Disclamer: Dick Wolf's an ass, because he won't let Olivia come out. Oh, and he owns the SVU characters, too.

Pairings: Olivia/Casey.

Warnings: Femslash.

Olivia's afraid of sleeping
Not night
Not the dark

You can't control what happens when you sleep
You can't protect yourself or anyone else

Olivia wants so much to have the intimacy of Casey staying the night
To have her sleep in her arms all night
But she can't let herself.
She couldn't protect Casey.

She can't feel safe when she sleeps.
And it makes her so angry.
She wants to trust herself and Casey.
It means more to her than anything.

She sighs.
Listening to the familiar still of night.
Her mind mulls over her fears and nightmares as she waits for sleep to kidnap her.