Blah Blah, Kiss Kiss
by pari106

Code: M/Z

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Dark Angel isn't my baby. Kudos to the fathers, Cameron, Eglee, and FOX.

A/N: Okay, when I first became interested in Dark Angel, M/L was my thing. It still is. But Zack's been
wooing me ever since the beginning. Well, Friday I watched the reair of "Blah blah, Woof woof" and I finally cracked! So here it is – a little M/Z ala me. Hope you
like it.

A/A/N: (This really isn't some of my best stuff - somehow, when I started writing it, I just couldn't get the thing to flow like it should. But, hey, I tried. And it is M/Z. That's a good thing, right?)

Y/A/A/N: Oh, and don't worry. This is just a break from my other story. I will be continuing with it soon.

Summary: What if Max had been in love with Zack from the very beginning? What if she and Logan
really weren't "like that"? Could they have prevented the ending of "Blah Blah, Woof Woof"?

A/N: Despite the goofy title, this is not a comedy…so be forewarned. This is rated PG-13, with a
somewhat-more-than-PG-13 chapter-whatever coming up. So heed the ratings for each chapter before

Blah Blah, Kiss Kiss
by pari106

Max had a lot of experience watching Zack walk away.

After the escape from Manticore she didn't see him for an entire decade. Then, after she'd found him
again, he'd left Seattle.

Now he was walking away again.

But this time Max was going with him.

And she didn't know what to feel about that.

All she knew was that she didn't want to leave, not now. Not like this. She didn't want to leave Seattle;
Normal, Sketchy, Herbal. Original Cindy and Kendra.

She didn't want to leave Logan.

Logan watched, too, as Zack left the car and headed into the cabin. Then he turned to Max with a sigh.

"He's a fun guy," he quipped, cracking a joke.

Or trying to.

Maybe…maybe, if by some wild stretch of the imagination, Max could convince herself she wasn't about
to cry…maybe if Logan didn't look like he felt the same way… And maybe if she didn't know him better,
if she didn't notice the moisture in his eyes…the shake in his hand…the catch in his voice…

Maybe Logan could have pulled it off.

But she was. And he did. And she did.

But she played along anyhow. Because it was just easier that way.

"You should see him get his drink on at the X5 reunions," she said.

Logan smiled. Briefly.

But then it was there again.

The look.

That look he always gave her when he had a lot to say…and couldn't, or wouldn't, say it. That look she'd
gotten to know so well.

Over the year she'd worked with Logan, they'd become more then partners. Then they'd become more
than friends. He was her kindred spirit. They weren't lovers – theirs wasn't that kind of relationship.

But they were still…something. Something unspecified. Something important.

Something Max didn't want to walk away from.

But she would.

And knowing that made it difficult to even look at him.

This was Logan. They'd been through so much together: his paralysis, her struggle to find her brothers and
sisters. Logan could cook like a god, but he'd never learned when to sacrifice the rook. He loved the rain
and he hated his over-priveleged family and he'd never once treated her like the cold-blooded killer she'd
always been told she was meant to be.

This was Logan. How could she look at him, knowing she was about to leave…knowing she would never
see "the look" again…and not completely lose it altogether?

Logan was still watching her.

"You'll be okay."

Max didn't know if it was a statement or a question, but she nodded anyhow.

"Oh, yeah. I'm gonna be better than okay. It's how I'm made." Then she finally did look at him. "It's
you I'm worried about," she admitted.

And Logan didn't respond to that.

She knew there was something wrong. He knew she knew. He was pale; his features drawn. His eyes
were bloodshot and he looked so weak. It scared the hell out of Max.

But Max also knew that Logan wasn't going to tell her what was wrong if he didn't want to. And he
obviously didn't want to. So Max let it go.

It scared her, but she let it go.

Because, surely, if it were anything that serious…he would let her know. He wouldn't keep something
really bad from her, just to protect her. He would tell her. Wouldn't he?

"I'll miss you," is what he told her.

The words evoked a silence that was hard to bear under the circumstances.

"You could always ditch it all," she suddenly said, keeping her voice light, joking. Almost joking. "And
go on the lamb with me. Great way to visit exotic places, meet new people."

Logan smiled.

"I'd just slow you down."

Then the smile was gone, and Max just stared at him. 'Damn it, Logan. What's wrong? Tell me. Please.'

"It's alright," she said instead.

Logan just looked away.

"No. I have to go back. Someone has to watch out for the downtrodden," he told her. Then he met her
eyes again, using the words she'd used…was it only last night? "Blah blah, woof woof, right?"

Max swallowed. "Right."

"Besides…I have a feeling I'd be in the way in more ways than one."

That look was searching now. And it froze Max in her seat.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Even to Max the words sounded unconvincing, and Logan sighed, taking her chin and turning her to face

"Yes. You do," he said simply. "Max…you don't have to hide. Not from me. Remember?"

Max thought about that. About those words. She'd spoken them to him once, after their first real fight.
When they'd first started acknowledging this friendship.

Logan was her best friend. She'd been avoiding the truth around him for so long…she'd been hiding the
truth from herself for so long…Didn't Logan deserve better? Didn't Zack? Wasn't it time to stop hiding? Soon she'd be
leaving with Zack. Could she keep hiding after that?

"I know how you feel," Logan continued. " *You* know how you feel." He shrugged. "This is your

And Max laughed, but the sound came out more like a broken sob than anything.

"My chance to what?" she asked. "To spend the rest of my life on the run? Never slowing down, never
settling in. Like Zack?"

"At least you'll be together."

That was what it all came down to. She'd be leaving. With Zack. It would be her and Zack. Together.
That was the truth she'd been avoiding, the truth she'd been hiding from ever since she'd found him again.
The truth about what being with Zack meant. About what it would mean to her. About what it could never
mean to him.

That was what she was afraid of. As much as she hated leaving Logan and Seattle and everyone there…as
much as she trusted Zack, as much as she…well, anyhow. As much as she hated leaving, she feared
leaving with Zack. Because she wasn't sure what she'd be leaving for.

Max stared down at her hands.

"Zack and I will be on the run together," she said, finally, flatly. Tonelessly. "That doesn't mean we'll be

But Logan wouldn't let her leave it at that.

"But it doesn't mean that you can't.

"Max…you have to go. You have to. I know that, and you know that. You can't keep the life you have
here. But that doesn't mean you can't build another one. Maybe even a better one."

Logan captured her eyes in his.

"Max, you love Zack."

Max started at those words – those awesome, forbidden, all-too-true words. But she didn't deny them.

"You love him," Logan continued. "That's an amazing thing. An amazing thing to have. Don't let it go."

Max shook her head.

"Zack would never understand. He'd never accept that from me. I'm his sister."

"No. You're not. Not really. And you'll never know how Zack really feels unless you take a chance and
ask him."

Max looked at him. He looked back. It was as if they were memorizing every single aspect about the
other. Making memories that would have to last them a lifetime.

That's when it all really hit Max – the true magnitude of what she was about to do. She was about to give
up everything – the home she'd known for so long now, her job, her friends. Logan. But she'd be getting
Zack. The realization of both shook her.

"What else have you got to lose?" Logan asked, finally.

Yes. What could she lose? She was already giving up everything. Everything but Zack. And how would
denying her feelings keep her from losing him?

Max opened the car door as she reached over, laying a palm on Logan's rough cheek.

This was goodbye. She couldn't believe it…after everything, this was goodbye.

"Take care of yourself, Logan," she told him. 'Please, God, take care of him.'

"You, too," he said back. Quietly.

God, this was hard…

Then, because she couldn't resist, Max leaned over and planted the gentlest of kisses on his lips. They

And then Max got the hell out of there before she could start bawling like a baby.

Meanwhile, she pondered Logan's advice. And hoped he was right in giving it.