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Tifa stirred, her body strangely numb, a breath hitched in her throat as the thick, stifling pungent smell of something very unfamiliar swamped her nose and coated her mouth, suffocating her. Controlling the intake of the lack of oxygen present, she attempted to cautiously open her eyes, only to find that her body didn't have the strength to. Panic flooded her lithe form weaving slyly around her bones, the last remains of her unconsciousness quickly vanishing, she tried again to move another limb, but the mental effort was futile, and it just seemed to tire her out even more. Since when did I get so damn drained…She tried again, no such luck. Her other senses however, were slowly returning to her.


The floor she was lying on, if she was even lying down, for all she knew, she could've been standing up, hung upside down…but whichever it was, it was cold. Freezing almost.

Her instincts wanted her to curl up, or at least recoil from the icy surface, but she could not move a muscle. She just couldn't. And it was such a bizarre feeling. Suddenly, the horrendous realisation that she didn't know where she was, or why she was in this state hit her like a train. Her torrid emotions once again allowed the fear to bleed in, but she had to control her breathing, that simple process was starting to hurt her chest. Just where the hell was she? She was still unable to feel her body.

That man…oh my god, what if...OH MY GOD...SHIT, that neurotic son of a bitch, he's hijacked me! Why the hell didn't I...ARGH!

Light suddenly filled wherever she was and blinded her, even though her eyes were shut, the thin membrane which protected them glowed a vivid red, causing her to shut them harder. Heavy footsteps were approaching at an excruciating slow pace, or maybe they weren't? Perhaps time was fucked up in her head too, she knew she couldn't trust just what she heard or felt right then, her mind and body seemed so alien. The last step she heard landed very near to her stomach. I am lying down then. She focussed intently on the sounds which followed. Creak of boots. Rustle of fabric. Squirt of liquid. Slow relaxed breaths. 1…2…3…oddly the anonymous presence calmed her, just knowing she wasn't alone-

-She felt it. Who wouldn't? The needle was viciously jammed into her stomach and pain erupted from her core. This surge of pain fuelled the violent reflex arc of her body as her chest arced up, eyes tore open, and a feral scream exploded from her. But the plethora of feelings proved to be just too much. She was in a plain grey room, vaguely resembling a prison, bars were everywhere, perhaps it was a cage…but suddenly her world began to spin. Her breathing erratic. Her body, once again was failing her, refusing to respond to her pleas to take control. She was losing it. And in once swift moment, she fell against the hard ground. Unconscious.

Icy blue eyes peered through the hatch.

"She's there."

"Any trouble?"


"Sure?" Smirk. "Heard she's a looker"


"So no distractions then…"


"Jeez, lighten up man"

"Just take me through"

"Alright, ok-ok…christ and this is you without a pole jammed up…"



"Reno!" a call came from the back.

"Yeah, whatever, I'll let him through" The man quickly closed the hatch, and unbolted the thick iron doors. The other, previously standing on the other side steadily walked through, once he was safely out of range,

"Bastard" was uttered from both man's lips.

The blonde walked through a second imposing doorway which opened into a luxurious office space. The sole occupant was staring at a portrait on the far wall, one of an esteemed stranger, which was above a burning fireplace. Once inside, he tilted his head towards Cloud in acknowledgement, but did not turn his way.

"We have her?" The question was rhetorical.

"She's in holding"

"Good, I take it she wasn't a challenge?"

"No, her best defence was an impudent tongue."

The other man's face distorted slightly, almost as if it was trying to express the slightest sign of amusement but had not done so for a while. After a few moments he opened a small box on the mantelpiece and retrieved a syringe, he turned to face Cloud, his long dark hair trailing down his shoulders.

"You know what to do."


"Stop. This is necessary."

"Yes sir." His voice monotone, showing no sign of emotion.

"This is an order Cloud" The man held the syringe out for the blonde who took it with inhuman speed.

"When will-"

"I am unsure of when, but I know it will be soon. You should know all our clients are anonymous, but whoever wants her must have connections with ShinRa, and whatever they do, is done with haste."


"Go. Do it, and don't try to ease the pain, she must know where she stands."

"Yes sir."

He strode in, oblivious to the stench, immune to it after all these years, the dull grey surroundings numbed the tense, thick air. His cold eyes scanned the room and caught sight of the body haphazardly sprawled across the floor. Pitiful. Honestly, he expected more of a fight from someone like her; was she not trained? Being who she was, she should have been. He noticed her stir, he needed to do this sooner rather than later. Swiftly he moved towards her and bent down, his boots creaking slightly. He saw her eyelids flickering, whatever she was trying, her efforts were futile. Weak. In one hand he took out the syringe and squeezed, making sure there was no trace of air inside, whilst he soundlessly examined her. She did not seem to be fatally injured, her hair was obscuring the bruise on her head he knew was present from when he hit her. That simple step had been performed with such accuracy, that if he missed the mark by a couple of millimetres she would've been dead, not paralysed. He roughly pushed her shirt up exposing her taut stomach, his eyes noting how creamy her skin was compared to his, how…alive. Yet with no sign of emotion, no flicker of anything, he stabbed her with the long needle. She convulsed wildly beneath him, body arching, hair spraying, breaths sharp, until all movement stopped. Unusually he found himself in a foreign predicament, his arms outstretched and the girl's upper body lying tangled on top, her head resting against his bicep. He visibly flinched. Swiping his hands away, he let her body fall with a thump. Still no emotion could be read. With practised control he stood up, and exited the room. Once outside, the slightest and briefest of twitches crossed his face, but in milliseconds, it was gone.

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