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Chapter One

If anyone out there has ever been in a situation where all you had was your dreams to count on and nothing else well you might understand Joey Wheeler's plight. You see his dreams were the only thing that kept him going when everything else around him was falling apart. There is his story……….

Joey Wheeler seemed like a typical teenager, except for one thing, he was living a lie. To his friends his life was a normal as theirs was, but he had another life that he kept hidden even from his closet friend. You see, Joey was being beaten and abused by his alcoholic father. Frank Wheeler was a pillar in the eyes of his peers, but he had a secret life that no one knew, he was a damn drunk that beat and abused his own son.

It all started when his wife of fifteen years up and left him and Joey and took their three year old daughter with her when Joey was only six. Mary had enough of Frank's filthy mouth and his abusive ways. So one day she up and packed things for her and Serenity and ran off to America to live with her sister. She left in the dead of night when Frank was working and Joey was asleep. It wasn't until his father grabbed him and threw him out of bed the next morning that Joey knew that they were gone. That was the beginning of his double life. From that day forth, Joey had to be just a little faster and move swifter to keep away from his father's fists and the beer bottles that he would throw at him.

Joey would always be the last to shower at Gym so that no one would see the bruises on his back from where his father would hit him with either his fists or the belt. All Joey had now was his dreams of another life with a father that loved him. Why couldn't he have that life instead of the one he really lived? Everyday was a chore just to get out of bed and shower and get ready for school and not to scream when the water hit his bruised and beaten body. Getting dresses for school was another chore that he hated, hell he would rather lay in bed then tortured himself by putting on clothes that would rub on his poor back.

He would laugh and joke around with his friends as if nothing was wrong, when deep inside him was dying a little bit every day. He knew that when he got home from school everyday, he would have to endure yet another round of hell from his father. Hell it wasn't his fault that his mother and sister left shit he wished he could too, where would he go that his father wouldn't find him and drag him home for another beating? Who could he tell about his abuse and why would they believe him, his father was such a well liked man in town. Joey would think maybe one day he would hit me so hard that I would die and wouldn't have to deal with this hellish life anymore.

One day while he was sitting outside during lunch, which he rarely ate because he had no money, he would sit and daydream about a life where there would be no pain and where he would have everything he ever wanted. He wanted more then anything to have his mother and sister back home, but then he would come back to reality and he would think to himself why, why me? If only there was someone he could talk to, tell them about what was happening maybe it would stop, but whom, who could he trust not to tell his father? Who? Who would care enough to want to get involved in this mess that he called his life?

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