What if Harry Potter's life had been very different? What if it had all changed after fourth year? What if alternate events came to pass, and what if the outcomes were still the same? This is what it was.



Dursley Residence, Privet Drive – Harry

Harry Potter was fucking off into the wide blue yonder.

With just weeks before is fifteenth birthday he was leaving the crappy arrangements Dumbledore had forced him into; he had had it up to the tips of his messy black hair with his relatives. He was not staying at 4 Privet Drive one moment longer. To hell with the manipulative bastard and all his plans. To hell with them all.

Dursley Residence, Privet Drive - Petunia

As he stormed around Privet Drive his relatives watch on in fear and awe as Harry began to glow blood red. He crashed around, throwing items into his trunk, taking food from the fridge and cupboards. Harry's aunt Petunia watched with a peculiar sense of déjà vu as her nephew moved around the house breaking anything made of glass by just passing buy it. She quickly ran up to her room and pulled out a package wrapped in brown paper out of the back of her wardrobe.

Moving down the stairs she flattened herself against one of the walls as Harry made his way back upstairs. As she passed his open school trunk in the hall she dropped the package in. Petunia quickly hurried back into the kitchen to grab chocolate for her precious Dudley, but moving towards her husband and son found her way blocked by her nephew.

Silently the boy held out to her a vial of blood. A vial that would protect at least herself and Dudley.

Looking into his haunted green eyes she understood. Harry was leaving. A part of her was sad to see him go another rejoiced. The boy moved to his trunk and slammed it closed.

'Your mother was kind enough to repair anything she broke in a temper,' Petunia said with a look to Harry.

She watched as the boy rolled his eyes before waving his hand. Without warning he suddenly disappeared.

Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry – Dumbledore's Office

The Hogwarts Headmaster was in a meeting with the original Order of the Phoenix when some of the silver contraptions on his desk began to whirr. Ignoring the movement and sound he continued speaking to the group.

After half an hour of whirring the contraption stopped an Albus Dumbledore let out a soft sigh of relief. But it was to be premature. Seconds later, four of his nine spinning, silver contraptions imploded, startling many in the office.

Stunned Dumbledore sat for a moment before tipping the biscuits off the plate in front of him quickly turning it into a portkey.

'Albus?' Molly Weasley asked without asking.

'The wards at Harry's home in Privet Drive are gone. Those who are coming with me touch this portkey now!'

Dumbledore watched as Order Members fell over themselves to touch the plate. Careful to mask his emotions the aged man gave himself an imaginary pat on the back. This could just work out in his favour.

Potter Residence Ruins, Godric's Hollow – Harry

Harry shocked himself when he disappeared from 4 Privet Drive and ended up in, what he presumed to be, used to be his former kitchen.

His anger dissipated immediately and he quickly realised how exposed he actually was. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to move anywhere until night fell, Harry looked for a protected place where he could rest. Pulled he quickly located a trap door that led down to the cellar. Pulling on the hinge Harry found the door lifted easily and silently. Checking around him, he moved down into the hole locking it behind him.

Dursley Residence, Privet Drive

Petunia watched as all those freaks came into her home. She vaguely watched as they moved around casting spells and doing other freakish things. Dudley whimpered and Vernon blustered, getting closer and closer to a shade of beetroot. Finally the two men she had been waiting for entered the room and made the others leave. Working as a team they warded the room.

'The doe seeks assistance.'

The gaunt looking man whipped around. 'Pardon.'

'I said the doe needs assistance,' Petunia repeated.

'The canine asks with what?' the same man asked while the other looked on in confusion.

Petunia silently held out a letter. Sirius Black stepped forward and snatched it up. After reading only a few lines he duplicated it and handed a copy to his friend.

'Moony, read. And ready quickly.'

'This is from Lily,' the other man said with a gasp. Petunia shot him her best condescending look.

The Dursley's sat in silence while the two wizards read. Sirius the first to finish quickly incinerated his letter before turning to Petunia.

'Do you understand what is about to happen?'


'Do you consent?'


'For the sake of your sanity I will let Moony here do the honours.'

'I have an added request. Knock us out when you are done and leave. Get away quickly.'

Sirius nodded.

Werewolf Remus Lupin shot two quick 'Obliviates' at Vernon and Dudley Dursley, which were followed up by two quick stunners from Sirius.

'Thank you for that information, Petunia,' Sirius said. 'You will probably hear from us soon.'

Petunia nodded and closed her eyes and Remus began the special incantation to wipe the woman's memory. Before she was able to open her eyes Sirius knocked her out.

'We better get moving. We have to find Harry, fast,' Remus whispered dropping the wards.

'No shit,' Sirius replied before apparating away.

Potter Residence Ruins, Godric's Hollow

Arriving at the ruins of their friends home both Sirius and Remus quickly concealed themselves.

'He's here,' the werewolf whispered tapping his nose.

'Where?' Sirius said looking around.

'Not far. His scent is still strong, it's like we were right on top of him.'

'He could be disillusioned, have the cloak…' Sirius began. 'Or we really could be right on top of him. Follow me.'

Staying low Remus followed Sirius's animagus shape to the corner of the kitchen.

'Of course,' he said trying to lift the hatch. After using a number of unlocking spells Remus finally opened the door, before he and Sirius both disappeared down the hole.

At the foot of the stairs they looked around the lit cellar.

'He's not here,' Sirius said.

'Yes I am,' Harry replied pulling the cloak off his body. 'Now if you are here under Dumbledore's orders I want you to leave.'

'After the last forty five minutes,' Remus said with a glance at his watch. 'We sure ain't supporting Dumbledore any more.'

Harry turned and watched his godfather pull a trunk down off the shelf. 'Harry we are not safe here. I am almost positive that Peter knows about about this hiding place of yours. Nobody can see it unless they know about it. You obviously do from when you lived here. However, we can't see it unless we are in contact with a Potter or a Potter is using the room.' Sirius watched Harry think things over quickly.

'Strip everything from in here. It belonged to my parents and I want it,' Harry ordered.

'You read over this,' Remus said handing over the letter he and Sirius had received from his aunt. 'It has some interesting information you should know.'

It took them less then ten minutes to be ready to go.

'I have a plan,' Harry said. 'Just get us to Gringott's Bank.'

Dursley Residence, Privet Drive

Dumbledore paced outside the living room waiting for Sirius and Remus to finish with Harry's relatives.

'They are taking an awfully long time aren't they, Albus,' Molly Weasley said, keeping her famous temper in check. 'I hope there is something left for me when I get inside.'

Dumbledore silently agreed with the red head. Searching out with his mind powers Dumbledore looked around the living room and only located the three Dursleys in their unconscious state.


The old man opened the door and saw that Remus and Sirius weren't there. Quickly he enervated the three.

'What happened to the two men? Where are they?' he asked.

Probing gently into their minds Dumbledore discovered that the two male Dursley's knew nothing. Petunia however had been submitted to a variation on the mind wiping curse. Sections of her memory had been removed going back the last sixteen years.

Dumbledore watched the woman look at the clock and give a small smile.

'No!' Dumbledore yelled, in frustration. 'No!'