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Chapter Nine

The Police wanted to talk to Joey about his father's death and Seto went with Joey when he went to talk to the Police. The Officer asked Joey "where he was on the day his father died?" Joey then told the Officer "that he was in the hospital because of the beating his father gave him and if he didn't believe him to talk to Doctor Hamilton." When the Officer determined that Joey wasn't the one who killed his own father they thought that it must have been someone who had a grudge against him and closed the case.

David was getting better and the Doctor removed the wire from his mouth and he was able to eat soft food and as the Doctor said "if you continue to improve in three weeks you'll be able to go home." Linda knew that it was bothering her husband because he had to kill that man, but if he didn't their son would be dead now and she cornered Jack one day and told him "honey, you did what you had to in order for our son to live, and you stopped Joey from having to endure being beaten by that monster anymore." Jack loved his wife because she kept him grounded and he held her and whispered "I love you lady" and he kissed her passionately and one thing lead to another and they ended making love in one of the empty rooms at the hospital.

Seto and Joey talked about their feelings and Seto initiated the kiss and as he held Joey in his arms he said "when you're ready to take this to another level let me know, I won't force you into anything that you're not ready for." They fell asleep in each others arms and for the first time in years Joey felt really safe and loved. The next morning Mokuba knocked on his brother's door and opened it before Seto could stop him and he found Joey and his brother in bed together and Mokie smiled and went out and closed the door and said "it's about time."

It was about three months into their relationship and one night Joey asked Seto to make love to him. Seto then slowly started touching Joey in ways that stimulated him and as Joey became hard Seto stroked him till he had an orgasm and then he prepped Joey and as he entered Joey he waited till he was ready and then he made love to the one person that meant the world to him. As they both came together it was like nothing that either of them had ever experienced and as Seto eased out of Joey they both cried tears of joy and as they wrapped their arms around each other they fell asleep.

David was able to go home and the first thing he asked his mother to do, was to make her fried chicken, mashed potatoes, have corn on the cob and peach cobbler for dessert. As they had their dinner, Jack looked the table at the only reasons he was alive and he gave thanks to God for allowing him to have this beautiful family. David was finally able to go back to school and with his sister by his side they walked to school only to be stopped by Seto's limo and they got inside with their new friends. Joey told his friends about him and Seto and at first they were a little apprehensive about it but when they saw the love that Seto had for Joey, they all were happy for them.

David started dating a very pretty girl by the name of Grace Oliver and Danielle was going out with James Harper. Their parents weren't ready for their children to start dating but as they thought back, hell their own parents weren't ready for when Jack asked Linda out the first time. Linda had tears in her eyes as she told her husband "my babies are growing up and soon they'll be leaving the nest." Jack smiled at his wife but he was thinking the same thing.

It's been two years since Seto first asked Joey about his feelings and today he surprised Joey by asking him to marry him and Joey accepted. Seto gave Joey a beautiful ring and all of their friends were so happy for them. They were still in High School and they decided that they'd get married the month after Graduation. Roland was happy for Seto, because he has found his life mate and Joey was the best damn thing to happen to him. Mokuba was just happy to have another person around to talk to when Seto was busy at Kaiba Corp.

Joey couldn't believe how his life has changed and it was all due to the fact that he met a very nice but nosy girl by the name of Danielle Haggerity and how she finally got him to admit that his father was abusing him and for giving him the strength to finally leave that hellhole that he called home. Joey thought to himself "I guess that sometimes daydreams really do come true."

THE END…………….

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