The Unreality

Chapter 2: The Criminal and the Moron

This particular woman who came to his office today, for whatever reason she played his best friend inside the dreams. Even more peculiar was the fact that she appeared in the story way before he had even met her in real life.

She comes in every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday starting about two weeks ago. For some reason, Cloud had been looking forward to their visits. No matter how sour the woman was to him for the two hours they have together.

She was a patient of his who didn't like opening up, let alone give any interest with being his friend. This was an inconvenience to him because the woman was a rather stunning brunette with wine-colored eyes, who has a past and mindset that he was deeply interested in. Unfortunately she wasn't even a willing patient of his, only someone who happened to get the better end of a court sentence.

Today she came in wearing faux leather shorts, fishnet stockings, knee-high boots and a white t-shirt, looking very stoic and stone cold. Within the first five minutes she assumed her position on the white couch with her arms and legs crossed, and her eyes to the French windows on her left. Cloud has learned from his past sessions with her, knowing very well that the woman hasn't changed from sarcastic and distant. Nevertheless he aimed to try harder and harder each day.

"Tifa, will you try to speak to me today?"

Cloud admitted to himself that he was simply mesmerized with the woman. Not because she remained such a mystery to him, and that he couldn't analyze her even on his third week, but also because of her appearance in his dreams. How was she there before they had first met? Why was she the protagonist's sidekick, and oddly, possible love interest?

"Are you not getting paid for two hours of silence anymore?"

She still kept her eyes to the windows as she spoke, and like always she shared her sarcasm freely and redirected his question with another question.

Cloud was familiar with her game, but refused to let up, "Is it so bad to speak to someone? I'm sure you've got a few things to say about me, about the world, about anything…"

"I do have a lot to say, but I don't need to speak to anyone about them. I have a cat at home."

It was a subtle personal information, but the first he had every gotten from her. Delighted, and sincerely interested, Cloud pushed on the subject.

"What's your cat's name?"

The woman turned her head at him suddenly, a small coy smile playing across her lips, "Oh no, you're not going to get me to open up by using my cat."

Cloud enjoyed her smile, "No, I have a cat also. Her name is Kate, she's a white Siamese."

The woman eyed him skeptically. She seemed to be struggling with a thought. She sighed and hesitantly responded, "He's an orange tabby. His name is Sith, you know, after the Star Wars villain? He's my best friend."

Smiling back at her, Cloud was genuinely delighted to have her speak some sort of sincerity to him. It was as if he had broken through with his patient, although it clearly wasn't even close to the improvement the court order wanted. He watched as the woman across give a scoff to his reactions.

"Yeah, write that one down in that 'crazy people' notebook of yours," she looked at the pad of paper in Cloud's hands.

Scoffing himself, Cloud placed the pad at the end table beside him. He crossed his arms and paused at an idea, "Sometimes I bring my cat here when I have young patients. It really helps them relax, so they're more apt to talk."

"Are you implying that you're going to use your cat to make me talk more?"

"You think it would?"


The woman shot down the idea, keeping her stoic attitude intact. She rolled her eyes in disbelief, almost as if she was disappointed that Cloud had shared the information.

Frowning at this, Cloud immediately regretted to share the fact. He decided to tell her what he really intended.

"Please bring you cat tomorrow. I hate leaving my cat alone at home all day, and I'm sure it's the same for you. Whether you talk or not, I'd be happy to have you meet my cat, as well as meet your best friend."

The woman let out another scoff, but Cloud knew she would be more than happy to bring her pet tomorrow. After all, she didn't say she wouldn't and she wasn't giving him any type of physical response that would mean she won't.

"It's settled then," Cloud broke the silence, "And don't worry, Kate is a sweet cat. She seems to love everyone, no matter who, or what they are."

Avoiding his eyes, the woman responded quietly, "Great, I won't have to work hard to pet her."

This small quip sparked interest in Cloud.

"Because you're a criminal?"

"No, because I'm a bad human being."

"Why do you think you're a bad human being?"

The woman turned to him, and this time her eyes weren't cold and her expression wasn't stoic. Cloud's eyes seemed to focus in the new expression she shared, and it was that of pure sadness. As if right then and there, her world had collapsed in front of her eyes. Quickly as it had come, the woman turned away from him and back to the windows with her stoic expression emerging in her eyes.

"Why else am I here, you moron."

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