Chapter 1: Playing The Danger Game

sly murry and bently were playing Go Fish.

"Hey sly?" murry said.

"Yes?" Sly Cooper said.

"Got any 52s?"

"GO FUCKING FISH!!!" Sly said.

Murry started to cry.

Hey bently?" murry asked.

"Grah?" bently said.

"Got any 99s?"

No. Bitch." bently said.

Murry started to cry.

"Hey sly?" murry said.

"Fuck you Murry. Your turn is fucking over. You lose again." Sly said.

"And you can never play Go Fish with us ever again. We don't want you in our fucking gang." bently said.

"Yeah. Fuck you."

"NOOOoooOOOoooOOOOOOO!!!!!OOOOO!!" Murry screamed.

"Go aways away from us." Sly said. But Mrray was n't listening. He was getting taller. and fatter and smarter.

"You felows are imesiles. now for you to meet your maker." Mury had a claw for an arm now. He Grabbed allthe cards and crunched them in half.

"How are you bigger and fatter and smarter, mury?" Benlty said.

"Because of my curse of course." Mury said. He ran out the front door.

"Now we have to kill him." Sly said.
"Okay.c'MON!!!" Bently said.