Two twelve year old boys opened the door to the Hiwatari household, one had two toned blue hair and was short but the other one had flaming red hair and was a bit taller than the other one, his bright blue eyes had small tears running down from them that he seemed to try to hide by wiping them as they came.

The shorter boy had a hand on his shoulder and seemed to support him; they both looked like they had been in a fight with scraped cheeks, knees and were simply ruffled up badly.

"Mama" the little bluenette called out "mom…we kind of need you…now!"

Ayame Hiwatari rushed out of the kitchen "Kai, would you please not use that tone with…oh dear lord, what happened to you two?" she asked mortified but before the boys could say anything she hurried over to them and dragged them into the kitchen.

There she made them sit down on each chair while she fetched the first aid kit

The redhead sniffed and looked at the other boy "Kai?"

"Yes Tala?"

"Thank you"

Kai looked a little confused "f-for what?"

Tala had tears in his eyes but still looked happy "for being by my side"

Kai was about to reply but Ayame came dashing into the kitchen with the kit and kneeled down in front of Tala "what happened to you two?" she asked as she cleaned the wound on Tala's knee.

The boys were silent

Ayame looked up at her son "tell me what happened, Kai"

The boy sighed "well we were at school and this boy Rick was making fun of Tala, saying things like he was so stupid because he didn't have a dad and that Maru was a…" he stopped and looked at Tala, the boy looked at the floor ashamed

"What did he call her?" Ayame asked

"a-a slut that slept with everyone…he said that his dad told him that" Kai said quietly "then he pushed Tala to the ground and I just wanted to help him so I jumped on him and started…pushing him back and Tala did so too but Eddie jumped in and helped Rick and so did Michael so we were out numbered and they kind of…beaded us up and we had no choice but to…run away"

Ayame shook her head and finished cleaning their cuts then she stood up and looked at Kai "Kai, you know I don't like you fighting and I'm pretty sure Maru wouldn't like you to do so either Tala"

They both looked ashamed "are you mad?" Kai asked

The woman smiled "no sweetie, I'm not mad" then she walked out of the kitchen and picked up the phone, from the corner of her eye she could see Tala and Kai sneak up the stairs and to Kai's room, she dialled Maru's cell phone number and waited for her to pick up

"Hello, this is Marusya Ivanov"

"Maru, this is Ayame…something came up at school with the boys, apparently they got into a fight"

"Oh god, are they alright?" she sounded frustrated

"Yes, don't worry…listen, why don't you come over after work and we'll talk about it?" she asked

"Of course" she replied "I'll be over as quick as I can, I'll see you then sweetie"

"Bye, bye Maru-chan" then she hung up the phone and went back to the business she had been doing before the whole ordeal.

Tala and Kai lay on Kai's bed, it had become this little thing they did when either one felt sad or hurt but this time Kai had an arm around Tala's shoulder, at first Tala thought it was weird but liked the closeness with his friend so he let him stay like that.

"How do you feel Tala?" Kai then asked "are you still sad?"

The other boy turned his head to Kai "no" he sighed "I've excepted the fact that my dad didn't want me and that I only got mom"

"That's not true, you got me" Kai said quietly "you'll always have me" then he leaned in and shyly kissed Tala's cheek, the feeling on Tala's cheek was warm and sent a little tickle to his stomach, kind of like butterflies fluttering around and bumping into each other in his belly.

"Yeah" he whispered "I got you"

Later that evening the doorbell rang and the door was opened "Ayame? I'm home" it was Maru, she had taken up the habit of saying she was home whenever she came over, not that Ayame minded she liked having Maru over, she was her best friend after all.

Maru walked to the kitchen where Ayame sat at the table, she didn't have her apron on and was reading a book, she looked up and smiled at Maru "hey, how was work?"

The redheaded woman sat down across from her friend "it was insane, they want us to present a young girl, who's only twelve by the way…the poor girl could never handle the pressure of a celebrity and what about school?"

"What kind of parents would allow a twelve year old girl to sell out like that?" Ayame shook her head

Maru silently agreed with her "so the boys got into a fight today?"

"Yeah, with that Rick boy at school, he was teasing Tala about not having a father and he said…that you were a slut"

Maru looked a little hurt "I see, and I presume Tala took it too personal and tackled him?"

The woman nodded "and Kai being his loyal friend helped him fight"

"Those boys can't stay away from trouble can they?" Maru shook her head "oh I almost forgot, I picked up some sushi at Tao's" Ayame nodded "I'll go get the boys"

She stood up from the table and went up to Kai's bedroom, a small knock on the door then she opened it, the lights ever off and the room was dark, she walked slowly over to the bed and saw Tala and Kai lying on the bed, Tala was in Kai's arms and they were fast asleep.

Ayame looked a bit startled at the sight but shrugged it off, maybe Kai was just trying to comfort Tala by hugging him.

She didn't rest too much on it and quietly walked out the door and closed it, leaving the two in quiet slumber.

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