Hello, my names Jocelyn, and this is a fanfic based off of the new Transformers Movie 2007, and first I'd like to say is that I started this before I even saw the movie, so please bare with me with the very bad editing in the story. Seeing the movie three times now, I've been able to change things here and there in the main story.

But let me tell you a little about my two characters, which I've added into the move. Their names are Crystal and Christopher Davidson, and they're twins. They're around ages 18 or 19, depending on which I go with cause they're a year older than Sam. But anyway, the prolog here is about what happened to them in their early life, and threw out the story, how they meet up.

So, I guess I should say that nothing in this story belongs to me, they all belong to Dreamworks, Michael Bay and Steven Speilburg. Only Crystal, Christopher, there parents, the Paolini's and aunt and uncle belong to me (and yes I know Paolini is the name of the author for Eragon and Eldest, but I needed something different, not like Smith which is common)

I hope you enjoy this prolog and I hope to hear from you soon, thank you.


"It's a boy." Said the doctor lifting the small infant up.

"Christopher." Smiled the woman looking up into her husbands eyes and he nodded with a small.

A nurse quickly took him away as the doctor started to help the other one out. The woman yelped and screamed in pain till the softer cry of the infant was heard when she panted softly. "A girl." Smiled the doctor.

"Crystal." Said the man and the other nurse took her away and to clean her up.

Hours later

The wife sat sleeping in the bed after over 15 hours of labor and the husband sat in a separate room on the infant floor. He cocked Christopher in his arms, as Crystal lay in her bed asleep. "My babies, beautiful and healthy. I promise, I'll never let anything harm you." He said rubbing his finger into Christopher small hand, and his tiny fingers grabbed onto his as if he understood him.

5 years later

"Crystal, where are you?" Called out her mother.

Crystal came running up the hill to the back door holding out wild flowers. "For you mommy." She smiled.

"That's my little girl." She smiled.

Out in front, Christopher sat on his bike and his father followed him close to keep him from going into the road. "Look at me daddy." He said with his helmet clasped onto his head.

"You're doing great Christopher. Keep it up." He smiled.

"Honey, it's time to get ready." Called out his wife.

"Come on Christopher, you heard your mother." He said and lifted the boy from his bike.

"Do I have to?" He asked.

"Yes, now come on, you have to get ready to go to your aunts." He said.

"Okay." Pouted Christopher. He put his bike away and his dad watched him. Putting the helmet beside the bike, he ran back over to his dad and up the front porch and into the house.

"Christopher, no running in the house." Said his mother walking down the stairs quickly.

"Sorry mom." He said and made his way upstairs. Passing the bathroom, he opened his bedroom door, which was across from his sisters. Christopher had short, flat, blond hair with long strands here and there and the clearest blue eyes, from what his parents told him. He was taller than his sister, who had walked into his room in a pink shirt on and a blue skirt. She had short blond hair, but hers was lighter than his, and hers curled here and there. Her eyes were just as clear blue as his.

"Mommy says we might be sleeping over aunties." She said jumping onto his bed.

"Daddy said he and mommy would pick us up." Said Christopher packing his small bag with toys.

"Really?! I hope we don't have to sleep over." She said.

"There you two are, we're just about ready." Said their father walking into the room. "Hey, there's my beautiful girl." He smiled picking her up.

"Daddy." She smiled as she started to tickle her side and she laughed.

"Come on handsome, you too." He said and picked Christopher up and he carried him over his shoulder as they playfully hit him on the back as he made his way down stairs.

"You're going to break your back carrying them down stairs one of these days." Smiled his wife holding her purse at the door.

"I know, but it's not today, now is it." He said putting Christopher down, then Crystal. "Come on, out to the car." He said and ushered them out of the house.

"Wait, daddy, I forgot my bag." Said Crystal.

"Well hurry in and get it." He said.

"Okay." She said and hurried back inside and up the stairs and her mom waited at the bottom. Soon enough, Crystal came downstairs with her bag over her shoulder and a small dog-stuffed animal in her hand.

"You ready?" Asked her mom.

"Yes, I'm ready." She said and they walked out of the house, locking the door behind them and over to the car.

The aunts house

"Christopher, Crystal, be good for auntie Amelia and her husband, Uncle Daniel, okay." Said their mother standing in the door with their father.

"We will mom, don't worry." Said Christopher.

"That's my boy." Said there father and he ruffled his hair before giving him a kiss on the forehead. "You be good too, okay sweetie." He said and kissed Crystal's forehead.

"I will daddy." She smiled clutching onto her toy.

"We'll be back late to get them. Thank you again for watching them sis." Said their mother.

"You always had to watch me, it's the least I could do." She said.

"Well, we best be going." Said their father.

"Good-bye you two, we'll see you later tonight." Said their mom.

"Bye." They waved as their parents walked back over to the car.

"Come on you two, lets get your things upstairs." Said their aunt closing the front door and leading them upstairs.

Staying in a guestroom, they played with their things they brought. Crystal sat on the bed playing with her dog as Christopher played with his planes on the floor, making noises here and there when two got into a fight with one another. It started to get dark, not cause of the time, but the clouds.

It started to rain around dinner where they had Pasta and Meatballs. After being washed up from the pasta sauce, they laid in the single bed together in their pj's trying to get sleep when it started to thunder and lightening lit the sky and the rain pelted the window with its harsh wind.

"Do you think mommy and daddy will be okay?" Asked Crystal as she lay facing the window.

"A thunderstorm doesn't scare daddy, he'll drive here, get us, and take us home with mommy." Said Christopher with his back against his sisters.

Crystal clutched onto her doggie. "I want mommy and daddy." She said softly.

"They'll get us soon." Said Christopher, and that was the last they said, for they fell asleep soon after.

It was the next morning when they got the news. Their Aunt was gone, and their Uncle sat quietly at the table with a mug of coffee in front of him steaming.

He helped them get breakfast before sitting back down quietly and let them eat their Fruity Pebbles. They changed after breakfast and sat upstairs playing with their toys when their aunt walked in and her husband stood in the doorway.

Crystal was the first to breakdown on the floor crying, and Christopher stood still wanting more answers, and asking more questions. When he had no more to ask, she left them alone where he too cried with Crystal till exhaustion took its toll and they laid on the floor in one another's arms, eyes red and cheeks stained with tears.

It was a week after the funeral when a man came to the house with an older couple. They walked in and sat down in the living room with our aunt and uncle as we waited upstairs in our bedroom and played with one another.

Crystal sat on the floor with her paper and crayons as Christopher played with his toy cars they picked up at there house, and there other things that was put in storage. There was a knock on there door and the man and couple who were at the door walked in.

"Hello Christopher, Crystal." Said the older woman.

"Hello." They both said.

"That's a pretty picture you have there." Said the older man who stood by the woman.

"Thank you." She smiled.

"What's it of?" Asked the woman.

"It's mommy and daddy. They're in our back yard watching us as Christopher and I play on the swings, see." She said pointing to them.

"You're very good at drawing." Said the woman.

"Thank you. Mommy would put my new ones up on the fridge when I'd finish one." She said.

"And what are you playing?" Asked the older man toward Christopher.

"Cops and robbers." Said Christopher. "The bad guys ran from the car accident that killed a family, and the cops are hunting for them, only they can't locate them." He said.

"I see." He said

They left soon after with the other man, and they were left to do their own things once again.

The next day, their aunt and uncle took them for a ride, and there were a few boxes in the back. They had taken them to the other couples home in a town called Tranquility. The man who was with them was also there with papers. Crystal and Christopher played on in the front yard with a ball that belonged to their dog. His name was Luke.

Playing with Luke was fun till the puppy lay down on the porch tired. They weren't allowed on the porch while the adults talked and signed something. So, sitting on the lawn, tossing the ball back and forth from one another, a kid younger then them was riding his bike with his father behind him.

His name was Sam Witwicky, he was four as Crystal and Christopher were five. Sam played with them for a bit till his father said they had to go home, so he did, and they waved bye to him as he left down the road with his dad.

Being bored was not a good option for both of them, they both disliked not doing something. It was no sooner when the adults stood from the porch and walked out onto the front lawn. There uncle and the older man were unpacking the boxes from the back and carrying them toward the front door. It was when Christopher saw one was labeled 'Crystal' when he asked, "Why are we here Auntie? And why are you leaving Crystal's things here?"

"Christopher, Crystal," She said and looked down at the two, "Your uncle and I can't take care of both of you." She said. "This family here, the Paolini's, have wanted to adopt a child, and well…" She stopped and looked at Crystal, "They've decided to take care of Crystal, as you stay with us." She said.

"Why can't I stay with you auntie?" Asked Crystal.

"Cause we can't afford two children!" She snapped back.

Crystal flinched back from her and started to cry. Christopher quickly pulled her into his arms and hugged her, "You can't take her from me." He said.

"Christopher, what's done is done. You're coming back home with us, and your sister is staying here." Said his aunt as the last box was put aside the others.

"We're all set to go." Said their uncle.

"No!" Cried Crystal.

"I'm not going!" Said Christopher. "You can't separate us."

"You are, and that's final." Said their aunt grabbing his arm and pulling him back toward the car.

"No! Christopher!" Cried Crystal and was about to run after him when she was picked up off the ground by the older man, "No! Put me down!" She shrieked. "Christopher! Don't leave me!" She cried.

He tried pushing past his aunt, but she wouldn't budge. "Crystal, I'll come back! I'll come find you! Wait for me!" He yelled being lifted into the car and strapped down in his seat.

"No! Don't leave me!" She cried struggling in the mans arms. The car door shut and she couldn't hear him anymore. Her aunt and uncle didn't say goodbye as they got in the car and backed out of the driveway, and Crystal watched as Christopher struggled in his seat. He took one last look at her before they vanished down the street.

Crystal didn't struggle anymore in the mans arms, but cried and cried. He carried her inside to not draw anymore attention from the neighbors, but they knew it wouldn't cease anytime soon.

Back with Christopher, he locked himself in his bedroom, not talking to his aunt or uncle for the couple of days that passed. Once they were in bed, that was the time he sneaked down stairs for a bite to eat, other than that, he stayed up in his room all day doing nothing but thinking of his sister.

Back with Crystal, she was no better. She behaved and tolerated with her new parents, but didn't talk to them for a long time. She stayed in the house, going outside rarely with the puppy, and a few times, Sam came over with his dad and played, though he did all the talking while she sat silently and followed what he said.

Years passed and both Crystal and Christopher had to break out of there depressed state. Crystal started to talk more with her new parents and open up to them, remembering now and then of her brother and his promise. It was later when she realized she would have to wait for him to come, and so she did wait. She studied hard and became an honor student, playing three sports for the school. Tennis in fall, Hockey in winter, and Softball in spring. The sport kept her busy most of the time during the school year, and taking on a few injures kept her from these sports as well.

Christopher on the other hand wasn't too fond of his Aunt and Uncle. He ignored his aunt and uncle when he was finally forced out of his room and to wash up and actually eat proper food. He also earned a temper threw this time and it grew each day he thought of his sister. His temper eventually led him to drop out of school and join the army at age 17. By age 18, he was already in Qatar and apart of a special ops team led by Captain Lennox.

It was that year that would change them forever, and that there is more to life then meets the eye.

Hey, back again. So, how'd you like it?

Please bare with me, I was up until the wee hours in the morning typing this, and not actually being able to fall asleep didn't help at all either. Anyway, I do hope you've enjoyed this. I'll start prepping on the first chapter, so till then.