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No, not at all. First I'd like to say sorry its been such a long while, but life's been busy as always. I decided to add this chapter here as a set toward the second movie. I don't know who's going to be in it, or how long it's going to be after words, but I guess you'll just have to see what I have in store for you.

'I think it's going to be good, don't you Christopher?'

"Of course, now if you excuse me, time for my job to notify the viewers. Clears throat We'd like to inform all viewers that the story, A Savior, written by Crystal F. Flowright is based off of the 2007 summer movie. All characters belong to Paramount, Hasbro, Michael Bay and Steven Speilburg other then the following… Mr. and Mrs. Paolini, the German shepherd part black lab, Luke, and the main characters Crystal and Christopher Davidson."

'We hope you enjoy this final chapter.'

Now, onto the Epilogue of this story…






A black lab part german shepherd sat panting on the porch in the summers heat, watching as Mrs. Paolini and Mr. Paolini rushed around the house getting the back yard ready for the big celebration that afternoon.

"Honey, would you get the table cloths?!" Called out Mrs. Paolini as Mr. Paolini walked out of the house with packages in his hand.

"I have them dear!" He hollered back and handed a few over to her as he opened the others and placed them over the array of tables in their back yard.

"Oh, the kids will be surprised when they see this, wont they dear." Smiled Mrs. Paolini as she set up the table decorations.

"I bet they will." He smiled as he rearranged chairs around the tables.

As they finished setting up the tables, Mr. and Mrs. Whitwicky walked around to the back yard, holding a crock-pot keeping the food warm. "Hello!" Smiled Mrs. Whitwicky.

"Judy! Oh how nice of you to come." Smiled Mrs. Paolini walking over to her as Mr. Whitwicky and Mr. Paolini shook hands.

"Nice to see you Ronald, how's the yard work going?" Asked Mr. Paolini.

"Just fine, only a little more touch up's to be done and everything will be in place." Ronald said.

"Come on Judy, lets get your chicken tender's inside, the food won't be served till later in the evening anyway." Said Mrs. Paolini and she led Judy inside and into the kitchen.

"So, need a hand?" Asked Ronald.

"Well, I'd like to get some more wood chopped up for the fire tonight." Said Mr. Paolini looking at a fairly large pile of wood, half covered under a tarp to keep dry.

"I think that's enough tonight Greg," said Ronald as he also looked at a larger pile of logs uncut, lined up along the fence.

"Yes, you're probably right. Would you like to help me man the grill?" He asked. "I'd like to clean it up a bit." He said.

"Sure thing." Said Ronald and the two made their way onto the porch, passing the black lab part german shepherd along the way. "Run along now Luke, you're going to make people trip over you if you stay there all night." Chuckled Gregory as he walked over to the other end of the porch where the grill was set up.



Inside the house



"So, where are the kids Rosalie?" Asked Judy.

"Oh, they're visiting one of Christopher's comrades. Captain Lennox I believe. His wife had a baby girl recently, and she's absolutely adorable." Smiled Rose.

"Are they coming over this evening?" Asked Judy.

"For a while, they have to get the baby home early." Said Rosalie as she stirred a boiling pot of pasta.

"Oh, well I can't wait to meet them." She smiled.

"Where's Sam, is he stopping by later?" Asked Rosalie.

"Yes. He's gone to round up some friends of Crystal and Christopher, and they're going to stop by for a bit once the parties started." Said Judy.

"Well, more the merrier." Smiled Rosalie and the two women laughed and continued to prepare for the evening a head.

Else where

"Hello there you, how are you doing?" Cooed Crystal as she held Annabelle in her arms.

The infant just smiled and gazed up at her with her big blue eyes, giggling at the sounds Crystal was making.

"She's absolutely adorable!" Smiled Crystal as Sarah rocked beside her on her porch swing.

"She can be quite a handful as well." Said Sarah as Annabelle reached out and grabbed a strand of Crystal's hair and started to tug on it.

"Uh uh, no pulling on Crys's hair. Crys's hair is sensitive as is your nose." Smiled Crystal gently releasing her hair from Annabelle's clutches before poking Annabelles nose making her laugh more.

"You're a natural with children, Crystal. I wouldn't mind having you baby-sit my little girl." Chuckled a man walking up to the front porch.

"I'd be honored, Captain." Smiled Crystal gently handing Annabelle over to Sarah.

"I'm no Captain in my own house hold, you can just call me Will." Said Will.

"Or William, he like's that better." Said the familiar blond standing beside him.

"Oh yea," Will quickly got Christopher in a head lock and started giving him a noggie, "I'd like to hear you say that again, come on boy." Chuckled Will.

"Sure Sir, Captain William Lennox Sir." Laughed Christopher as Will noggied him harder.

"You asked for this." He chuckled tightening his hold as Christopher tried to break free.

"Come on Will, the boy is only kidding." Said Sarah standing, cradling Annabelle in her arms.

Will released Christopher and Christopher rubbed his head, laughing a bit before noticing Crystal's watchful gaze. "Sorry Will." He said.

Will smirked and gently punched him in the arm, "I'm only foolin with ya too kid." He smiled before kissing Annabelle on the forehead before Sarah carried her inside for her feeding.

"So Will, where's Ironhide?" Asked Crystal.

"He's out back." Said Will as he took Sarah's seat.

"So, Sarah knows about him?" Asked Christopher as he leaned against the porch railing.

"Of course, I could never keep a secret from my wife." Said Will.

"And she's took to him well?" Asked Crystal.

"Yes, no complaints so far." Said Will.

"That's good." Said Christopher. "Crystal's parents still don't know, even when Ratchet visits weekly to check on Crys's head.

"I'd like to tell mom and dad soon, but they still don't know the whole story as to where my truck went to." Said Crystal

Will nodded, "Well, better sooner then later, right?" He asked.

"Yes." Said Crystal.

Soft vibrations shook the house till they got rougher and closer to the house, and big shadow of Ironhide loomed over the house.

"I've scanned the surrounding area and there seems to be no danger, everything is clear." Said Ironhide.

"Thanks Ironhide." Said Will. "Look who came to visit." Said Will.

"Crystal Davidson, and her twin Christopher Davidson. I picked you up as I was scanning the area. I knew you two were of no threat and continued to scan the area before I returned. Welcome." Said Ironhide.

"Thank you Hide. How have you been?" Asked Crystal.

"I've been doing good, thank you. Nothing has come up as dangerous, so everything is going smoothly." He said.

"I miss driving ya around." Pouted Crystal. "But I'm glad you're here too." Smiled Crystal.

"With Ratchets frequent visits, Optimus thought it'd be best I'd stay with Captain Lennox." Said Ironhide.

"I've told you Ironhide, you may call me Will. I'm no Captain here." Said Ironhide.

"I'm sorry, Will." Said Ironhide.

"It's okay buddy, I still call him Captain now and again." Said Christopher.

"And you got a noggie that bruised your head I bet." Smirked Crystal.

"Yea… Maybe." He said as he rubbed his head.

"Can I get you two any drinks?" Asked Sarah from the screen window.

"Oh, yes please. I'll come and help." Said Crystal and she made her way inside, following Sarah into the kitchen.

"So, she doesn't know?" Asked Will.

"No, we've kept it all a surprise for the past month." Said Christopher.

"Well, she'll enjoy it then." Smiled Will.

"Enjoy what?" Asked Crystal walking out with three glasses of iced tea.

"My wife's iced tea, of course." He smiled taking one of the glasses from her.

"Oh it is delicious. I absolutely love drinking juice." She said as she gave Christopher his glass.

"You humans still puzzle me with your intakes of beverages. One day you like this 'Lemonade', the next this 'Cola.' Why don't you just chose one?" Asked Ironhide.

"If we did, our bodies wouldn't take to it very well." Said Will.

"The human body needs a lot of nutrients, protein, vitamins and carbohydrates in order for it to function properly. Look up the Food Pyramid on the web." Said Christopher.

A short pause from Ironhide confirmed he was indeed looking it up. "The food Pyramid consists of Dairy Products, Grains, Meats, Fruits, Vegetables and this Junk Food."

"Yup. Junk food is not the healthiest items on the menu that we eat, but they fill you up just as good as the good stuff." Said Crystal. "What do you normally take in Ironhide? Gas, Oil?"

"Energon." Said Ironhide.

"Energon?" Asked Will, Christopher and Crystal all at once.

"It's our food source on our home planet Cybertron. When we can't go into stasis to recharge, Energon gives us the energy to stay on for long periods of time." Explained Ironhide.

"It must be some pretty good stuff." Said Christopher.

"Yea, like Coffee." Said Will.

"Ugh, I hate that stuff." Said Crystal as she stuck out her tongue.

"Energon would not go so well with your bodies. Your human bodies would burn if you come into contact with Energon." Said Ironhide.

"Well, that's good to know for future reference." Said Crystal.

"We should prepare to head out, Rosalie is expecting us home by 3:30." Said Christopher as he finished his glass of iced tea.

"Alright. Thank you for having us of Will. It was a pleasure meeting your wife and daughter." Smiled Crystal.

"The pleasure's all mine, thanks for stopping by." He said as he shook Crystal's hand and Christopher's. "I'll see you around."

"Absolutely Will." Smiled Christopher.

"Leaving already?" Asked Sarah from the door.

"Yes, unfortunately." Said Crystal.

"Have to get home by 3:30." Said Christopher.

"Oh, alright. It was nice meeting the two of you." She said as she walked out.

"And it was nice meeting you and Annabelle as well." Smiled Crystal before she hugged Sarah good bye.

"Have a good day now." Said Christopher before they stepped off the front porch making there way over to his new Pontiac Solstice.

"Bye Ironhide, we'll see you around." Waved Crystal up to him.

"Farewell for now Crystal, Christopher." Said Ironhide as they got into the car.

Christopher started the engine up and backed up out of the driveway with a soft honk and wave from the two of them before he took off down the road, heading for home.

"It was nice of them to allow us to come over for a bit." Smiled Crystal.

"Yea it was, and Will's baby girl is just as beautiful as he said back in Qatar." Said Christopher as he drove down the curvy roads.

Crystal stared out the window watching as the trees and houses passed by. "Did you really want to go to Qatar?" Asked Crystal.

"After a while I regretted my decision, but I made some great friends out there." Said Christopher. "The men and women out there are constantly working night and day all for the protection of our country, and I felt grateful to even be apart of it."

"What would mom and dad say if they were still around?" Asked Crystal.

"Well, if they were still around, I wouldn't have been who I am today, and I still would have been with you, now wouldn't I." Said Christopher glancing at Crystal out of the corner of his eye.

"Yes, I suppose so… Everything in life happens for a reason, one way or another." She said as he entered town.

Crystal stayed quiet for the rest of the ride till Christopher turned onto their street and she noticed all of the cars. "What's this?" Asked Crystal as he pulled into the driveway.

"No idea. Let's go check it out." He said as she shut the car down.

Christopher and Crystal stepped out of his car and walked around the garage following the sound of music coming from the back yard. "Wonder what mom's hosting now." Said Crystal as they walked into the back yard and hand poppers went off.

"Surprise!!" Yelled out the many friends and family members of the Paolini family.

Christopher laughed as Crystal moved and hid behind him. "Come on, this is for you, you know, to celebrate your graduation." He said and pulled her out from behind him and dragged her over to her parents.

"Surprise sweetie." Smiled Rosalie hugging Crystal.

"This is all, really for me?" She asked.

"Well, not really. We'd like to not only celebrate your graduation, but also Christopher's welcoming to the family." She smiled.

Christopher's smile immediately changed into pure shock, "What-"

"Oh come on now, what better way then to celebrate the return of two siblings who haven't seen each other in years." Chuckled Gregory patting Christopher on the shoulder.

Crystal smiled with tears in her eyes, "Thank you daddy." She smiled as she hugged him. "Thank you everyone for coming!" She yelled and everyone either clapped or cheered and the party continued.

"Now that our special guests have arrived, who's hungry?" Asked Ronald and the men hollered as the women laughed.

While the party went on its way, Crystal introduced Christopher to everyone who was that that he didn't know already. "You sure have a lot of friends." Said Christopher.

"I know, and I'm so happy they came and that they got to meet you." She smiled holding onto his arm.

Later on during the party, most guests left, leaving mainly the Whitwickys, Sam who showed up later with a boy who Crystal and Christopher found out was a hologram of Bumblebee, and the Lennox's who dragged along Ironhide.

Crystal sat in a lawn chair by the burning fire talking to Christopher, Sam and Bee as the adults sat on the porch surrounded the tiki torches when a familiar rumble came down the street, and coming to a halt in front of the house. "Looks like they finally made it." Said Bee.

"Optimus and the others are here?" Asked Crystal.

"Yup, we invited them." Said Sam as he and Bee got up, heading around the house to the front yard.

"Come on, let's go an say hi." Said Crystal and she took Christopher's hand, pulling him up out of his seat before they headed around to the front where they spotted a tall older man standing beside a man shorter then him in a doctors lab coat.

"Ah, hello Crystal, and Christopher Davidson. Congratulations on your graduation of high school and your reunition with one another." Said the taller man.

"Thank you, Optimus. Hello Ratchet, thank you for coming." Said Crystal.

"It is an honor. How have you been feeling?" Asked Ratchet.

"Very well thank you." She said.

"Optimus." Said Ironhide as he walked over in his hologram form.

"Ironhide." Said Optimus. "Crystal, Christopher, I'd like to know if it is alright if we left some new arrivals in your care." Said Optimus.

Crystal and Christopher looked at one another, "Sure, we'd love to." Said Crystal.

"Good, our new arrivals took a detour, so they're coming up the street now." Said Ratchet as a rumble of loud engines drove down the street and Crystal gasped as two Lamborghini's pulled into the driveway. One was a shade of red, while the other was a golden yellow like Bumblebee.

Two look holograms stepped out of the vehicle and walked over to them. "Crystal, Christopher, I'd like you to meet the twins, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe." Said Optimus motioning to the look alike holograms, only one had red hair and the other was blond.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you." Smiled Sunstreaker taking Crystal's hand and kissing it.

"Oh, why thank you." She smiled. "It's very nice to meet you too."

"These two haven't been on Earth very long, so they'll need to learn the rules." Said Ratchet.

"Of course, we can handle that." Said Christopher.

"Come now, I'd like you to meet my parents seeing as you'll be staying with us now as well." Smiled Crystal and she took both of Sideswipes and Sunstreakers hands and lead them around the house to meet her parents.

"Come on Optimus, I'm sure you'd like to meet Crystal's parents. They're really nice." Said Bumblebee.

"Why not, Optimus." Said Ratchet, "There is no harm in meeting them." Said Ratchet.

"Why not." He said and everyone followed Christopher back around the house with Luke barking along the way making their way to the back porch.

"Ah, mom, dad. I'd like you to meet another friend of ours, Optimus Prime, leader of the autobots." Smiled Crystal standing beside Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Optimus Prime." Smiled Greg and he shook Primes hand. "So, you're another one of these transformers my daughter has told us about?"

"Yes." He smiled. "As she introduced me, I am the leader of my comrades here. You know Ratchet, he's our medic. Ironhide, our weapon specialist, and Bumblebee is our scout. The twins are highly advanced in combat, they've only just arrived." Explained Optimus.

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you." Smiled Rosalie, "Welcome to the Family."



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