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Please Come Back, Toya


Toya, my love...please come back.

I could still remember vividly the memories we had shared together…

When I remember those, I couldn't help but cry…

How could I? You were so special to me and I love you so…


Those three little words…

I could still hear them ringing repeatedly inside my ears, inside my mind…my heart…

I can never forget you even now that you're gone…

You're beautiful eyes, you're smiles, you're everything… it will never leave me.


I can't say I'm truly happy right now coz it's not.

Although I already knew that you would someday leave my side,

I still wished deep in my heart that you could stay…here… by my side.

Toya, my love… wherever you are… please come back….

i said before that i would write a story for this. Well, I already's entitled Reality. I separated it with this one. I know "reality" may not be as great but i hope you would read it, hehehe...i am aware that are only few fanfics and maybe people who submit their fanfic about Ayashi no Ceres. I hoope there will be more to come. It's a great anime. Yu Watase's work of labor. Just like Fushigi Yuugi, although Ayashi no Ceres is said to be more daring etc.,..

I would also like to thank those who gave their reviews for this simple work of mine. (i know it's not as good as others had written but you still took your time to read it. I really appreciate it.

I would also like to thank x Twilight x Bird x for giving her kind review for my Reality. I am currently working on the next chapters.

I really love anime such as Ayashino Ceres! that even i am still a very, very, very novice and hoping to be writer, i still kept on writing about things that i like. If only I am not having school, I would love to spend time writing and continue this fanfic (oh! i am definitely planning to finish Reality although it really takes time before i could continue.

I am also writing another fanfic, only that it's about another anime, called Magic Knights Rayearth.Please read it too, and, also other Magic knights Rayearth fanfic, okay?