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The Hall of Destinies

The Hall of Destinies is owned by Destiny herself, hardly anyone can find it yet…somehow you did. Aren't you lucky? Within this Hall, among the 26 rows, lay books. These aren't ordinary books. No. If you go and look at one on the spine is a name writing horizontally with two dates below, a date of birth and a date of death. These books aren't ordinary books. These are Destiny Books. Every person in history is here from Alpha to the Omega.

Destiny comes from time to time, her servants carrying each a book a thick as all the others. Her latest project…well follow me. Row S…Swan…Swan…AH! Here it is. Careful now. Isabella Marie Swan. A lovely name isn't it? Well open it now.

Forks, Washington
A mansion within the forest

Ah, there she is. She is getting chased her husband. They do make a lovely couple.

A brunette laughs and dances around a couch, a gentleman growling slightly behind her. A baby swinging in a swing coos and giggles as she sees the brunette stick her tongue out at her.

"Liz acts more like you everyday," said the gentleman, running around the couch to catch her.

Aw, she is so peaceful…now away. An angelic baby, a husband who loves her, but her life wasn't always like this. All giggles and smiles. Oh no…This might be the present but the past is painful…for every high is after a low…

Happiness requires problems . . . . — H.L. Hollingworth

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