Kaizor Scot and Sly Cooper size each other up in the arena.

Sly Cooper: Are you ready, Kaizor Scot?


Sly: I can't say I'm suprised.


Bentley: I may be short, but I can fight!

Murray: I will punch you withmy power punch!

Bentley: Are you ready


Bentley: I said, ARE YOU READY!!!

Murray: I will punch you withmy power punch!

Sly: What was that, Hippo Breath?


Sly kills Murray by hitting him on the neck.


Bentley and Murry charge. Bentley misses, a fatal mistake, for Murray punches his glasses off.

Bentley: I can't see without my glasses?


Murray stomps on Bentley's head.

Sly looked around the metal dome that served as his battlefield

Sly: Where is Carmelita?

Carmelita: Right here

Sly: HOW!?!?

Carmelita: this is how

Carmelita is destroyed by Sly

Sly:Ooga Booga. Haha-ha.

Kaizor Scot:Don't make me use my Octavarius...

Sly: Ooh, Octavarius. I'm so scared.

Kaizor Scot:I know you're probably scared.

Sly: Ha! I'm not!

Kaizor Scot:(stunned with rage):...BWWWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He starts to throw a temper tantrum, the only way to summon his alter-ego, THE OCTAVARIUS. The ground begins to shake as the multiple personality transformation occurs before Sly's eyes. It is complete but Scott looks the same.

Sly:(sarcastically) Hm, big change Scott. You look SO different.

The Octavarius:(NOTE: Octavarius swears more than Kaizor) Fuck you shitting dick nippled cock sucking cunt. I bet dykes like you masturbate to gay porn of walruses while sucking on some cum. Go back home so you can fuck your gonnrhea bloated hamster, you dipshit. Go have a gay sex threesome with Murray and Bentley, see who gives a flippity fuck.

Sly: ...

The Octavarius: Oh yeah, I masturbate to furry porn.

At first, this doesn't seem to effect Sly. Then reality sets in. Sly pictures this (http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/8407/kaiser18cc.jpg) nasty little freak going up to the bathroom with a magazine of furrys. The image of masturbation sets in and Sly's head pops like a grapefruit.