I smiled and looked to the other side of the aisle, and winked at Zeke playfully. He shook his head, with a beaming smile on his face. He turned his head back to the couple who were just saying their vows.

The priest smiled and finally said, "You may now kiss the bride."

Troy almost immediately leaned in; Gabriella had closed the gap between them. It lasted long, a little too long. Chad and Taylor looked at each other uncomfortably; they both tapped the shoulders of the bride and groom.

I shook my head laughed, "Welcome back to planet Earth, Mr. and Mrs. Bolton."

The couple blushed, obviously embarrassed, before laughing and walking down the aisle. Slowly, everybody followed them, Chad and Taylor first, then Zeke and I, then Jason and Kelsi, and lastly Ryan and Brooke. Everybody proceeded to the tent where the reception was being held.

I walked to the center of the stage, acting as an emcee. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we all would like to thank you for being here on the special day of Troy Bolton" I paused, "and Gabriella Montez Bolton."

I saw the two of them on the side of the stage, smiling. I could see the love in their eyes. I knew my eyes were showing the same whenever I was with Zeke. "I think it's the right time to have their very first dance, don't you?" Everybody agreed and gave them a round of applause.

I got off the stage and approached them, and saw Troy look hesitantly to Gabriella. "What if I step on your feet?" He asked nervously. Gabriella smiled at him sweetly, "Don't worry about stepping on my feet. You wouldn't be my husband if you didn't step on it." She said, as she dragged him out on the dance floor.

Street Map, by Athlete started to play, but Kelsi was playing the piano and Ryan was singing. Troy nervously started swaying with Gabriella. They looked perfect together. I started to have tears in my eyes from just watching, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and looked up. "Hey."

Zeke smiled and carefully whispered, "Dance with me?"

I said nothing; I just nodded and held onto his hand. We walked towards the dance floor, he had his hands around my waist, and I had my hands on his chest, as I leaned my head on it. "You did great, Sharpay."

I nodded, my tears starting to lessen. "I did, didn't I?" I smiled. I saw Troy step on Gabriella's left foot; I winced as Gabriella did too. But she just smiled and kissed him in the lips. I saw Taylor laughing, and caught her eye. She smiled, and mouthed, "You did great."

I smiled and mouthed a thank you. I saw Jason and Brooke dancing playfully, he twirled her around. They didn't dance with their significant others, as they were performing the song. They didn't dance like all the other couples, they didn't dance close.

I smiled and watched Troy's father, Jack, approach Gabriella and danced with her. Gabriella's father died when she was a child. Jack was the one who gave her away during the ceremony. He was like her father. Troy danced with his mother for awhile, before dancing with Gabriella's mom.

I looked up to see the face of Zeke, "I love you." I whispered.

He chuckled, "I know you do. I love you too." He paused, "Marry me." He didn't ask it, he said it like a statement.

I smiled, and tip toed to kiss him lightly on the lips. "I'll give you your answer later, but for now, we have to give our toasts, about love and the married couple."

He smiled and moved off the dance floor. Meanwhile, the song had finally stopped, so Sharpay had gotten back on the stage. Everybody went back to their seats, as the waiters gave out glasses of champagne. "So, as everybody knows, at every wedding, the Bride's Maids and the Maid of Honor would give a toast. As well as the Groom's Men and Best Man. So, may I call on Chad Danforth, the Best Man up on stage?" I smiled as I gave Chad the mike.

We all carefully listened and watched Chad give his speech.

"Well, first, I would like to say that Troy couldn't have picked anyone better than Gabriella. I think Gabriella is wonderful for Troy. She keeps him grounded; she keeps him out of trouble. At first, I didn't favor Gabriella. I thought that she would just ruin Troy's chances at glory. But as I continued to spend time with the two, I started to see what exactly attracted the two together." He smiled, "It's their love for music, and their love for each other. I also saw that she wasn't ruining his chance at glory, she was helping him. So, I give a toast to Troy and Gabriella. I wish them all the luck, and I give them my support." He raised his glass.

"And I hope their first born would be named Chad." He said, before getting off the stage. Everybody laughed at his statement. Taylor was up next, she stepped on the stage.

"For once, I don't think I have a speech greater than Chad's." The crowd chuckled again, "I wasn't close with Troy when we were in High School, but when Gabriella came crashing to our lives, I realized, jocks weren't that bad. They weren't the cavemen I thought they were. Gabriella changed Troy in a lot of different ways, the same with Troy, he changed Gabriella. But it was all for the better. They really belong together. So, I raise a toast, to Troy and Gabriella." Taylor stepped off the stage, and handed the mike to me.

"I remembered the first time I saw Gabriella. She walked in our homeroom class with the poorest posture." I began to say, "No offence Gabi." I added, and then continued. "I thought she was just another girl, I would've never thought she could do the things she did. But she did it. At first, I was her enemy. The sound of her name enraged me, I kept thinking who was she to step into my life and grab what had always belonged to me? The first time I gave her my respect was when she stepped in front of 

me and proved me wrong. She yelled at me, and she fought for her friends." I breathed, before starting again.

"No normal person could do that, and I gave her my respect. As time passed, we became friends. I saw her relationship with Troy grow stronger every time. Whenever they would fight, I knew it just be another rock in the road. Their fights were just an obstacle; I knew it would just make their relationship stronger."

"So, I give Troy and Gabriella a toast. They've been through a lot, they've fought for their relationship, and they've worked hard to get where they are now. I wish them all the luck, I know their love is going to last." I raised my glass, and smiled at Troy and Gabriella. Only now, did I realize that I had a couple of tears falling down from my eyes.

The afternoon just went on and on, until it was already time for the bride and grooms to leave for their honeymoon. Everybody was outside, bidding them goodbye. "Have a safe trip." I told them, as I hugged them one last time.

Zeke gave them the key to the car, "Where are you going anyway?"

Gabriella got in the passenger's seat, and Troy got in the driver's seat. "London."

Zeke perked up, "You'll love it there." He said, obviously remembering when he was there. "You might even run into mom."

Troy smiled, and waved goodbye. "See you all next week." Gabriella also waved.

Chad ran to them, "I can sense it, when you come back, there's going to be a little Chad!" He excitedly said.

I could see Gabriella's eyes widen, I laughed. "Don't worry about him Gabriella. Just enjoy your honeymoon." I said, pushing Chad lightly on the shoulder.

When they left, everybody was saying goodbye. I started walking back to my purse, when a hand tugged on my arm, dragging me near the bench, where a near fountain was. I never knew Albuquerque had a place this fabulous. It was almost outside town, I'm glad they picked it.

The place was covered with grass, a meadow, you could call it. There were trees everywhere, there was a wonderful pond and a couple of tents and fountains set up. The place was build for occasions, such as this. I never knew this place existed, I never knew there was something more fabulous in Albuquerque than our resort.

I found myself sitting down on a bench, with my kidnapper. "So, where were we before?" He whispered, his voice was a bit husky, his breath smelled faintly like champagne.

"I don't know, you tell me." I said, turning to him. He grabbed my hand and entwined our fingers together. He smiled at me, "I believe I just proposed to you, but then you didn't answer."

I smiled, I never felt this happy before. "Didn't I?" I wondered, as I leaned my head on his chest, his other arm automatically pulling me closer.

"Well?" He had wore a smile on his face.

I was teasing him; I heard it in his voice. He was trying to be patient, but his voice betrayed him. I could hear the urgency, he was clearly nervous. "Well what?"

"Are you ever going to tell me the answer?"

I sighed, "I haven't decided yet." As soon as those words were heard, he was standing up, looking at me with confused eyes. How did he do that? I don't remember him being that fast. Since I didn't have anything to lean on, I fell a bit on the bench. I sat up, and looked at him.

"What?" He asked, clearly shocked. "But – huh?" He stammered.

I looked up at him; I was clearly a great actress. I have never seen him this sad and confused. I was very amused by this; I continued to keep the act up. "I don't know. Are you ready?"

His eyes darkened, "Isn't that why I asked you? I'm ready." He paused, and took a deep breath. "Do you not want to marry me?"

I was shocked by this, his eyes were dark and his voice was sad. I decided that I should stop; maybe he's really taking this personally. "I'm only joking, Zeke." I let out a small smile.

"That wasn't a very good joke." He paused, "It wasn't even funny."

"You have to admit, it was quite funny."

He cautiously sat down beside me, "I dislike you right now." He pouted childishly.

"I'm sorry." I said, "Do you want to know what my answer is?"

He looked at me, with a wanting look. "Yes."

"Sharpay Evans Baylor?" I wondered, "I like it."

I waited for his cry of joy, or any indication of happiness, but none came. His eyes were still waiting, "Well?" He asked me, "What's the answer?"

I rolled my eyes, "Of course it's a yes, idiot." I leaned in towards him, as he closed the gap.

I felt electricity shoot out through my body; I felt empty when he suddenly pulled back. I groaned, as I opened my eyes. "You know," He started to say, "That kiss was like the night before."

"What night before?"

He smirked, as I wondered. "You know, when you came into my apartment, drunk. And then you leaned in, and I closed the gap. You remember?"

I was still oblivious, "Huh?" He laughed; I didn't think it was funny.

"You know, the night, when you started calling yourself, Darbus." He smirked.

Then it hit me, he was talking about that night. "I thought you didn't remember?!" I practically yelled.

"Well, Ms. Darbus, it has been a long time. And I've been dreaming about that night since, trying to put the pieces together." He smiled, standing up.

I smiled sheepishly, "Yeah, sorry about that."

He shrugged, "Come on soon to be, Mrs. Baylor, we have to go home now."

"I'm staying at a hotel." I replied.

He shook his head, his arm around my waist, as we walked. "No." He said slowly, "I know you're staying at #15 Hurley Street."

I looked at him, confused. "But that's your house."

He looked at me, with a waiting look. "Oh." I finally said.

"Marry me, okay?" He asked, again. I nodded again, "Of course, idiot."

He pulled out a small box, and opened it. Revealing a small engagement ring, it was small but it looked pricy. "You just had to ruin the moment and call me and idiot." He put the ring on my finger, and stepped closer.

"Shut up, idiot." I tiptoed and kissed him again.

I smiled, everything turned out fine. I knew I was going to have a great life, being Mrs. Baylor. I can't believe that after all this time; we fought against destiny and made it here. Or maybe destiny had always planned it; our separation was just another obstacle, another rock in our path.

I know I'll never let go of him, I'll never drive him away. He'll forever stay with us, me and my heart. I guess life does have happy endings, such as this. "I love you." I whispered.

He smirked, and looked me in the eye. "I know."


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