Disclaimer - Tsubasa & Fei Wong Reed's chin (c) CLAMP

Notes Written For The Tsubasa Forums' Duck Duck Goose Dare Game. Applying my logic of life to the term of 'de-chinning'

Fei Wong Reed glided out of bed and into his persian bathroom. He reached for his velvet bathrobe and subsequently began admiring himself in the full-length mirror.

Bringing a hand to his face, he began to rub his chin in thought.

"Maybe," he thought, "Just maybe, I should grow in a fringe, or perhaps, get a perm?"

It suddenly occurred to him as he twirled his fingers along the ridge of his chin, that he was growing some sort of strange beard. Such a small and fiddly little thing, sitting there quite happily at the end of his face. Fei Wong Reed gasped in utter abolishment. Such a thing could not sit there much longer!

Hurriedly, he rushed to Xing Huo's bathroom and delved through her washing bags.

"She must!" Fei shouted desperately, "She must have a razor somewhere! I thought I placed a charm upon myself that no facial hair would ever blemish my chin-darling!"

Eventually, Fei found a small razor and trailed halfheartedly back to his own bathroom. He reached messily along the shelves for some sort of foam or lather in order to get a perfect clean shave along his chin.

His hand eventually stumbled on a little bottle that he took to be for shaving purposes. Gently, he massaged the foam onto his chin and began to shave the little beard.

Fei Wong Reed cackled to himself. "I'm brilliant. Genius, I say," he muttered happily, before leaving the bathroom, whistling.

He burst through the doors of the kitchen, requesting breakfast. Xing Huo stopped short and stared up at him. "Sir..." she stated pointing at his face.

"What?" Fei Wong Reed snapped gruffly.

Kyle glaced at Fei and did a double take, before beginning to laugh hysterically.

"What's so funny, Kyle?" Fei barked.

Xing Huo handed Fei Wong Reed a mirror in disdain, before walking away, seemingly bored of the whole situation. Kyle continued to laugh into his porridge.

Fei looked into the mirror with a bored, blank expression and then gasped upon his reflection.

It seemed, his chin-darling had somewhat disappeared into thin air, leaving a giant gap between his bottom lip and the top of his thick neck.

"What in the name of Piffle Princess Company is going on here?" he shouted at Kyle.

Kyle snorted, splattering porridge on the frame of Fei's monocle.

"It seems," he said, "That your chin has disappeared."

"Disappeared," Fei echoed in horror, "But where has it gone? Where has my chin-darling gone? The very essence of which I rely on! My image! My fanbase! What will happen now? I have been de-chinned!"

Xing Huo returned into the room, carrying a set of bathroom bottles.

"It seems, sir, that you smothered your face with an invisibilty charm." she said, holding up a small bottle.

"Give me that!" Fei snapped, grabbing for the bottle. He examined it for a moment before narrowing his eyes.

"Can we fix it?" he shouted at Xing Huo.

"It says that it simply wears off on its own," Xing Huo stated nonchalantly.

Fei Wong Reed looked awfully pleased with himself and went off to change into his robes.

"And that!" Fai said, holding up a finger, "Is the story of how Fei Wong Reed got de-chinned!"

Sakura and Syaoran stared at Fai in a mixture of astonishment and disbelief.

"Come on," Kurogane grumbled from the corner of the room, "We already have a low enough opinion of him without you making up stupid stories that make him seem even more stupid,"

"Who said anything about making it up?" Fai asked, patting Mokona on the head, fondly.

"Well, it can't be true, can it?" Kurogane said, raising an eyebrow.

"My dear Kuro-darling," Fai beamed, "Who do you think placed an invisibility charm in his bathroom in the first place?"