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"Bold Italics"- Narrator talks to public (Sakura's diary entries)

Italics- Poem, Tale, Flashback

Bold- Inner Sakura

'Bold'- Demonic Sasuke

Title: Precious Possession

Rating: M for Abuse, Neglect, Language, Sexual Content, Rape, and Violence

Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura, Slight Itachi/Sakura

Summary: "Possessions, things, objects one owns to care for, love, and cherish right? No, not in most cases in ways possessions mean servants, slaves, property. Here I am to tell you a small tale that leads to abuse, deceit, depression, hope, fear, and lust." - Haruno Sakura, 16th July, 1407


Thunder clashes against the dark sky. Rain falls heavily downward; animals hidden from the horrible storm. No movement in the trees, flowers, bushes, anything as all waits for the storm to die down. Then, almost as loud as the thunder it's self, a scream is heard. A young woman is pleading, begging for her life. A life so young and hopeless filled with misery, sorrow and tears. She cries for herself, only for herself. Trading in a most precious gift for her life to be spared, so only she can live longer. The gift she is so much willing to give up is a child, an infant, a newborn, only about a month or so old.

The woman continues to plead, begging, crying, and hoping the vampire would be kind. Alas, he asks for the child's name. The woman, thinking the man is going to spare her life, gives him a name. "Sakura, Haruno Sakura" the woman answered "t…th...than…k…y-" She was cut short as the vampire flex his claws.

"Who said I was still going to let you live?" Her eyes widened and she gasped. She began to plead again. He slashed his claws against her flesh. Blood spilled from the woman, running down her face and his hand. He watched the blood drip down on the ground as the woman fell backwards. Dead, she hit the ground her cold, lifeless eyes stared along the village streets.

The vampire looked at the small bundle in his arms. His cold, sharp, onyx eyes stared at the baby. The baby cooed looking at the young vampire, her emerald eyes staring at him in amazement. The wind blew through his raven black hair and the baby's petal, pink tuff of hair on her head. The baby cooed again, her small fingers wrapping around his large finger. He looked at the infant, a faint smile appearing on his lips. The child cooed once again, a gust of wind blew causing the baby to shiver. He brought the child closer to his chest and began to walk into the forest.

The young vampire appeared in front what seemed to be more of the forest he was traveling in. Yet, it wasn't. He waved his beautifully clawed hand in a circle. He placed his hand to his side as the 'forest' in front of him dissolved to reveal iron gates that stood taller than a mountain. The guards at the gates quickly fixed their postures as they watched the young man walk up with the small bundle in his arms.

Both guards bowed as the young vampire reached the gates. The youngest guard spoke to the demon "Uchiha-sama, may I ask why…" "Hagane, what I have in my arms is none of your concern" the Uchiha replied coldly. "Yes, milord, forgive me." The Uchiha nodded curtly and proceeded to walk into the village. As the young Uchiha walked he gained looks from each of the villagers. He easily ignored the looks as he focused on telling his family he was bringing home a human infant.

He finally stopped at a large estate that stood towards the back of the village. The Uchiha Estate to be precise, his home and the soon to be home of the human in his arms, he walked in casually looking for signs of his family. He heard his mother running into the main hall to welcome him home. His mother halted in the hall, smiling widely at her youngest son. "Sasuke, you're home." Her face filled with joy at seeing him.

The onyx eyed vampire faintly smiled at his mother. "Yes, I'm home. Where is father?" "He's in his study, wh-" She paused as her shining onyx eyes fell on the bundle in her son's arms. She looked at her son in worry, when they heard people behind them. Their attention quickly was turn to two men. One was only a few years older than Sasuke, the other one the father of both males. Both men's eyes were focused on the bundle. "Is that…" The father began. "Yes, father I brought a human child into your home. To become..."

"...My servant"

Sasuke leaned his back against the tree his eyes closed as he remembered that faithful day, when he met her. The most beautiful, exotic, curious, little creature he ever had the chance to meet. His dear, beloved Sakura, the angel that grows among the sinful, the child that is bullied by those who see her as food…his, and only his possession, had actually changed him

No one has ever reached that feat, except for the man that made him the way he was. The man who dares call himself Grandfather, the man who has lived beyond the eons…the man called Madara.

Sasuke looked down shaking his head from the thought of him. His little blossom was about fifteen now. She grew up wonderfully, with graceful curves sure to fill out even more as she ages, long silky legs that helped her almost out run him and his elder brother and a soft featured face that looked as if the Lady Amaterasu, herself, carved her out fine marble.

He smiled. She was just perfect only another year until he could finally mate with her and turn her into a vampire. At least what the elder council promised him. He continued to look down. Sakura was bent over and seemed to picking wild flowers. He mused that his mother asked her of this favor.

His mother, Mikoto, greatly adored Sakura, thinking her to be the daughter she always wanted. His father was disgusted by her. Fugaku was raised to hate humans, think them weak and only necessity for food. His father, Madara of course drilled this in to him. Fugaku tried them same with both Sasuke and Itachi, but failed. Itachi was the most beloved out of the brothers, heir to throne of the village Kohona, only one the few villages with only purebred vampires and demons. Others were being acceptable to humans and allowing them to mate with the lesser beings.

Sasuke leaned his head back, remembering when he asked the council if he could mate with Sakura. On outrage they said. She was human he was nobility. They agreed in the end when Sasuke threatened he would walk after his brother was crowned, refusing anything involving the clan. Of course they only upheld this if Sasuke agreed to the restrictions. He could mate her, but she must be sterilized so, no half-breeds could be produced and that he take a mistress, since you can hove only one true mate, another purebred vampire to produce his children, of the council's choosing. Sasuke was disgusted by this and still fights this battle. He has already made the threat to leave to the most mixed village, Oto.

But for now it was the best he could do…if he has to leave, he will and his Blossom will come with him. First, however, he must make sure she is his and only his. She was getting to close to his older brother.

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