Title: Touch
Genre: Drama/Romance
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis does not belong to me.
Main pairing: Atobe x Fuji (Tofu pair)
Side pairings: Yuushi x Gakuto (Dirty pair), Tezuka x Echizen (Pillar pair)

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Chapter 8:

The Hunted Past

The next day, after tennis practice Fuji saw Yukimura waiting for him outside of their locker room.

"Hello Shusuke, would you like to have some tea and sweets with me while we catch up?" Asked Yukimura with a kind smile.

After a slight hesitation Fuji nodded and said, "I need to call my driver first so he won't be worry about my whereabouts."

Few minutes later both Fuji and Yukimura were sitting across from each other at a small café near Hyotei.

"Shusuke, I am really glad that we are finally going to have a chance to sit down and talk." Started Yukimura.

Fuji smiled and said, "I was surprised but happy at the same time to see Yukimura aniki after all this time."

"So Shusuke how is your new living condition at the Atobe mansion?" Asked Yukimura curiosity.

"Everything is going well and I am getting along with all of Atobe-san's friends." Replied Fuji.

Yukimura smiled gently and said, "I am glad everything is going well for you. I hope I am not crossing any line but who exactly is Atobe-san to you."

"Atobe-san is my savior." Answered Fuji in a tone full of endearment.

"Your savior?" Questioned Yukimura with a slight resentment in his tone when he noticed a slight flush in Fuji's complexion.

"Yes, right when I had given up all hope Atobe-san suddenly appeared in front of me and told me to follow him." Commented Fuji.

"I am glad that Shusuke has found such a kind father figure after all this time. I know how much you had longed for a loving family ever since I first meet you." Stated Yukimura casually.

Fuji stirred his tea with a slight hesitation before admitting, "Even though, Atobe-san is my guardian I had never consider him for the role of a father. I never had a father and I am fine with that."

"You are in love with him, aren't you Shusuke?" Asked Yukimura even thought he already know the answer.

Fuji nodded quietly and replied, "I just want to be by his side."

"Shusuke, I don't want to see you get hurt but can you honestly tell me that you are fine staying by Atobe's side knowing that you can never become the most important person in his heart." Stated Yukimura coldly while maintaining the same gentle smile on his face.

"Yukimura aniki, I know I am not good enough for Atobe-san right now but I will work hard and become someone who is worthy of him one day." Replied Fuji.

"I wish I can be encouraging for your sake but it is simply not possible. The reason is because I know that Atobe Keigo already had someone who is closest to his heart and no one can take his place." Answered Yukimura as he took out an old photo from his bag and show it to Fuji.

In the picture there were two teenagers sitting across from each other in a courtyard. Fuji immediately noticed that one of them was Atobe-san, only much younger and happier than he had ever seen. Across from Atobe-san was someone that he had never seen before. The other person was wearing a brown hat that had cover most of his face but from the way the two were looking at each other in the picture Fuji could tell that they must have been very much in love.

"Shusuke, do you understand now? It doesn't matter how hard you try, Atobe Keigo will never look at you the same way he was looking at his precious ex-lover, Genichirou Sanada." Commented Yukimura.

"What happened to him and why do you know this much about Atobe-san and his old flame?" Asked Fuji.

Yukimura laughed coldly and said, "Because the person in the picture was my first love, Genichirou Sanada. If he wasn't with Atobe at that time, he would have still been alive and very well could have been one of the best tennis players in Japan."

"Shusuke, I am sorry for telling you all this. My intention from the start was to protect you from harm's way but it seems that I have said too much. Please excuse my behavior today." Continued Yukimura as he got up and left Fuji alone at the café.

Fuji continues to stare at the photo and thought, "Atobe-san must miss Sanada-san greatly. Yukimura aniki was right, how can I compete with a dead guy? If Sanada-san was alive, I might have a chance but with a dead guy there is no hope. After all everyone become perfect once they left the world of living."

That night was the first time that Fuji decided to go to bed without waiting for Atobe to come home from work. After everything Fuji had learned that afternoon about Atobe's past, Fuji realized that there are still so much that he wants to know about Atobe. It seems that he needs to have some time alone to think things through before he can be alone with Atobe.

Meanwhile Atobe was surprised when he realized that Fuji had already retreat to his own bedroom without seeing him first. For some reason, it bothered Atobe a little bit knowing that Fuji had already gotten used to the new environment without relying on him more.

Atobe shake his head slightly and thought, "I should be relief that Shusuke is adjusting to the new environment so quickly. I must be out of my mind if I am analyzing over such trivial thing."


"Genichirou, don't worry, I promise I won't lose. As long as you are here I will always try my hardest and win." Promised Atobe with a sincere smile.

"I will always be by your side." Replied Sanada in his normal monotone voice.

The two small teenage boys lie on the grass for hours before both got up and start to part their way. Right before Atobe turned the corner, Atobe felt someone pushing him off the sidewalk. A loud crash turned his attention back to the intersection where he had just parted with his closest childhood friend and lover.

In front of Atobe was a sight that he never thought he would see in a million year, there in front of him was Sanada lying in a pool of blood, utterly lifeless.

End flashback

Atobe could feel the cold sweats over his body as he cling his fist. It had been two years since he last had that nightmare.

Why now of all times?

With his body trembling in cold sweat, Atobe could almost taste the fear that he had felt back then. Memories of locking himself in his bedroom came back and images of himself sitting in the corner day after day come rushing in his head. For the first few years, Atobe couldn't seem to sway his heart from lurking in that dark and gloomy corner.

"Atobe-san, are you okay?" Asked Fuji quietly as he peeks inside Atobe's bedroom.

Fuji decided to walk in to Atobe's bedroom when he realized that Atobe hasn't moved once since he opens the door.

"Shusuke, stay with me for tonight." Begged Atobe silently as he hold on to Fuji as if his next gasp of air depends on it.

"Atobe-san?" Asked Fuji in a confuse tone.

"I just want to hold you for a while. Please don't leave me alone now?" Pleaded Atobe in a broken voice.

Fuji nodded and quietly climbs into Atobe's bed.

That night Fuji end up lying perfectly still in Atobe's arm and thought, "I will never leave your side as long as you need me."

The heart that had once been closed seems to be opening again.