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During a charity benifit, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen get stuck in a bathroom together. Before the other Senshi break them out, Tuxedo Kamen reveals to Sailor Moon that he is really Chiba Mamoru! Totally shocked, Sailor Moon realises that everything has changed and she can't tell him that she is really his worst enemy-he'd hate her! Or would he? But now she doesn't know how to act around him and he is starting to act equally weird around her-but for totally different reasons!
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By Princess Destiny

Chapter Four

The moon was high into the sky as Usagi stared at the wall of her room, mind going over and over the events of that day. Her blue eyes very troubled and she constantly nibbled on her bottom lip. Could she really be nice to Mamoru? She giggled and pulled her covers closer to her chest as she imagined what his expression would look like if she refused to fight with him!

Her blue eyes moved down to see her small black cat sleeping peacefully at the end of the bed. Luna had been so disappointed in her when Usagi had shown her the test paper. Just as the Senshi had been. God, they really were terrible that afternoon! Even Makoto had made fun of her. The one girl Usagi thought that would never make fun of her.

Suddenly, she sat up in bed, threw the covers off and swung her legs over the side. She sat there for a long moment, staring at nothing and then she came to a decision. She needed to think-in private. Her long loose hair fell down her back and she considered putting it up, then discarded the idea. No one would see her! She glanced absently at the glowing numbers on her white bedside clock and saw that it was 11:15. 'I hope no one sees me! Getting grounded on top of this would be unbearable!'

Usagi crept out of bed, her nightdress and long loose golden hair trailing around her feet in a ghostly-manner. She tippy-toed to the open window and easily boosted herself onto the sill. She hesitated and looked down to the ground so far below. It was going to HURT if she landed wrong! She groaned and cursed herself for being a chicken and then jumped. Naturally, she couldn't land on her feet, not even once! She winced as her knees smacked into the grass-covered lawn hard, sending her onto her hands.

"Great. Just great." she muttered, jumping up and then brushing the dirt from her hands. Then she shook her long loose hair to get any dirt and creepy-crawlies out of it.

The Senshi of the Moon smiled rather ironically and looked about. Where could she go for complete isolation? Her blue eyes drifted upwards to where she could see the moon in the dark sky. 'Of course! The roof.' The blonde girl grinned and bounced a few times experimentally. As a Senshi, she could jump really high...maybe it would work when she wasn't transformed?

Makoto was damn good at high-jump after all, so her Senshi powers must work when she wasn't Jupiter.

And Ami could use her Mini-Computer even when she wasn't Mercury...

So why couldn't Usagi jump? It worked in theory. She nibbled on her bottom lip, eyeing the roof-tiles so far above. A two story house. Hmm. "We'll, here goes nothing..." she muttered, then leapt upwards with all her strength. When she flew upwards as easily as if she'd been jumping on a trampoline, Usagi was almost too startled to land on the roof. Her feet landed on the very edge and she wind-milled for a horrifying second, sure that she was going to fall backwards to her death.

And there would be no Tuxedo Kamen to save her this time!

Somehow, her body angled forward and she fell onto her knees-on a hard surface-for the second time in as many minutes. Usagi panted lightly, fingers digging into the red tiles of her roof. She glanced back over her shoulder and shuddered at how high she was. 'Damn, that was close!' She clambered a little higher, then carefully turned, constantly aware of how much a klutz she was. If she fell from the roof because she was a ditz, then she'd never forgive herself! Settling onto the cold tiles, she looked out over her street, then out over the other houses.

"Wow, it's amazing up here," Usagi murmured in awe, delighted by the view of night-time Juuban. She took a deep breath of night air and then began to think hard. She had never pondered before just why the four of them were Senshi, why Luna had appeared the same time as the Dark Kingdome, and why they had to search for a Princess none of them remembered.

"Okay-I am a Senshi...why?" The blonde muttered, mind going in circles. Maybe it would help her if she could hear her own voice speaking.

"I am a Senshi-because Luna gave me a broach." she answered dryly, shaking her head. No, no, that wasn't working. Try another tactic, Tsukino!

"Okay, I fight because...Luna orders me to-" She slapped her forehead with her hand and rolled her eyes in exasperation. "Forget Luna!" she ordered herself fiercely. "Why do you fight the Dark Kingdom?" Well, she fought for Love and Justice. Okay, that was a start. "I fight because no one else can" she murmured.

"Right." Her expression became triumphant. No on else could be Sailor Moon! Hurray, now that the first question was out of the way...She could make pro's and con's of her being Sailor Moon.

"Only I can kill the Youma and that's why I'm Leader," At least, that's why she thought she was Leader. Luna had never confirmed or denied this. Had she?

Usagi nodded and tapped her fingernails on a roof-tile absently, long slender legs stretching out under the material of the nightgown. "But Rei would be a much better Leader," Usagi growled and looked annoyed. "Okay, next." her expressive blue eyes blanked. What was next?

She transformed into a pretty fuku that looked weirdly like her school uniform, then she arrived at battle, said a speech, tripped over, got rescued by Tuxedo Kamen, then the other Senshi yelled at her to use her tiara, Tuxedo Kamen gave her encouraging words and then she threw her tiara and destroyed the Youma.

"And that's...it." she said, blinking in amazement and feeling very cheated. If it wasn't for her Tiara, the Youma wouldn't be destroyed...or would it?

Since that line of thinking was depressing her even more, she decided to go through the other Senshi's strengths.

"Lets see, Mercury has those cool Bubbles and her Mini-Computer. She's not very strong or fast, but she has the brains." Usagi's head tilted to the side as she thought about that. Mercury was definitely an asset to the group. Now for Jupiter. "She's got amazing strength, inside and out. Plus power over lightening. And she's so brave too..." Alright, now for Mars.

Usagi pulled a face. Arrogant Mars. She and Mamoru deserved each other!

Wait! No they didn't.

For a moment, she'd somehow forgotten that Mamoru was Tuxedo Kamen. And he belonged to Sailor Moon! "Doesn't he? I know he cares about me. And as long as he doesn't find out she's me, he'll continue to like her?" The blonde shook her head, feeling depressed. That mean that Mamoru could never ever find out her secret. "Get back to your thoughts, Sailor Moon," she berated herself. "Mars has that fire, plus she can vanquish evil and sense it's presence. She's so confident too."

So what the heck did that leave Sailor Moon doing in her part of the team? Other than falling on her face and accidently killing the enemy occassionally?

Usagi hesitated, then began to think about her skills. "Sailor Moon...well, I can jump really high Transformed or not. I can run really fast. I have a Tiara. Oh and those jewels in my hair that vibrate when I cry." For a moment, she wondered why those jewels were there. They only worked when she cried so...what did that mean? Maybe she was meant to be a crybaby? She frowned. No, that couldn't be it!

"Could it?" she whispered, reaching up to brush her long hair back from her face. Was Luna expecting a crybaby who was lousy at School and a klutz too? Her lips began to tremble. Instead of cheering herself up by finding out her worth as Sailor Moon, she had made herself feel worse! She was a klutz, a crybaby, a bad Student, a pig...

What exactly was she good at?

Suddenly, all the comments that her friends and Mamoru had made over the last day came back to her. Comments made by those she trusted with her life and thought of as Sisters and...a brother? No, she had more than a crush on Tuxedo Kamen and it wasn't a Sisterly crush either!

"You're a klutz, you fail at School, you fall over your own feet, you're lazy, eat like a pig."

"Oh, Usagi! You didn't even try, did you?"

"That's awful, Usagi! You should have spent more time studying than reading Manga and eating."

"You're klutzy, a pig, a bad student, a ditz and a waste of space in this universe."

"Oh Usagi! You're unbelievably dense!"

"Rei don't be so mean to Usagi-you too Mamoru! And Usagi, maybe you should look up your insults before you use them?"

Did they hate her, to say such things to her?! Was there something wrong with her? Would friends say that? Unable to figure out why she was so deficient and the others so talented, Usagi burst into tears. Her arms came up to wrap about her form and sat there, head hunched over, hair falling like a waterfall all about her. Sobs wracked her slender frame as she finally gave into all the worry and stress she'd been under since becoming a Senshi.

"Why am I so bad at everything I do? Why? Why can't I be a better Leader or friend? Why can't I do better at School?" She cried, burying her face into her hands and rocking backwards and forwards. She wasn't a good Senshi. She wasn't a good Student. She wasn't a good friend...

Suddenly her Communicator started beeping from her Sub-Space Pocket. Another battle? Usagi's sobs broke off just as quickly and she looked up in shock. A fight with the Dark Kingdom? It couldn't be! "We only had one this afternoon..." she muttered, voice sounding weak and watery. She hastily used her sleeve to wipe the tears from her face, then rubbed at her eyes. She couldn't do this right now! How could she fight when the Senshi could do much better without her?

Usagi reached into her Pocket and drew out the Communicator. The Symbol for Mars was flashing brightly red. Her bottom lip trembled. Rei was the worst. The raven-haired girl always snipped at her and made fun of her. "I can do this," she whispered, then pressed the button. Her long golden hair fell forward over her knees, shielding her face and the Communicator inside in complete darkness. It was better that way. Now Rei wouldn't be able to see her expression. She'd assume Usagi was in her bedroom and hadn't turned on the light.

When Rei's face popped up on the Communicator, her urgent expression faded into confusion. She peered through the screen doubtfully. "Usagi?"

"I'm here," Usagi said, trying to keep her voice steady. She cleared her throat. "Is there trouble?" she asked, trying to get the call over with. She didn't want to fight right now, god she didn't!

"You could have at least turned your light on so I could see you! But never mind-there's a Youma attacking at my Temple! Get over here now!" The priestess-in-training snapped. And then the screen went dark.

The Senshi of the Moon sighed and raised her head, holding tight to the Communicator as she looked up at the bright moon. "Can't she be nice just once?" she wondered, tears starting to pool into her eyes again. She blinked them back and got to her feet, sniffing. She had to go. They needed her, even if they didn't appreciate her. They were her friends and she'd just die if they got hurt. But one day she'd prove herself to them. And to Mamoru.

"I can think about this later," she said dismissively., walking tentatively towards the edge of the roof. Two Youma attacks in the same day?! But why? What was Zoisite up to? A sudden thought occurred to her and she blinked, startled. "Could Zoisite be trying to wear us out?" she wondered aloud. She could run the idea past Mercury and see what she thought.

No wait, Ami would have a heart attack to hear her friend ask such an intelligent question.

Usagi sighed and reached the edge of the roof, her feet tingling from being up so high. She'd never been great with heights! "Just jump Usagi. You can do it!" she said fiercely, blue eyes narrowing. If she wanted to be stronger, then she couldn't keep chickening out of things like this! "You're a Senshi! You get knocked about all the time. And you jumped up here, so you can get yourself down!"

The blonde girl forced herself to leap off of the roof tiles, falling fast through the air. She bit back a scream as she ground rushed up to meet her. Usagi's hands grabbed at her nightdress to keep it from tangling in her feet and braced herself. The shock of the ground going through her feet made her cry out in pain. She tumbled forwards onto her hands and knees and stayed there panting. She hadn't broken anything...at least, she hoped so!

Usagi got carefully to her feet and tested her limbs. Nothing seemed wrong, other than a jarring to her feet! She smiled, looked over the lawn towards the street and then began to run, long hair flying out behind her like a banner.

Chiba Mamoru walked home swiftly, arms full of the medical books he had just laboriously poured over, late at the Juuban library. There was a large test coming up and he could not fail it. Not that he ever did. If nothing else that had come from living alone-silence and solitude had made him a perfect A+ student. His professors were all impressed greatly-

And Mamoru felt proud of himself and his dedication. His life was firmly mapped out in his mind...all but for a few BIG things. Things that stood in his way like a solid barrier. Impenetrable. Namely, the Princess, Tuxedo Kamen-and Sailor Moon.

He sighed deeply as the face of the beautiful blonde heroine filled his mind. He could picture her perfectly in every detail, having seen her fight so many times.

The dark-haired man even knew her scent of flowers and the night. Of how soft her long hair felt on his cheek as he flew them to safety from a Youma's blast of power-and the feel of her cradled in his arms. "You have it bad, Chiba," he muttered to himself, juggling the five thick books around in his arms to make it more comfortable. 'Being Tuxedo Kamen sure has it's advantages.' he thought ruefully.

His strength as that of at least five men-perhaps more. He'd once tested, in a gym on the weights. He'd tried the very highest and heaviest on first try-and lifted it with shocking ease. So many people had gaped, that he had never gone there again. Not only that either. Mamoru's hearing had increased. He was more agile. And his balance-well, it was as easy standing on the top of a light-pole, as it was on the solid ground.

The upperclassman was so lost in thought, that he completely failed to see the blonde girl hurtling down the sidewalk under the glare of the street-lamps. Who would have been out at 11:50 at night anyway?

He was abruptly crashed into, books going flying in all directions and Mamoru fell down in a tangle of arms and legs. A light, warm weight settled on his body and something soft and sweet-smelling spilled all over his face and shoulders. 'Usagi?!' he thought, incredulously. He'd know her scent anywhere! Besides-who else in all of Juuban did he ever crash into.

The dark-haired man sighed deeply, arms still wrapped about a slender waist-and let his head thump gently onto the concrete in defeat. He closed his eyes in resignation. "Hello to you too, Odango Atama," he told her calmly, without looking. "And to what do I owe the pleasure of this crash?" He went on drolly.

"Don't call me that, you jerk!" she snapped automatically, in a surprisingly muffled voice. She wanted to stay there in his arms, but she couldn't. Even if it felt wonderful. Even if all she wanted to do was cry and cling to him and tell him all her troubles. 'I can't! He won't like me. I'm everything he hates.' she thought despondently.

Mamoru would never like her.

Mamoru's eyes opened and he lifted his head slightly to see that Usagi was not even looking at him-but had her face buried into his chest firmly. And her hair was loose! It was beautiful...He stared at her for a long moment, wondering why she wasn't struggling from his arms-or hitting him-or screaming...or even lifting her head from his shoulder. "Odango?" he said with concern, "Are you okay?" She had left the Arcade that afternoon angry, and now she seemed distracted and even dispondant. Had their attitude towards her finally got to her? Damn, that hadn't been his intention at all.

Rei didn't really need to be so critical either, but she was. Her anger towards her best friend sometimes made Mamoru wonder...

"Do you care, jerk?" she said, finally lifting her face. It was streaked with tears and her eyes were puffy and blood-shot. Her long hair was loose and pooling over both of them like a great mass of gold. Shocked, he quickly scanned the rest of her and discovered with disbelief that she was in a nightdress, covered in smudges of dirt and glass.

"Usagi!" he uttered in shock. "Who did this to you? What happened?" he growled fiercely. Mamoru was suddenly filled with a murderous rage. Who had hurt her?! He'd kill them!

She blinked at him, then gave him a watery smile. "That's the first time you've ever said my name to me." she sniffed. Then panic filled her eyes. She swiftly scrambled from his arms and bolted down the sidewalk the way she had been coming. 'I have to get to the others!'

Mamoru was on his feet in seconds. "Where are you going?!" he roared at her in horror. She was in her nightwear, in the middle of town and it was almost midnight!

"I have to get to my friends!" she called back, voice fading as she increased her speed. "They need me!"

"What?!" Mamoru bellowed, standing frozen to the spot. He could only stare in wonder as Usagi ran faster than he'd ever seen her go in her life, nightdress filming around her like some fairytale gown. Her long hair looked golden under the moonlight, streaking out behind her. Unconsciously, he was memorizing the moment-as if it would be the last time he saw her.

An uncontrollable panic filled him at that moment, knowing that the young girl he fought with-was running into danger.

Without a thought as to why he was so worried about his worst enemy, the upperclassman dumped his precious books onto the sidewalk and began to run after her. Though he was running as fast as he could, he soon last sight of the blonde, to his great fear. Anything could happen to her out there, what was she thinking?!

Strangely enough, he was sensing a pull from the blonde, even as he ran. It wasn't the same as his pull to Sailor Moon and he assumed that it was because he was Tuxedo Kamen and unconsciously using his powers to track Usagi.

Whatever it was, he eagerly followed it, afraid that something was going to happen to the idiot girl who he shouldn't be worried about.

As Usagi reached the Temple stairs, she looked around her warily and then called out her Transformation words. "Moon Prism Power, Makeup!" The power filled her and she felt her clothes melting away to be replaced with her Sailor Fuku. Pure joy flowed through her as usual, bringing a smile to her face as she finished her pose and then began to run up the Temple stairs. The Senshi might not appreciate her now, but she'd be damned if she'd let them down any more. They weren't proud of her, either in School or fighting. So she was going to prove to them that she was a good Leader and friend!

"Please don't let me klutz out tonight," she prayed to the moon. As she reached the top of the steps she heard the sounds of battle and cleared the stairs to see Mercury, Jupiter and Mars with a Youma. It looked like a large daffodil, tentacles spread around it like roots. Sailor Moon blinked, then raced over to Mars' side as Jupiter threw a ball of lightening at the Youma.

"About time you got here, Moon," The Senshi of Mars snapped impatiently, tossing her head. She had a large bruise on her cheek and her hair looked singed.

The Senshi of the Moon stared at her for a long moment. She'd gotten there as fast as she could and the girl was still complaining!? Her depression melted away into anger. She'd been crying over this? These people who yelled at her for every little thing? Well, she wasn't going to take it any more!

"You know I'm all the way across town, Mars!" Sailor Moon snapped back before she could think. Her blue eyes narrowed dangerously. "Did you want me to flag down a taxi perhaps?" she went on sarcastically, crossing her arms.

The Youma and the two remaining Senshi stopped their fighting to look at Sailor Moon and Mars.

Sailor Mars was gaping at her in fury and shock, mouth gaping.

"A plane maybe?" The blonde Senshi went on, hands shaking with the need to release her anger. She wasn't to blame for this! Why did they always treat her like she was an idiot anyway?

"Now you're just being stupid," Mars scoffed, recovering her arrogance. "You're just making excuses."

"No, you are" Sailor Moon told her coolly, walking past without another look. 'I can do this. I can do this!' she chanted to herself, ignoring the Senshi and heading right for the confused-Youma. She stopped right in front of it, surprised that it hadn't attacked. Instead, it seemed perplexed that she wasn't attacking it. "My friends think I'm stupid," she told it in a low voice. "They think I'm a bad Leader."

The Youma cackled, recovering it's leer. "You are a bad Lead-"

Okay, that did it! It was bad enough to have the Senshi taunt her, but now the youma was too? The Youma's mocking voice was cut off as Sailor Moon ripped off her Tiara in a fury and shoved it right into the Youma's laughing mouth. It screamed and then disintegrated into dust. The dust blew over Sailor Moon's face as she stood still, feeling the fury still coursing through her. Would they congratulate her for finishing off the Youma so quickly? She waited.

"Holy shit, Sailor Moon! Twice in one day!" Jupiter laughed, clapping her hands.

"It was okay," Mars said, crossing her arms again and looking disinterested.

"Sailor Moon, are you okay?" Mercury said, seemingly the only one who thought anything was wrong.

"No, I'm not," The blonde Senshi said suddenly, whirling towards her friends. Her long blonde hair blew in the wind, the moon shining brightly down upon her angry face. "I'm not talking another word to any of you until you start treating me with respect."

The Senshi gawked at her in shock.

"What?" Mercury said, a hand going to her throat.

"She's not serious," Mars said confidently. Her purple eyes flickered with slight guilt.

"I think she is..." Jupiter said, smile fading at the look on Sailor Moon's face.

"Oh come on!" The priestess scoffed. "This is the klutzy blonde we're talking about! Respect for her?"

Oh, that was just terrible. Sailor Moon paled beneath their regard. Is this how little they really thought of her? When had she lost her self respect as a person in their eyes?

"I hate to say that I think Mars is right. You're acting childish, Sailor Moon," The blue-haired Senshi said reluctantly, blue eyes disapproving.

"Why are you acting like this, Usagi?" Jupiter said curiously, head tilting to the side. "It's not like you to be so serious."

Childish?! Sailor Moon shook her head, filled with fury. Even now they didn't treat her like she was an equal! 'They'll learn or they can find a new Leader.' she thought to herself, walking past them. She headed for the stairs and sensed them looking at her.

"Sailor Moon!" Mars called out. "Don't be such a baby!"

"A baby am I?" Sailor Moon whispered, descending the stairs and leaving them behind. She looked around as she came to the street, but didn't see any sign of Tuxedo Kamen. "I wonder if he heard me say that?" she said, sighing deeply.

She didn't look back even though she knew they were probably watching her leave from above.

As Mamoru reached the stairs of the Cherry Hill Temple, it hit him; the pleasure and pain that came with Sailor Moon's lure. He fell to his knees and he knew that Sailor Moon had transformed and was in danger. Mamoru was torn. Go after Usagi-or Sailor Moon?

Strangely, the pull of Sailor Moon was tugging him in the same direction that Usagi had gone-and so he transformed into Tuxedo Kamen and ran up the stairs to the Temple as if his life depended on it. He got there in time to see Sailor Moon shove her Tiara into the Youma's mouth. Seeing that he wasn't needed, he leapt up into a tree beside the top steps of the Temple and watched from afar as the Senshi seemed to have an argument.

The blonde Leader of the Senshi seemed to be very upset and furious about something and he almost followed her when she walked past him and down the stairs to the street. Sailor Moon was safe, but Usagi was vulnerable out in the city alone and in her nightwear. And he still had to find her!

Tuxedo Kamen frowned as he concentrated on the pull that he'd sensed from his blonde nemesis earlier-but it was completely gone!

To Be Continued...

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