She's it again. Here's a new fic.

Steve Randle was waiting by his car for his friends so they could go get lunch. About five minutes after he sat in the driver's seat, Ponyboy and Two-Bit came strolling over.

"Where's your sister?" Steve asked Ponyboy. He shrugged.

"I assumed she was here."

"Well she's not." Steve snapped getting out of his car.

"Thanks," Ponyboy said sarcastically. "Here I thought she was hiding in the glove compartment." Steve glared at him, and then saw a girl walk passed him. He didn't know her name but he knew that she had the class before lunch with Riley.

"Uh, hi." He said stepping in front of her.


"Do you know where Riley is?"

"Yeah, she got sent to the office during English."

"Oh, okay, thanks." Steve said and turned to go back into the school.

"Steve, where ya goin'?!" Two-Bit called.

"I'll be right back." He called back. He made his way to the office and saw Riley sitting on the bench outside the principle's closed door.

"Hi." He said sitting down next to her.

"Hey." Riley said back.

"What are you waiting for?"

"Darry to kill me." She answered.

"How come?"

"They called him in."

"What'd you do?"

"Punched Jerry Nelson."

Steve laughed. "Why?"

"Said something about my brothers." She shrugged.

"That's a good reason." Steve nodded. He leaned back and put his feet up on a table in front of him.

"Are you gonna go to lunch or are you gonna stay here?" Riley asked.

"Not hungry." He shrugged.

"Bull." Riley smiled. "You're always hungry."

"True." Steve said. "But are you going to lunch?"

"No." Riley answered.

"Then I'm not hungry." Steve shrugged, putting his arm around her.

"Riley." Darry said, walking in.

"Hi, Darry." She looked up at him.

"Come on, let's go home." He sighed.

"You don't have to talk to the principle?"

"No." Darry responded. "They told me to come get you, you're suspended. But I have to get back to work so we'll have a talk about it tonight."

"I can take her home, Darry." Steve offered. "If you have to get back to work right now." Darry looked at his watch.

"Yeah, thanks, Steve." Darry nodded. "We'll talk tonight, Riley."

Steve and Riley walked to the car.

"Where are the guys?" Riley asked.

"Guess they got tired of waiting and left." Steve shrugged. As he got into the car. "So what'd Nelson say about your brothers?" Steve asked as he drove.

"Which brother?" Riley asked warily.

"All three?" Steve asked.

"Darry, that he was incompetent of taking care of us." She began. "Pony, that he's such an idiot it's a wonder he's still alive. And Soda, he's so stupid, it's a wonder he made it passed kindergarten. Yeah, not real original." But Steve's expression said he would've punched Nelson in the face too.

"Thanks for the ride." Riley smiled, as they had reached her house.

"Figured putting off Darry for a while couldn't hurt."

She smiled.

"Yeah, definitely not."

"I'll see you tonight." Steve said and leaned over to kiss her.

"Bye." She said as she got out.

"Bye, babe." She went in and he sped off.

A/N: This'll probably stay a one-shot. But if I get any ideas, I'll continue. If you happen to have an idea, let me know.