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Glorfindel was right that their coming home was chaotic at best. Horses streamed into the courtyard, filling it to the brim as men dismounted and families searched for their loved ones.

Rowlen remained seated until somebody else was on the ground that could extend a hand to Glorfindel to help him dismount. Even then Glorfindel nearly fell from the horse like a sack of potatoes.

Only Elrond's fast reflexes and those of a nearby warrior saved Glorfindel from an ungraceful fall. Glorfindel ground his teeth to prevent from himself from crying out. His leg throbbed and buckled underneath him, making him sag like a ragdoll in the arms that supported him.

He tried to crane his neck to try and find Erestor but he couldn't find his husband. "Stop struggling and allow us to help you inside. Erestor will not be far away. He is capable of walking."

"You drugged him." Glorfindel groaned with pain.

"That was hours ago and I am awake now. I am strong enough to walk now. "

Glorfindel tried to turn towards Erestor's voice but he couldn't. Not without overbalancing himself or the ones that held him steady.

Easy my love, you have been so strong, allow yourself to be taken care of.


With the reassurance that came from the bond, Glorfindel allowed himself to be carrying inside. He focused upon Erestor's presence in his mind and thus did not object when he was carried into the Infirmary.

An empty bed was just a sigh away of heaven and when Glorfindel struggled to rise again and Erestor sat down next to him, he really was in heaven. He focused upon his elf, seeing the drawn gaze of his husband as the keen eyes rose to meet his.

"Let them help you! I will not be far away."

"No, he will be in a bed next to you." Elrond's voice was strict but Erestor merely smiled.

"Do give into the potion Elrond will feel you momentarily. It will make you feel much better and I shall be here the entire time."

It was a promise and Glorfindel knew that Erestor would honor it as such. So he drank the tea Elrond gave him, without his lord having to force it down his throat and as the world became a pleasant haze in which Glorfindel didn't have to participate, he drifted.

He watched the commotion around him with uninterested eyes. He only felt the slightest twitches of pain and while it would bother him and prevented him from going to sleep, he contented himself with watching instead.

Elrond's voice was a soft lull but the bond buzzed in his mind and told him exactly what Erestor was feeling. It was a dulled and not as intense as before but Glorfindel didn't care. As long as Erestor was alive and well then he would be fine.

He finally did sleep into dreams. Memories long buried rose again to torment him and he dreamed of Erestor being trapped in the city they had sought to save. He dreamed of being forced to leave Erestor behind and knowing no matter what he did he could not save his beloved.

He woke with a scream that brought his lord running to his bedside. Expert hands held him steady as he fought against whoever held him.

"Release me! I have to go and save Erestor! I cannot leave him behind! I cannot die and remain in Valinor without him. Why should I be reborn while he is forced to wander the Halls of Mandos for all of eternity while I should roam Middle Earth in search of one who walks here no more?"

"What is he saying?"

"He is delusional. The leg must have gotten infected, no matter how many times we rinsed the wound. It is the only thing that explains his fever. Leave us and go and fetch lord Erestor. He should be able to calm his husband."

"But lord Elrond, he only stepped out for a moment to take a bath and partake in some food and to greet your sons…"

"I do not care if he is standing in the privy, fetch him!"

Still Glorfindel struggled as he searched for Erestor.

"Glorfindel, stop it at once! You are in Rivendell and Erestor well. He will be here soon."

The general continued to struggle, trying to escape. Suddenly a warm presence in his mind forced him to relax as a voice whispered. "Stop struggling, my love. I am here, even when you cannot see me."

Erestor, what's happening to me?

You need to calm down, love. You were delusional and you thought that you were fighting the orcs….

There was a city burning….

Glorfindel shook his head sharply at the memories that arose and he told himself sternly to focus on his lover's presence. It was soothing and soon he could feel himself waking as if somebody had doused him with a bucket of cold water. He immediately felt better.

He gazed around with clear eyes, taking in the pale face of Elrond as the elven lord smiled. "It is good to have you back again, Glorfindel."

He merely gazed up at Elrond and Erestor. They were looking worried but he knew that everything was going to be alright since he was home and so was Erestor.

"I thought you would not leave me." He asked softly of his husband. The dark eyes widen and then Erestor leaned down as he said.

"I'm sorry, Glorfindel. I did promise that didn't I? I was called away unexpectantly because the twins wanted to see if we were alright and Celebrian did not think it would be wise if they were to come in and disturb you."

A hand stroked his hair and Glorfindel relaxed, sighing softly. He felt better already. His leg no longer pained him and because of the pressure he could safely assume that the wound had been stitched and bandaged. It would have to keep off of it for a reasonable amount of time but it was no matter. He was home.

Lips brushed his forehead and he glanced up at Erestor. He smiled.

"Can you excuse us for a moment, Elrond? I have to talk to Glorfindel."

"Of course, Erestor, simply call for me if there is anything that you need."

And with those words and a pointed look at Glorfindel to remind him to stay in bed and rest, Elrond left them alone.

"Now what managed to frighten you so? You normally do not dream that badly."

"I was afraid and hurt and in such an unguarded moment memories arise of things I have seen or done. I merely combined them in my mind and thought I was leaving you behind when we fled…" The blue eyes darkened and Glorfindel shivered, despite the blanket and the temperature in the room.

Erestor dropped a kiss on top of his head and said. "Do not dwell on it. We are both safe now…"

"But it could very well have been differently. They could have killed us and I would have lost you…"

"You would not have lost me, Glorfindel. I would have found a way to come back to you! The Valar would not be able to keep me away from you. Even if I would have to haunt you as a spirit or swim back from Valinor, I would do so to be with you!"

Glorfindel laughed a musical sound that was often heard but not this carefree. He grinned up at his lover and said with a wink. "You would do that for me. The Valar would not like your stubborn streak but it pleases me that we shall not be separated."

"We shall never be separated, I swore an oath to you and I am not an oath breaker."

"I know, my love. I am glad that you feel that way about me."

"I thought that I made that clear every day." Gently pushing Glorfindel away, Erestor sat down next to his husband. Glorfindel rested his head against Erestor's side as the councilor wrapped an arm about him.

"You do. I feel it through the bond every moment of each day. Though I do not think that Elrond will be pleased with us, now. We still didn't have a proper honeymoon."

"I doubt he will allow us to go on another trip except with a company of elves to keep us safe. I still wonder how we managed to land in this predicament. I know that you have a knack for getting yourself into trouble and that trouble does find you but this is ridiculous. Who knew that a company of orcs would stumble upon us?"

"They should not have managed to best me. I am supposed to be one of the best warriors in Rivendell and looked at what happened. This cannot happen again. How can I be the general who leads Elrond's armies when I cannot even protect myself and my husband?" Glorfindel cried out.

"You were overwhelmed and wounded and worried for me. That would disqualify even the strongest and best warrior. When the odds are even you are the greatest…"

"But I am supposed to be the greatest or at least able to protect somebody even when the odds are against me."

"You have done your fair share, Glorfindel. You killed a Balrog, what more do you want to proof? Enemies shiver in their boots when they hear your name being whispered. Not stop fretting and get some rest else Elrond will kick me from the room because I am not contributating to your rest."

Glorfindel merely smiled and said. "You being here make it bearable and I would probably leave the bed to go in search of you!"

"Are you afraid of being alone then?"

"Of course not." Glorfindel lied through his teeth but he knew that Erestor could feel exactly what he wasn't saying. His blue eyes rose up to meet his husband and Erestor merely scowled down at him as he said.

"Do not attempt to lie at me, my husband. I can see right through you."

Yet Erestor's voice was affectionate and Glorfindel smiled. He turned on his side, which took some time and ached a lot so he could slip an arm Erestor's chest and cuddle up to him. The smaller elf shifted a little and then settled into the bed next to him.

"Do not let me keep you from my rest, you need it."

"I rest easier with you here."

The golden elf purred and as he drifted off, he was unaware of the fond look on his husband's face as Erestor softly said, kissing the top of his head. "And that is another reason why I would always come back to you, Glorfindel, because you deserve to rest easy after everything you have done and seen. Sleep easy, my love, I will be at your side always.

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