Title: The Blob
Author: Starrylizard
Fandom: Supernatural
Word count: 494
Rating: Gen, PG
Summary: "Sam... Get... it ...off! It tickles!"
Notes: Written for the prompt: Something is gnawing on Dean's leg and Sam is desperately trying to beat the monster off of him with a pointy stick. Thank you to Rinne for the beta.

Sam couldn't believe it. Dean was giggling. He was actually giggling – shaking so hard he could barely draw breath as he batted at the gelatinous blob that had latched onto his leg.

"Sam... Get... it ...off! It tickles!"

The blob was slowly backing up, making sucking and squelching noises as it pulled the helplessly giggling Dean deeper into the swampy marsh land.

Sam had already tried poking at it with pointy sticks, splashing it with holy water while reciting Latin exorcisms, and waving flaming torches around it, all to no avail. Then he'd tried to pull the thing off with his bare hands, but it slipped through his fingers and made him giggle too as his hands and arms felt like they were being brushed with feathers.

"How Dean?" Sam's voice was a little desperate.

"Shoot it!"

Sam shrugged, leveling the salt-loaded shotgun that had been his last option. He tried not to remember why he knew this wouldn't really harm Dean too much.

"Okaaay, Dean!"

The salt hit the thing with a satisfying bang, spreading slimy green goo across them both.

"Okay, that's just gross," Dean griped, trying to catch his breath as Sam grabbed him by the scruff of his jacket and heaved him back to a safe distance.

"Tickling green goo. Some days our lives are just too strange, man." Sam chuckled.

Dean pushed to his feet, still panting and holding his side. "I think I pulled something."

And with that Sam started laughing in earnest.

"It's not funny, dude."

"Yes, it is."

Dean smirked as he shook green goo off his leg and wiped his hands on Sam's jacket.

"Oh, that's just gross. You are such a child, Dean."

"I'm picking our next hunt. Spooky laughter and missing persons in the middle of swamp land? What were you thinking?"

"Whatever, Dean."

"Want to clean up and watch a DVD? I have the perfect one in mind."

"A-huh, and do I want to know what that would be?"

"It's a classic. The Blob!"

Sam groaned.

"What? The original movie was awesome! Though, the 80's remake was pretty bad."

"Can we just get out of here, Dean?"

Sam whacked his brother, flicking goo at him.

"Man, it's like watching you eat baby food in your high chair all over again." Dean ducked behind the Impala as more goo followed. "Hey, watch the car."

"Be nice or I'll get it on the upholstery." Sam smirked at Dean as they eyed each other across the roof of the car for a moment, before breaking into laughter again.

Sam fished around until he found some old towels in the back seat and threw one at his brother.

"Seriously, our lives are weird, man."

"But they're fun, Sammy!"

Sam snorted something between a huff and a laugh as they climbed into the Impala. Dean simultaneously hit the accelerator and the tape deck and they drove into the morning sunrise, Metallica blaring, leaving the swamps far behind.