Sonic Cluedo

Co-Written by Breech Loader and Froggy22651

Breech: Okay, this is based on an idea I had. It's a murder mystery, fully written. In other words, I already decided who the killer is. It's not like I don't leave any clues. It's YOUR job to work it out. Before I reveal the answer and display that you can't get it. Wild guesses don't count.

Froggy: This first 'chapter' is just an easy way to give you the motives of everybody. The actual story will come real soon. Also, Sega owns all the characters. Thankyou.


There's been a tragedy at Ark Mansion. The fabulously wealthy Professor Gerald Robotnik has invited some of his closest friends and family to hear important news that will affect them all. Some suspect it's about his will. Others believe he may just be ready to reveal his greatest secret. But following dinner, the professor was found dead in the hall. Minutes later his granddaughter Maria, his current heiress, was found drowned face down in the swimming pool.

Doctor Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik, Professor Gerald's nephew, made no secret of his disappointment when he learnt that Maria Robotnik would inherit his entire estate. With them both dead, he is set to become fantastically wealthy. But would he really kill his own grandfather and cousin, knowing that he'd be a prime suspect?

Sonic the Hedgehog is Gerald's long time friend, and also the hero of the planet. But his bohemian lifestyle doesn't come cheap. He's managed to convince a publisher that his life story in print will sell well, but after several advance payments, he's only produced one chapter. Meanwhile debt collectors hound him. But what would he gain from Gerald's death – unless the will has changed...

Miles 'Tails' Prower is sweet, innocent... and clever. He was working with Professor Gerald as a lab assistant for almost a year, before the argument happened. Miles accused Gerald of stealing his idea for using Chaos Emeralds as a power source, while Gerald claimed that Miles was lying. Of course now that Miles is a famous and wealthy inventor in his own right, they seem to have made up. But is the fox really so forgiving?

Amy Rose's dream is to be Sonic the Hedgehog's wife. But her other dream is to become a famous actress and singer – if only she had the money to start off her career. She was fired from her previous job for trying to swindle a wealthy elderly lady out of her fortune. Was Gerald too presumptuous in giving her a second chance as a housemaid?

Shadow the Hedgehog has been Gerald's loyal servant for decades now, and his devotion to both Gerald and Maria is well known. But lately rumours have begun to circulate that his devotion to Maria is more than just mere servitude, and that his mental state is less than stable. What would he do if she turned him down?

Knuckles the Echidna is another old friend of Gerald, and he has been married to Rouge for almost six months now – an event that was not looked upon favourably by Gerald, and resulted in Knuckles being cut out of his will. The Guardian certainly has a volatile temper, but how far would he be pushed by such an insult?

Rouge the Bat's love of jewellery and antiquities is well known, as is her enjoyment of the high life. Furthermore, rumours of her infidelity have been circulating for months. Gerald certainly never approved of her marriage to Knuckles. And small items of value have been vanishing from Ark Manor for months. But nobody has any prove of Rouge's light fingers and busy hands – well, nobody alive...

All of these motives are only the most basic reasons to murder either Gerald, Maria or both. Everybody's got a motive, and it's not a point of deciding who's got the best motive, because other, deeper motives will be revealed later in the story. It's a point of deciding who had the best opportunity to commit the murders.

Breech: That's the character motives. You'll get the story real soon. One update a week.