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A/N: Okay, so I'm trying this again. The story just wasn't coming out the way I wanted it to. So this is the rewrite. I want Faith to be like the Plastics in Mean Girls. And she just wasn't coming across as that whatsoever. So this is my second attempt. I have the character pictures in my profile. Ignore the clothing on Faith. Just picture her as the girl, but with a bit more of a tan and an Ashley Massaro/Kat Von D fashion sense.

Soul On Fire by Cara Mascara

Chapter 1: Tall, Dark and Totally Out of the Question

"…And Bethany told Penny who told me that he's coming to Sky High. A Stronghold, do you believe it? I really hope he's not some geek. Do you know what that could do for our image? Hanging out with Jetstream and The Commander's son? We have to jump right on that, go it? I really hope he's cute. You know, not some gawky, Mr. Boy in training. Ugh I hate…" I listened to Gwen go on and on about Will Stronghold. It was definitely big news at Sky High. This is probably the biggest thing that's happened there since Mr. Kent AKA Superman took up a position at school teaching Hero class.

I flipped through the latest issue of Fazed, the biggest Super costume magazine in the world. They always have the seasons hottest fashions predicted before any of the major Supers and Villains are even seen wearing them. "Looks like cat suits are back in…" I muttered absentmindedly into the phone.

"Faith, are you even listening to me?" Gwen scoffed from the other line. I jumped a little, coming out of my daze and sat up from my position on my stomach.

"Yeah Gwen, sorry." I rolled my eyes as she went off about Stronghold again. I heard some commotion downstairs and perked up, knowing my mom was finally home. "Hey Gwen, I have to go. Mom just came home."

"Okay. Don't forget. Meet Penny and me outside of the gym tomorrow seven thirty sharp. Don't be late Faith. We need to work on Stronghold right away." I really don't understand what the big deal is. Why the hell is she so anxious to get on good terms with this dork? It's not as if we don't own Sky High already. I mean, we're the head bitches in charge at that school. Gwen's the president of almost every club, pretty and popular. Penny's the gossip queen and the entire cheerleading squad. I'm the edgy rich one who can find out dirt on anyone with the use of my telepathy and foresight powers. And Lash and Speed are our cronies; the muscle behind the whole operation. We might as well run the school instead of Powers.

"Sure thing Gwen. Bye."

"Ciao." I hung my phone up and bounced off my bed, trotting downstairs to see my mom attempting to control my little brother, the child terror of Maxville. I'm not kidding. At age six, he's successfully managed to grasp hold of his power, which is shooting lasers out of his eyes.


You can imagine what that's like. As if his hyperactivity isn't enough, you have to worry about being scorched by laser beams if you do something that aggravates him. Luckily, he qualified for Sky High's program for 'gifted' children. Basically, it's an elementary and junior high school for kids who get their powers early. It's fairly small, because it isn't common for kids to get their powers before they're fourteen or fifteen. Funny enough, it's underground instead of in the Sky like Sky High.

He's been at Little Heroes camp on an island in the Bermuda Triangle all summer. Mom just came home with him and he is already reeking havoc. "Give me my purse twerp!" I yelled, snatching the bag from his hand as he ran by. He just continued running, grabbing one of the cases off the side table instead. I rolled my eyes and went into the kitchen where my mom was milling through the fridge.

"Hi sweetie," Mom said, emerging from the fridge with some packaged chicken. I took it from her and put it back in the fridge.

"I already ordered Chinese. I figured you'd be too tired to cook," I said with a shrug, shutting the door of the fridge. My mom's always tired. She's The Black Cat, a villain turned heroine, which she still takes crap for from some of her peers and former rivals. She's president of a huge record label as Felicia Hardy, her citizen identity. Besides that, she's a single mother. My dad is trapped in an alternate universe courtesy of Darkseid. I haven't seen him since I was ten. Taylor doesn't even remember him.

I don't like to think about it.

"Oh. Thank you sweetheart." My mom smiled and sighed into her hands. "I'm going to try and take a nap. Could you fix a plate for Taylor?" I nodded and my mom made her way out of the kitchen while I set the table for Taylor and I. She'll eat later.

'Ding dong'

"Oh no," I said to myself as I heard footsteps bounding down the stairs. I bolted for the front door but I was too late. The Paper Lantern delivery guy was doomed to be a victim of Taylor's wrath.

Taylor reached up, swung the door open and immediately began squirting the delivery guy with his water pistol. "Bang, bang, you're dead!" Taylor informed the guy. I ran up to him and snatched the gun from his hands.

"Taylor! Get out of here!" I snapped at him. He just grinned at me and ran off giggling and pretending to ride a horse. I turned to the delivery guy and immediately began blushing when I saw whom it was. "Uh, hey Warren, sorry about that. He's a handful." Nervously I brushed a stray strand of hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear, then crossed my arms over my chest. I was hoping Warren would be delivering my food, but after what had just happened, I wished he hadn't. I was so embarrassed. Since I'd been eating at the Paper Lantern nearly all summer or getting delivery, I'd actually conversed with Warren quite a few times. I'd never talked to him before summer, even though we'd both been attending Sky High for 2 years together, but the couple of conversations I have had with him since summer started caused me to develop some sort of crush on him. I mean, I guess I've always found Warren attractive in a mysterious bad boy kind of way.

"It's uh, it's okay. Who is that?" Warren questioned, handing me my bag of food. Then it happened. The best thing EVER! Warren grabbed the bottom of his black muscle shirt and lifted it up to wipe the water off his face. By doing that I got a great, and I mean great, view of his very nicely toned abs. I might as well have been drooling because I couldn't tear my eyes away. Sadly, it was over too soon and he pulled his shirt back down.

"Um, my brother…" I said, still a bit dazed. I managed to shake myself out of it. "Uh, shoot. I left the money upstairs. Can you hold on a second? Actually, you can come in if you want," I offered. He looked hesitant for a minute, but then stepped into the house. "Be right back," I said then ran upstairs and grabbed the money off my dresser. I also did a quick mirror check. No hair frizz? Check. No wrinkled clothes? Check. Decent cleavage? Check. Notihng in my teeth? Check. Okay, good to go.

When I climbed down the stairs though, Taylor had somehow managed to talk him into wearing a cowboy hat. I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing at the sight. Warren hadn't noticed I was there I guess. At first he looked horrified, but he covered it up with a glare and took the hat off.

"Are you Faith's booooyfriend? Do you loooove her? Are you gonna get maaaaarried?" Taylor flooded Warren with questions as he jumped up and down on the sofa. Warren just kind of stared back and forth between him and I with his mouth slightly agape and my laughter stopped abruptly at taylor's interigation.

"Taylor! Shut up and go eat!" I ordered, giving him the dreaded 'look'. His face took on a frightened expression and he bounced off the couch, grabbed the bag of food off the coffee table and ran into the kitchen.

I went over to Warren and handed him twenty-five dollars. "Keep the change." Ha, he deserved the eight-dollar tip for the peep show earlier. He counted the money and raised an eyebrow at me.

"You sure?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's cool. I make you come here almost three times a week. You deserve it," I said with a friendly smile. Okay, friendly smile with a little bit of flirt thrown in there I guess. "Do you want a drink or something?"

"I have a few more deliveries. Sorry." He opened the door and stepped out. "Oh, uh happy birthday by the way." Then he smirked ever so slightly and walked off to his car. I shut the door squealed excitedly. He remembered my birthday!

I mean I'd casually mentioned it in a small conversation we had a week or so ago, but I never really thought he paid much attention to what I said. Not that much attention anyway.

"You're late," Gwen said with her arms crossed over her chest. Penny mimicked her and I rolled my eyes at the two. Here we go again.

"Sorry. It's not my fault. The freaking bus flew right past some private jet and we had to follow it so Mindy Sails could use her powers to erase their memory. The idiot bus driver didn't put the bus on invisible."

"Well, whatever. Iwanted to talk about your birthday party, but I have to go show the freshmen around. Hopefully I get Stronghold in my group." She tossed her head back and headed down the hallway being followed closely by Penny. I scoffed and shook my head before making my way towards the office to get my schedule.

I brushed my hair out of my face and stood in the Junior Heroes line. I could feel all the eyes from the other students looking at me. I'm not going to be modest. I'm like a god. Pretty much untouchable. I'm feared and worshiped at Sky High and that's how I like it. I can do and say whatever I want, whenever I want to and get away with it.

My eyes fixed on the back of the person in front of me. I recognized the worn leather jacket and straight dark hair falling to the shoulders. My eyes traveled down to the firm, jean clad ass and I smirked to myself. Warren Peace is just too fit for his own good.

"Ah, Mr. Peace. Good to see you back this year. Let's hope things don't get… heated in my classroom this year, hmm?" Medulla laughed a little at his joke and I rolled my eyes. He's referring to the end of last year when Warren's temper got the best of him when he had to work with Jenna Fries in a lab and the heat emitting from his fingertips caused the chemicals we were working with to combust and start a fire. I snorted with compressed laughter at the memory.

Warren said nothing, just grabbed his schedule and turned around. As he walked past me, I caught him glance from the corner of his eye. I just raised my eyebrows in turn, which was enough to make him look away. I mean, as hot, hot, HOT as he is, I don't dare talk to him at school. First of all, no one in their right mind would talk to Warren Peace while he stalks the halls of this school unless they had a death wish. Secondly, as hot, hot, HOT as he is, and even if he had talked to me, I can't be seen conversing with him. It would kill my rep. I mean, everyone knows who Warren is. But he's not exactly popular. More like… the most intimidating son-of-a-well-known-villain that has ever graced this school. I mean, despite that, I'd have to hear it from Gwen and Penny for who knows how long and of course Lash would sulk about it forever. Not even worth it. Too bad.

Tall, dark and handsome is so my type.