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Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor.

Many stories were told about lord Glorfindel of Rivendell, the Balrog slayer. Yet one story has not been told. That is a story about a love between the two most unlike of beings. A story worth telling to be sure. A tale that is still unfolding now. A tale between shadow and light and between dark and gold.

Glorfindel urged his horse faster as he sped past the gates of Rivendell. He grinned, looking back at the other elves in the patrol with him. The long blond hair was tangled but kept out his face by a braid as he called. "I arrived first. Shall we discuss the outcome of the game tonight, in the hall of Fire by a nice hot fire and a glass of wine?"

His warrior cheered and Glorfindel found him smiling once again. He turned back to the stairway to see the lord and lady of the house just descending. He slid of his horse gracefully, recognizing the two dark haired Elflings flying towards him. Laughing he sunk down upon his knee and caught them in his arms. "I have you now."

He cried out, swinging them both in a circle. The identical Elflings cried out in glee and finally Glorfindel sat them down, going down upon one knee before them. "You have both grown in the time I have been gone, Elladan and Elrohir. You are almost big enough to start your training."

The Elflings before him glowed and finally Glorfindel straightened himself. Another person had joined the household and Glorfindel found his eyes drawn to the steward and head advisor of Elrond, Erestor.

The dark haired elf was smaller then he was but practically run Rivendell on his own. It was said that when Erestor was gone, the whole house would fall apart.

But it was also said that is was hard to get to know Erestor. The advisor was cold and seemed uncaring yet Glorfindel was sure that underneath the icy posterior a strong and loving heart resided. It could be seen in the way Erestor spoke to the children of their lord. With such love and patience that could not belied by his appearance.

But Erestor was also the elf Glorfindel had come to love. He met his friend's eyes and finally the steward nodded at him, giving him a small smile. Glorfindel then turned his gaze away. He had learned to hide that love.

Erestor and he had been friends for many years but somehow it had snuck in that Glorfindel had started thinking about Erestor as more then just a simple friend. Yet if Erestor would ever accept that, he did not know.

He knew Erestor valued his friendship but more then that he was not sure. Erestor had never spoken to him about it or given any indication that he thought about Glorfindel as more then a friend.

Yet he forced a smile to his lips, telling the twins to go back inside as he allowed stable hands to lead his horse away. He looked up when a droplet fell from the sky on his hair. It was only the first to fall and suddenly everybody hurried back inside.

Glorfindel waited until the very last of Elrond's family had made it safely inside before he hurried inside as well. By this time he was soaking wet already. He waited on the doorstep, knowing how Erestor hated it when the floor was suddenly soaking wet.

The next moment two hands pulled him inside roughly and he was surprised by the advisor's cold voice. "Come in, you foolish elf. You will catch your death out there in this storm."

Gentle hands pulled him into the family sitting room. Glorfindel's teeth were shattering now and there was a gentle tug on his clothing. "Let us get you into something dry." Erestor said softly, trying to disarrange Glorfindel from his clothing.

Finally the cloak came off. Glorfindel stood shivering in the uncomfortable wet clothing. "Erestor, you really do not need to do this. I mean, I appreciate it but I can do well on my own."

He sneezed suddenly, bringing one hand to his nose and rubbing gently. Erestor chuckled softly and Glorfindel felt his eyes grow wide. The advisor seemed different somehow. His dark eyes glowed and Glorfindel had to turn away to hid his blush.

"Yes, I know you can do well on your own, Glorfindel. But you have just returned from a tiring patrol and you really should get out of these clothes. You will catch a cold and the tournament will start soon…"

"What tournament, Erestor?" Glorfindel eyes the other, smaller elf suspiciously. He was general of Rivendell and he knew nothing of any tournament.

Erestor smiled another rare smile and said. "The spring tournament. Elrond has decided that all capable elves that are willing to fight must enter. There will be archery contest, duel contest, sword fighting contest. There will be price money, and gear to win."

Erestor seemed strangely exited and the elf lowered his eyes before meeting Glorfindel's gaze again. "There is even a special price if you will enter, Glorfindel."

"What kind of price is that then?"

"Well, if somebody else wins besides you, then when it is a male that you shall train them for one afternoon. And if one of the females wins, well I believe you were to take them to the spring dance."

"And this has been approved without my knowledge?" Glorfindel murmured, crossing his arms over his chest. He was vaguely aware that he was still wet but this demanded his attention more so.

"Well if you are so sure of your victory, then why not enter and find out?" The advisor stepped back with a cheeky smile that was not quite his own.

"I will enter, you know I will but now I wonder, what shall be my price if I win? The Valar know I have no need for the gold or gear." Glorfindel decided to return the grin, looking at Erestor intently.

"What would you want then as your price?"

Taking a deep breath, Glorfindel recognized the moment and said. "Then if you are willing, if I win the tournament, we shall spend a full evening together. Mind you, actually spending time together, doing something together that we will both enjoy."

Erestor seemed to hesitate and turned his head away before meeting Glorfindel's eyes once more. "Very well. It is set. May the best fighter win."

Feeling the small hand enclose around his own, Glorfindel nodded, dumbfounded that Erestor had actually agreed. The steward then left him to his own thought. Glorfindel stared out into the rain for a moment until he picked up his sword, grinning all the while, yes this would be a challenge he loved.

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