I, Nymphadora Tonks, can't understand it. Iwanted his attention so much, but can't seem to grasp it. Time and time again, he has rejected me and told me to find another man worthy of my beauty and talents, a whole man. What he doesn't understand is the only man I will ever love is him and only him. I don't care if he is a werewolf or not. What matters is that he is the man I chose to love.

I see you standing here
But you're so far away
Starving for your attention
You don't even know my name

You're going through so much
But I know that I could be the one to hold you

I want to share his pain, his affliction. He won't allow it. Oh, how I've mourned that fact. So much so that my patronus has even taken the shape of the very animal he is afficted to be. Why can't he see that I love him so much? More than anything I want to be his.

Every single day
I find it hard to say
I could be yours alone
You will see someday
That all along the way
I was yours to hold
I was yours to hold

Why doesn't he want to let me be his? His reasoning is not good enough for me. I don't love him for his outward appearance. The man I fell in love with was the one inside, the one who cared about those who were close to him. I have shared his pain since Sirius died and bore the brunt of his emotional outbursts. Sirius was his friend and had been since their days at Hogwarts. I know that he had allowed Sirius, Peter, and James share in his affliction by becoming Animagi. Shouldn't he know that I would understand as well? I am, after all, able to morph my own appearance, as is evident by my constant hair colors of purple and pink.

I'm stretching but you're just out of reach
You should know
I'm ready when you're ready for me
And I'm waiting for the right time
For the day I catch your eye
To let you know
That I'm yours to hold

I'm not sure of much these days, with the Death Eaters on the rise and being on the brink of war. Remus Lupin has rejected me and told me to find another. What he doesn't realize is there is no other. None can ever be his equal. I'm resolved to wait until he realizes this. After all, I am stubborn and always will be. When he is ready, I will be waiting for him. Perhaps one day he'll understand what I've known all along, that we were made for one another. When he's ready, I'll be his to hold.