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"Bold Italics"- Narrator talks to public (Sakura's diary entries)

"Bold Underline"- Sensei (Iruka)

Italics- Poem, Tale, Flashback

Bold- Inner Sakura

'Bold'- Demonic Sasuke

"Underline"- Audience (Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi)

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Title: Precious Possession

Rating: M for Abuse, Neglect, Language, Sexual Content, Rape, and Violence

Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura, Slight Itachi/Sakura

Summary: "Possessions, things, objects one owns to care for, love, and cherish right? No, not in most cases in ways possessions mean servants, slaves, property. Here I am to tell you a small tale that leads to abuse, deceit, depression, hope, fear, and lust." - Haruno Sakura, 16th July, 1407

Chapter Two

"I'm 15 years old today. Lord Sasuke is throwing me a small party. I told him that I didn't need one, but like Lord Sasuke he insisted as I am his little Blossom."- Haruno Sakura, 28th March, 1406

My birthday, I was fifteen and I couldn't believe it. Fifteen years since Lord Sasuke brought me into his home, giving me a life that my own mother didn't want me to have.

My mind was drifting as I walked along the shore of the small lake, that's when I noticed something unusual. Is that Lord Itachi, swimming? I immediately blushed. He was a good looking man. I was a hormonal teenage human girl. ".Ra, are you spying on me? I looked up and saw Lord Itachi standing only three feet from me. I blushed, again. " N…nnn…no, lll..lord…Iiii…tachi." "Are you sure little blossom?" "Y…yy…yes."

"You know Sasuke is looking for you right?" I looked at Lord Itachi blankly. "He is?" "hmmm… He was saying something about new clothes for you." I was gone in an instant. When Lord Sasuke got me either art supplies or clothes, he apparently had a new whore. I ran into to his room to if he was there and like the devil he was, he was standing in front his mirror. "Um…Lord Sasuke…" "Sakura, it seems Itachi gave you my message?" I nodded. "Mi'lord… is there something you need or…" "Sakura, your fifteen now correct?" I nodded. Lord Sasuke looked at me for a few seconds before he turned around. "I no longer want you associating with any other male, other than myself." I gapped at him. "Lord Sasuke, Lord Itachi….?" I was lost for words. Sasuke turned towards me again, glaring. " Sakura, you heard me, not one male you may be around, not even my brother, especially my brother." I gasped; he was forbidding me form communicating with most of my friends. "…but…why?" "Because, Sakura you are mine and mine alone and I don't trust them." He was staring at me hard, like if I questioned any more he would actually hurt me. I nodded. "I'm sorry Lord Sasuke, I will do as you ask." "Thank you, and also tomorrow where going shopping, you've out grown all your old kimonos, your legs are starting to show to much." I looked at him, then down at myself. He was right, but I did have feeling, it had to do with his new possessiveness over me. I bowed and Left the room. He had never forbid me from anything like this. What was going on?

" My party was a blast, except Lord Sasuke would not let me from his side. I knew there is something wrong, I just don't know what. He still acts and seems like his sweet self, but…"- Haruno Sakura, 28thMarch, 1406.

I'm sorry that it's short, there will be another part added on to it, this is just a little something for now. The actual dark stuff won't happen until chapter 5, I just want to start developing Sasuke, part 2 of this chapter will have a very sweet moment with Sakura and Sasuke. So in about a day or two I'll have part two added on. So until then!