laughed. "Otousan!" He shouted as be hugged the raven hair man.

"Look, I'm not your otousan, heck! I don't even have a kid." Sasuke told the baby, but he still hugged him. "I'm gay and my husband can't get pregnant so stop calling me otousan." He told.

"Gay!" Ryuu said letting go of Sasuke and smiling.

"No! Don't say that!" Sasuke shouted as he realize that what he choice of words was a bad idea.

"Gay! Otousan! Gay otousan!" Ryuu chant causing a few people to look at him.

"No! Don't say that! Say... uh... Kunai! Ya! Say that!" Sasuke told trying to make the boy learn a different word.

"Otousan gay!" Ryuu said clapping his hands.

"Uhhgg… Someone out there is going to kill me..."