I Drove Him Away

Chapter 1: The News

AN: This is the introduction to the story. So, it's meant to be short.

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Zeke Baylor.

Zeke was a simple 17 year old boy. He goes to school; he had friends, and has an average grade. But he did have a tendency to not get out of bed at the right time. Just like now.

It was obvious he was having a good sleep, he was actually smiling. What he doesn't know is that, he won't be smiling after his alarm wakes him up.


He was so surprised, that weirdly, he fell out of his bed. "Crap." He cursed, as he rubbed his face and got up. "Freaking clock. I'm not supposed to be up at this hour. I need more sleep." He murmured, as he got back to bed. He accidentally glanced at the clock and jumped.

"Crap. 8:00?! I have to get a shower, eat,a nd pick up my girlfriend in 30 minutes?" After saying that statement, Zeke ran to his bathroom and began to get ready.

The Baylor family.

Consisted of 4 members.

The father, Mr. Kevin Baylor, was an average 33 year old man. He works at a company, trying his very best to accomplish more.

The mother, Tara Baylor, stays at home everyday to take care of the children. She was a simple housewife that tries her very best to help her family.

The younger son, Tyler Baylor, the thirteen year old trouble maker, he often causes chaos in the family. He proves that he really is the brother of Zeke, the older son.

The older son, Zeke Baylor, the eldest of the children, he was supposed to be a role model for his little brother. He is, but sometimes, he really isn't supposed to be. He's a basketball player in their school, and he bakes. Which is really weird for a jock to bake, but anyway, he's also a trouble maker. But he knows where the line stops.

Zeke bolted down the stairs and into the kitchen. He quickly grabbed a bowl and spoon, and began to prepare his breakfast. He didn't even notice his mother from across the room.

Her face was grieved and nervous. As if she had a big news to tell everyone. Well, she did. And she didn't know how to tell her eldest child. She knew he wouldn't favor the news, she knew he would have a fit and yell. She liked the news, but she didn't like the circumstances that came with it.

She slowly approached the teen, "Good morning Zeke." She greeted with her usual beaming smile.

He looked up from his cereal bowl, "Hey mom." As soon as the words left his mouth, he began to quickly eat again. Tara laughed, she knew her son was late, again. He always was, it wasn't something new to her.

"Zeke I have some news for you." Upon hearing that, he stopped eating and looked directly into his mother's nervous eyes.

Sharpay Evans.

The sixteen year old was well known in Albuquerque. The town had seen the plays she had starred in, every play that East High would present; her face would be on it. She was well known for her talent in acting and singing, along with her twin brother. She was also known for her temper and attitude. Unfortunately, she was constantly called the "Ice Princess" because of it.

She was cold and cruel to the persons she didn't know, when dealing with her, you should be careful. But to the people she knows and is friends with, they're very lucky. She's a good friend, kind and caring, and would protect you from people who would even dare to harm you.

Sharpay impatiently sat on their porch, waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up and escort her on the first day of their senior life. She looked at her watch and groaned. Its 8:20, where is he? I do not want to be late on the first day. Five more minutes, and if he doesn't arrive, I'll leave, and when I see him at school, he is going to regret being late.

"Is something wrong, Mom?" He asked, concerned as he saw the nervous look on his mother's face. Tara shook her head, "Your father was promoted." She smiled.

Zeke took his bowl and put it in the sink. "That's great!" He walked to his backpack, which was settled beside his mother. "But judging by the look on your face, something's wrong. Come on Mom, tell me."

She sighed, sooner or later, eh? "Well, I think you'd better sit down for this."

Zeke raised an eyebrow and silently followed her, he sat down and waited for her to talk.

That's it! Five minutes, and still no show, wait till I get my hands on that boy! We will have another fight, just like yesterday and the day before, and the day before that.

Sharpay grabbed her bag and walked off, her expensive heels clicking on the side walk. Boy, we have been fighting a lot, but who cares. It's his fault! It's always been his fault.

"The job" She sighed again, rubbing her hands nervously. "is in Europe."

The look of her son's face, it was the saddest thing she had ever seen. All the colors from his face was drained, he stood up, his eyes wide as if someone had just died.


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