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Chapter 6

Sirius stayed next to Harry for the whole day, only leaving to use the lavatory, if he needed anything he asked Remus, who was there with him. Sirius constantly held Harry's hand and whispered reassuring words. It was later that evening, around 8 or so, that someone other than Remus spoke to Sirius.


"Wha- oh, yes?" Sirius said, his gaze setting on the youngest Weasley.

"I was wondering if I could, well, maybe say a few words to Harry. You know, maybe it'll help…" Ginny trailed off, looking at Harry. She had been told that morning when she awoke. She hadn't left her room, until now.

Sirius stood and looked at her, "Of course, he would want his friends to be there for him. I'll just go make some tea."

Remus stood and followed his old friend. He watched as Sirius put the pot on and waited until Sirius looked at him. "Sirius, are you okay?"

"Am I okay? Am I okay? How could you ask that Moony? How could I possibly be okay, knowing that my godson, the one person that I'm supposed to take care of, is lying on that couch fighting for his life?" Sirius said fiercely, his emotions bubbling, "It's not fair. After everything, even after James and Lily, I was supposed to take him. It was all supposed to be alright. He was supposed to grow up with me, and know everything about his parents. Why Moony? Why the hell did things have to turn out this way? It's just not fair, not fair for Harry, me, Lily, James, you, not for any of us…"

Remus, recognizing the break-down that was about to happen, moved over and pulled Sirius into a hug. Once there, Sirius sobbed hard, holding onto Remus for dear life.

"Shhh…Sirius." Remus said softly, gently pulling Sirius away, to look at him.

"All that doesn't matter right now. You've got to be here for Harry, because he will wake up, he has to." Remus stressed, emphasizing the last bit.

Sirius nodded and wiped his eyes, then looked up when he heard the whistle of the water, "I'll finish getting the tea."


As soon as Sirius left, Ginny went right to Harry's side.

"Hey Harry, its Ginny. I know that we're not the closest of friends, but I really care about you. I still like you, even though it might not be that noticeable, but I really do. You matter in my life, and I can't lose you, you're too important, not just to me, but to everyone who knows you. The twins have not been themselves, they barely talk or smile. Ron, well he owled Hermione and since then has been keeping himself busy, because he doesn't want to let his feelings show. We all care about you so much. You know, Sirius hasn't left your side for more than a minute. He's beside himself with worry, and all Remus can do is hope, that for everyone's sake, you come back. I don't know where you are, but we need you here, we love you."

Ginny stood up and kissed Harry softly and quickly on the lips, then went into the kitchen.

"You guys can go back to him now, he really needs you." Ginny said, wiping her own tears from her eyes, she couldn't bare shedding them in front of Harry.

"I'll be back in the morning." She said, and then left to go to her room.

"C'mon Padfoot, she said that Harry needs you." Remus said, grabbing the tea and levitating the pot behind him. Sirius turned into Padfoot and bounded back to the couch; gently he licked Harry's face, and nuzzled against him.


Halfway up the castle, he heard Ginny's voice. It had been awhile since he heard anything but buzzing and silence, so he perked up his ears to listen.

"Friends…care about you….like you….matter…life…important…twins…barely smile…Ron…Hermione…busy….feelings…you…Sirius hasn't left…worry…Remus…hope…we love you."

Harry stopped and looked at the cloudy sky. Ginny's words were confusing, but reassuring at the same time. "We love you." That was the one thing that irked him.

"They love me? Why? I'm a freaked…no one is supposed to..." Harry said, again he looked towards the castle, and the now distant graveyard, he was still confused.

"Did I make the right choice? Well, I guess I will find out when I get to the castle…" Harry said, then started forward again, but this time, he felt something different. For a second, he thought he saw a big black dog bounding toward him, but then pushed it aside as a figment of his imagination.


Sirius looked up, still in his dog form, he noticed Mrs. Weasley walk into the room. He was on the floor right next to the couch, guarding Harry; Remus was asleep on the couch opposite Harry's.

Molly gazed at the raven-haired boy that she considered as her surrogate son. She sighed and said softly, "I'm sorry that we failed you Harry, but never again will we let this happen."

With that she walked out of the room to start the day. Sirius stood up and turned back into a human, then sat in the chair. He heard a whoosh and immediately turned to look at the fireplace, changing back to Padfoot in alarm.

"Sorry to scare you Sirius." Hermione said, looking at the dog in concern, "I guess you didn't know that I was coming today."

"No, I didn't" Sirius said softly, as he changed back and stood away from Harry, so Hermione could see him.

"Oh my!!" Hermione gasped at the small form on the couch. Harry was covered in blankets and it looked as if he was being suffocated by the amount that was there.

"How is he?" Hermione choked out, with tears in her eyes.

"No real change, besides Poppy injecting him with nutrient potions." Sirius said tiredly, "I'll be back."

Hermione sat by Harry wordlessly, and gazed upon him. "I'm so sorry that we didn't notice. We love you so much, please come back to us.

That was all she could say, gently she hugged him and cried. When she heard noises, she slowly detangled herself from Harry and went to help Mrs. Weasley in the kitchen.

When she saw Sirius in the kitchen she spoke, "Sirius, where's Hedwig?


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