This was loosely based on fandomsecrets. Idea: Make a secret for a character and then write a short ficlet based on that secret. Greg's secret? He owns a cat.

Title: CSI Secrets: Greg's Secret
Disclaimer: I do not own CSI. These characters do not belong to me. Woe. :(
The cat based picture is from Domestic Cat Varieties. The Gil Grissom base picture is from : CSI - Crime Scene Investigation - Season 3: Part 1 - DVD Review.
Spoilers: Up until the finale of season seven with some speculation regarding season eight.
Author notes: This was loosely based on fandomsecrets . Idea: Make a secret for a character and then write a short ficlet based on that secret. This will eventually be posted publicly to a community. It just depends on jenbachandand launching that community and if it fits in the rules. She also looked at these before they were posted and corrected one or two of my whoops, forget a word, write the wrong word problem. All other errors are my own.

CSI Post Secrets

Greg's Secret

Image found at http://pics. that incident, the one that the city settled over, that incident that I still can't forget, I bought a cat. I named him Stor. It means big in Norwegian. My cat, he's still a kitten and isn't very large. The name fits him though. He lives large, owning my pad. Nothing is too big for him to attack and amuse himself with. And he loves to wear my socks, size large, on his head. It's a funny sight to come home to, after a particularly long shift: Angry cat fighting with a sock.

Stor's a good listener. He's a better listener than the department shrink. I can talk to him about my problems with out having to worry that it is going to get around the lab. Because there are just some things you just don't want to be whispered about, and while the department guy says things are privileged, I work with people who are paid to observe things. I worry if I say something while at work that I'll have some sort of tell and they'll pick up on it. So I don't say some things I probably should. Nick and Sara said they did the same thing when they had to do these department mandated sessions.

And my co-workers, they don't know that I own a cat. I don't want them to worry, to treat me any differently. I don't want them to know that I go home, talk to the cat in order to help keep my sanity. I have no intention of telling them any time soon. It's my little secret.