Now that Empire's End is finished, I believe that there are, even at this point, still some issues that I need to resolve with you, dear readers, so that little to no confusions arise in the sequel. In order to best address these issues efficiently, I will be addressing them point by point.

Let me just be clear, however, that this is not an Author's Note, but a direct attempt at resolving loose ends.

Empire's Power: The Empire's entire Imperial Armed Forces, including Imperial Navy, Army, and Airfleet, consists of about 150,000 men and women. A quick glance at a statistics site on World War II would indicate then, that this is about half of the amount of men the British lost during the war (never mind the amount of soldiers that survived). However, in terms of a home army, it's above average in size (if only due to the fact that they need to be able to strike anywhere at a moment's notice), especially for a country the size of the UK (considering that the US National Guard has above 456,000 for a country of its size). As such, when the Empire is brought to its knees, it's not even fighting with half of its possible strength, but only that which they assumed was necessary to fight the small, yet extremely mobile, group of Death Eaters. Note, however, that they had no idea as to the discovery of the Terracota Army. As such, when the Imperial Army dispersed across the Empire due to rumours of Death Eater expansions outside of Britain, they were spread thin, which would explain why the London takeover was so easy.

Death Eater Military Practices: I understand that many of you, dear readers, are assuming that the Death Eaters portrayed in my story are acting—and thus, thinking—in the same fashion as the one portrayed in the canon books. This notion, however, is not applicable to the Dark Wars series. The Death Eaters in the canon books are led by the psychotic and ultra-conservative Tom Marvolo Riddle (aka, Lord Voldemort). In this series, however, it is not Riddle who controls them, but rather a group of Dark Wizards known as, creatively enough, the Council of Death. Unlike Riddle, the Council has no compunctions in changing their strategies in order to win, and while several people within the Death Eaters may have objections to the changes, it is my judgment, as an aristocrat myself, that most of the other aristocrats within the Death Eaters would be willing to change their views and strategies as long as it gave them victory, and as long as they aren't too radically opposite their natural views.

Empire's Fall: The moment London fell, what occurred was the total annihilation of the Imperial leadership, not its territories overseas. As of the last chapter, England is the only nation to have fallen. Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, the Falklands, Ascension Island, St. Helena, and the Caribbean territories haven't fallen just yet. At the time of the third story, however, the sieges and takeovers that will conquer these countries will have happened over a period of 15 years.

Ministry Involvement in the Fall: As the future sequel will show, the Ministry had a complicit hand in the fall of the Empire, if only due to stubborn inaction. This is why the Aurors never showed up. And, really, from what we've seen in the canon books, are the Aurors really that good to stop an army of Death Eaters?

Archangel Technology: The spread of the Archangel project technology is, contrary to popular belief, extremely limited. Kept as a highly classified government secret, the British are the only nation to possess the technological blueprints for the creation of Assault Ships, as well as Technomantic bullets. As such, most other nations would ultimately be left unable to fight off the Death Eaters (something which will later show up in the fourth sequel and haunt the British).

Death Eater Technological Proficiency: While I understand it is very implausible that Death Eaters could man and effectively use an Assault Ship, or any type of technology, let's remember that the point of these first ships were not necessarily for the creation of a combat fleet, but merely as a distraction. They were meant solely to keep the British Imperial forces out of the United Kingdom while the Death Eaters launched their coup. In the future, however, this lack of proficiency may no longer be true.