Terms of Endearment

Summary: A sequel to my story "Touch". Slade has Robin, but how to keep him? He makes a deal with the boy… a deal with very specific terms… Slash? Yes it still is…

A/N: This is a direct sequel to my story "Touch". If you haven't read that one I recommend that you do if you want this story to make any sense… It's only four short chapters, you will survive!

Yes, I decided to continue. As I wrote in the extra A/N I put in at the bottom of chapter four of "Touch", it started when I suddenly thought up a conversation between Robin and Raven… It was a something I really wanted to use (it turns up in chapter three), and when I had written that down I started writing more and more… and the rest is history… or… the rest is "Terms of endearment" I should say…

It is still slash, so stop reading now if you don't like that sort of thing. It will not be as focused on slash, though… my goal with "Touch" was to try and write a fan fiction and make it a slash-story. I'm not sure the slash-part was any good, but at least I got to try. This time it's different. Reading a lot of wonderful Robin/Slade stories on this site (slash and non-slash) I have often pondered how I would have Slade try to get Robin to join him. Willingly. Thinking about how Robin reacts to threats, how intelligent Slade is and knowing Robin has a dark side of his own, I devised a strategy… I am not sure myself yet if it will fail or succeed… I may not know until the last chapter… I have written four chapters by now and will add them to the story when I'm done editing… these chapters only start the story so there is more to be expected.

On to the story! And… Reviewers will always have a special place in my heart… Good or bad, I have the highest respect for your thoughts, inputs and critique.

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Chapter 1: Letting go

Robin woke again sometime later, not even aware he had fallen asleep. This time he lay still, trying to collect his thoughts and decide what to do next.

His head was resting on Slade's left arm, while the man's right one was still curled around Robin's chest. The boy tried to relax, knowing he was in no immediate danger at the moment. He grinned to himself at the notion. A day ago he would never have thought to consider sleeping in Slade's arms as 'no immediate danger'.

"Slept well?"

Naturally Slade had known he was awake the second before he had known himself.

"Yeah." Robin nodded, trying to stifle a yawn. Of course he could have fought, kicked and screamed at the man, he sure wanted to, but what was the use? He knew he didn't have a chance at the moment, being far too tired, way too naked and much in need to…

"I have to use the bathroom." he admitted with a slight blush.

"Certainly. It's the door to the left. And Robin? No running."

Robin snorted and nodded. He had no desire to streak through Jump City, even if it was to get away from Slade. Besides, he really needed to pee. He got up from the bed, noticed the chill in the room and shivered. He could feel Slade's eye on him but wouldn't let himself be bothered by the fact that he was naked, as he made his way to the door. The bathroom were warmer, it also had floor heating which Robin's feet appreciated greatly. The boy looked around while reliving himself. It was a medium sized bathroom with the usual elements like a sink, toilet, and cupboard. The thing that stood out was a big shower cubicle, one of those really luxurious ones with adjustable massage nozzles everywhere.

I bet there's steam too, he thought, longing to give it a try. A shower would be very nice, he decided, but just taking one without permission might not be a good idea. On the other hand, asking to take a shower might give Slade the idea to join him. He would rather be dirty than let that happen, right? He shook his head, decided not to risk it and finished up by washing his hands and splashing a bit of water on his face to try and wake up for real. He was really exhausted. He stepped out into the bedroom again and couldn't help to glance at the other door. Slade noticed.

"Come to bed. You must be cold." he said. He could just as well have told him to heel as far as Robin was concerned, and the boy didn't miss the slight hint of a threat in the man's voice. Robin sighed, his shoulders slumped and he climbed onto the bed again, quickly finding himself back in Slade's arms.

The man suddenly pulled away a bit.

"Your feet are like ice".

Robin chuckled.
"You shouldn't have skimped on the heating, then."

Slade didn't answer. Robin became a bit worried that he angered the man, but he felt he knew him better by now. Slade had a sense humor. He wouldn't put up with too much disrespect, but he enjoyed a good word-sparring session as much as Robin did. The boy turned his head, looking up at the man who regarded him seriously. Slade's hand started toying with Robin's hair, almost absentmindedly, and Robin frowned slightly up at him wondering what he was thinking.

"What are you going to do now?" Slade suddenly asked.

"What do you mean?" Robin wondered, stunned.

"Do you want to go back?"

Robin just stared.

"Would you let me?"

"I might consider it." Slade answered, making Robin gape.

"Did that plant screw with you mind too?" he exclaimed. "Are you really going to let me just walk away?"

Slade smiled widely down at the perplexed boy.

"The only screwing last night was done by me, you might remember, and no. I said I might consider it." The hand in Robin's hair suddenly grabbed at his locks tilting the boy's head back further. "Make no mistake Robin, you belong to me. I will never let you go. But I desire to be your teacher more than your prison guard. Maybe I could achieve that goal better letting you run around with your friends. As long as you obey a few rules I will set up."

Robin didn't know what to do or how to act. The man was letting him go? He was free? A strange feeling, an impulse, made Robin raise his head and give the man a slow, soft kiss on the lips.

Slade's eye was wide in astonishment as the kiss ended.

"What was that for?" he asked, his voice sounding a bit strained.

"Just…thank you." Robin whispered softly, a slight blush on his cheeks.

He kept trying to tell himself that he was playing the game. Staying in control and doing the smart thing. He had a once in a lifetime opportunity to find out all he could about the mysterious man. If he could find a weakness…?

You just want to jump him again, don't you? his inner voice sneered sounding a bit disgusted. Robin was really getting sick of that voice.

"What will you tell them?"

Robin hesitated.

"I don't know… maybe… that I stayed away for their safety?"

"They must have found your belt by now. And your bike, no less. And your mask."

Robin's hand flew to his face. He had completely forgotten that Slade had taken his mask away.

"Damn…" he muttered, letting his hand sink again.

"How do you think they will react, knowing that I fucked you?"

"They don't know it was you." Robin said, desperately trying to construct a believable story involving him being kidnapped by a really pretty female mercenary.

"What? Forgetting Beast Boy?"

Robin swore again.

"He would have picked up your scent…" the boy said, sounding a bit desperate.

"I should think so." Slade agreed. Robin thought frantically, trying to come up with a solution, an explanation, a lie to hide the last night's events from his friends. He failed.

"They would know it wasn't my fault. Batman would have explained."

"Yes. It wasn't your fault" Slade agreed, stroking Robin's cheek as a reminder of the touch that started all this. "But they will still know. They will still judge."

"They are my friends! They care about me!"

"Oh, yes. And caring so much I have no doubt they will try to help as well."

Robin didn't know why that sentence made him so uncomfortable.

"Are you saying I shouldn't go back to them because I would be embarrassed? Sorry, Slade, no deal. I still want to go home."

"As you wish. It's broad daylight outside by now, and for security reasons I won't let you go until it's dark. What would you like to do until then?" He chuckled as he saw Robin's eyes widen, and continued "I mean, would you like to take a shower? Are you hungry?"

Robin let out a sigh of relief.

"Yes and yes, actually" he answered with a slight smirk.

"You go and take that shower. In the meantime I will tidy up in here. There are towels in the cupboard."

Thankful that Slade didn't seem to want to act out any dirty shower fantasies, Robin slipped out of bed and into the heavenly warm bathroom. Experimenting with the different settings in the shower he yelped when a hard stream of water suddenly hit his backside. It might not have hurt as badly then, but he was sure sore now. Looking around for shampoo he found Slade's supply lacking. There was just a single bottle. A sort of sport-soap-thing claiming to be shampoo, conditioner and soap all in one. It smelled kind of nice though.

Smells like Slade.

Shaking the thought from his head he focused on enjoying the hot water. Soaping up he discovered that apart from his rather tender ass and one aching nipple he was okay. There was some bruising from the roof fight and the one with Ivy on the night before but it wasn't bad. Even the wound in his arm where he had gotten stung by the plant seemed to be almost healed up.

Stepping out of the shower a while later he found the towels where Slade told him they would be. Using one to dry his hair and body and one to wrap around his waist he realized that he hadn't worried for a second that Slade would come into the room.

What is this? I'm TRUSTING him now? That poison must have caused some permanent brain damage!

He stepped out of the bathroom, yelped as the cold air hit him and quickly got back in again. He could hear Slade laughing as the man knocked on the door.

"Here." Slade said, opening the door and handing Robin a pile of clothes. "They are going to be too big, but at least they will keep you warm." The man was only wearing a pair of boxers, but seemed to be unaffected by the chill.

Robin gratefully took the clothes, found a T-shirt and pulled it on. Slade was right, it was way too big. Must be some of his own clothes, Robin mused, suppressing a slight tingle at the thought. He donned a pair of boxers next that just barely stayed up, but he had to admit defeat when it came to the jeans. There was no way he could walk in them. He gladly pulled on pair of socks, though. They fitted a bit better.

Walking out with the pair of pants in his arms he noted that Slade had finished cleaning away the mess of torn clothes and also had stripped the bed bare, leaving a fresh set of sheets folded on top of it.

"Could you help me with these?" Robin asked, indicating the jeans. He suddenly had a strange feeling of déjà vu. Slade picked up on it too, and grinned.

"Why is it that you always seem to have trouble with my pants?" His smile widened as he saw the dirty look Robin gave him. Slade left the room for a moment and returned with a pair of scissors. Holding out the pants in front of the boy he roughly estimated were to cut them off and did so. Robin pulled the pants on. Still too wide, but at least the legs ended before his did.

"Got a belt?" he asked Slade.

"What? Isn't that look in style with you kids now a days? Big, baggy trousers, hanging down and exposing half your ass?"

"Well, we can't all wear mammoth pelts like they did in your youth." Robin snapped.

Slade grinned and got back at him by ruffling the boy's hair. Robin was unable to stop him as he had to use his hands to hold the pants up. Finally receiving a belt, one with a clasp that could be closed anywhere along the length, Robin managed to make the trousers stay up without support.

"I'm going to take a shower too. I want you to make the bed." Slade declared.

"What?" Slade seemed to say the strangest things lately.

"Make. The. Bed. You helped to mess it up, after all… And Robin? My offer only stands as long as you obey the rules. If you run I will hunt you down, and you will never see your friends again. Understood?"

Without another word Slade disappeared into the bathroom and the shower was turned on a few seconds later.

Robin looked from the bed to the door and back again. He would be able to escape. Easily. But in the back of his mind he thought that maybe, just maybe, Slade's offer was better for him. He didn't exactly know what the offer was yet, but if it meant that he could go back to his friends; if it was a kind of… truce…? If it meant that he didn't have to fear that Slade was going to capture him again and take him away…? It sure sounded like a good deal to him.

Stretching the sheet over the king sized bed he noted that although the fabric was unadorned and looked rather plain it was high quality. Pure cotton and a high thread count. He mentally banned himself from watching any more Oprah-episodes with Starfire ever again. He was a guy! He wasn't supposed to know about thread counts!

He stretched the dark blue sheet trying to avoid creases. He had no doubt that Slade would have him redo it if he wasn't happy with the result. Changing the cases on the four big pillows came next and Robin blushed remembering what one of them had been used for, the previous night. He struggled changing the cover of the big single down comforter, but then he was finally ready. Just in time.

Slade came out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel.

"It is a bit nippy in here, isn't it?" he commented and studied the bed. "Nice job, Robin."

The boy shrugged. Slade turned to a seemingly empty wall. Robin heard a soft click and part of the wall slid aside revealing a well stocked wardrobe. There seemed to be only civilian clothes there. Robin presumed that Slade kept his uniforms somewhere else. The boy quickly turned away, flushing, when Slade unceremoniously let his towel fall to the floor and proceeded to dress.

Slade glanced at the boy, finding his embarrassment fun, but incomprehensible. They knew more or less every inch of each other by now after all.

"I'm going out to get us something to eat. Same rules as before, Robin…"

"I'll be here, Slade" Robin answered, irritation unmistakable in his voice.

"That's my good boy." Slade said and left a fuming Robin behind. Slade was pushing Robin, and he did it on purpose. He wanted to test the boy's limits and, maybe, he wanted him to run. If he ran, Slade wouldn't have to let Robin go… once he caught him again.

To be continued…


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