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Book I: Balance

Chapter 1


Water is simple.

It bends and flows throughout the land, reaching the many seas and the oceans. It cools the body. It enriches the soul. It gives existence. It is the life bringer.

It is simple.

Water does not require any special conditions, rules, or boundaries. It simply is. It is this reason why Katara seeks the solace of her element tonight. She seeks the simplicity of the stream for everything else in her life is not simple.

The heavenly light of the full moon gleams overhead as cool tendrils of water rip around her body in jagged displays. Her clear blue eyes are like steel as she focuses, drifting even further into her concentration. She twists and turns, her slender arms flowing and moving in the gentle circular patterns while the water she draws from a nearby river follows suit.

There is a slight distraction. Her thoughts become turbulent for just a second. For just a tiny bit of an instant she sees his young kind face, ashen and pale. He's hurt and falling to the earth…a bitter memory from two days ago. This vision nearly causes her to lose all of her concentration, but quickly she regains her composure, with a steady breath, she continues.

Streams of water continued to spiral around her, each second spinning faster and faster building momentum. She continued to siphon more and more into her work, almost till the river beside her was nearly dry and all the water was consumed in the wild madness of her wielding. Normally she wouldn't attempt such a daring maneuver in practice, but with everything that's happened lately, she desperately needed the distraction, plus this night she felt so deeply centered with her element that it seemed almost anything was within reach.

Faster and faster the water circled her, till finally she summoned a quick geyser underneath her that propelled her into the air; just seconds before she unleashed the full might of her casting. Tidal waves poured from all sides dousing the ground below her for as far as she could see.

Her feet softly touch down onto the soft ground, as she releases a deep breath, quieting the swirling reservoir of chi energy she called forth. A moment later, her clear blue eyes observe her bending's display.

Under normal circumstances she would have been pleased with the amount of power and awesome control she just displayed, but it honestly was the furthest thing from her mind because in truth, water is simple, but life is not.


Katara tried to clear her thoughts so she could begin to arrange another sequence but she realized her heart wasn't into it. Even though she keenly was in tuned with the waters this night, everything just didn't feel right. Her thoughts continually kept drifting back to the Avatar or, what she simply knew him by, Aang.

Two days have past since their escape from Ba Sing Se. During the last battle Aang suffered a near fatal injury by the hands of Azula the Fire Lord's prodigy daughter. If it wasn't for the assistance of Iroh, Azula's own uncle, Katara wasn't certain either of them would have survived.

The moment all of them were on Appa and into the air, she wasted no time putting to use, the spiritual water she was given from Master Pakku. She didn't know all of what made that water so special, but she was eternally grateful none-the-less, because Aang awoken moments later, his soft gray eyes gazing solely on her. And she wasted no time drawing him into her arms, her tears falling with every action.

But his time with her was short. He spared only a few words with her then drifted off again. Since then, Aang had been slipping in and out of consciousness for the past two days. And during that time Katara had been by his side doing whatever she could to help him.

She would have been with him now, should have been, but the continued insistence from both Sokka and Toph made her consider taking a few hours away for herself. She agreed but it was only on the condition that they promised to come get her if anything changed.

Finding a few moments of freedom, she realized her thoughts were too cluttered to find any ease with sleep, so she went about the only other thing she could think about to occupy her time; bending.

Standing here mixing and swirling with her element around her in the midnight air, proved somewhat relaxing. But it could not fully settle her mood.

She missed him.

Seeing Aang drawing and bending beside her or simply observing her skill from a distance, seeing his bright smiling face right beside her, easily keeping up with all of her movements.

At first she always felt jealous that bending came with such ease to him, where it took her a lifetime to develop. But time soon eroded those feelings and she was simply comforted to know there was something that only the two of them could share. It felt special.

But now it was like nothing and she hated this feeling. No. 'Feeling' right wasn't really the word. It was more like: incomplete, unbalanced. Like a little piece of herself was locked away within the body of that air bender and it was only unleashed when the two of them were together.

She pauses as her thoughts are hit with a certain sense of clarity. It is because she realizes now, just how much of her world he suddenly occupied. When did this all happen? Was it the many talks at night, the hugs, and encouraging words? How did he become so much apart of her so soon when they haven't even known each other for a year yet?

"He would hate to see you like this," she says to herself. Her gaze falls to her own reflection in the dark blue water of the restored river. Her bronzed skin and bright blue eyes, stare right back at her, illuminated by the moonlight. Her own words echoing within her, for the truth they held, but even still her thoughts continued to drift.

There was so much that was going wrong right now. They just suffered a major defeat at the combined hands of both Zuko and Azula. The attack that was being staged by the Earth Country against the Fire Nation during the black sun now seemed to be held in limbo. And the last free major city Ba Sing Se had fallen.

There was so much wrong in the world right now, so much that she refused to let all those other things in. Besides, without the Avatar there wasn't supposed to be any chance whatsoever, right? Her eyes closed as she sighed, betrayed by her own heart, because he wasn't just the Avatar to her, not anymore.

They were connected somehow. From the moment they first met, there had been some understanding, a sort of feeling that they shared. And that's why the bond between the two of them was so special. They brought balance to each other's lives, in a way that no other seemed to do. And this was why she was fiercely spinning her threads of water before. It was something anything to distract her from that connection she was missing.

"What is Aang to me?" It was a question she's been asking herself a lot recently. A month of go the question would have seemed to be easy. He was the Avatar, the prophesized savior of the world. He was kind. He was sweet. He was a child and yet still one of the wisest person's she's ever met.

Aang was all these things, but this didn't say what he was to her. She wasn't sure. She didn't know if she'd ever be sure but there was one thing she was certain of, because of Aang, she found the meaning of hope.

Katara's deliberation is suddenly broken, as she sees her brother running over the hill. Sokka, even though he was out of breath still managed to say, "Aang's awake…" And even as chaotic the world seemed to be; she could start believing in hope again.

End of Chapter 1

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