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Hall of Destinies (Again)

So from pain to true happiness, Bella found love. Beautiful story no? Funny too…at times. WAIT! Before you go…one last look at Bella's life?

Forks, Washington
A mansion within the forest

I laughed and danced around the couch as Edward growled slightly behind me. Elizabeth was swinging in a swing, cooing slightly and talking her baby gibberish. She giggles when she see me stick my tongue out.

"Liz acts more like you every day," Edward said, running around the coach, catching me and sent me falling back onto the small coach that was behind me.

I was laughing, my sides starting to hurt, my lungs gasping for air as Edward just smiled down at me. When I was finally able to breath, I smiled back up at him.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," I whispered back, reaching up for a kiss that Edward gladly gave me.

"Hmm," he said, pulling back. "It's almost time for the party."

"Ah yes, Elizabeth's first birthday," I said, nodding.

Edward smiled.

"Did you buy the you-know-what?" I whispered, so that even though Elizabeth couldn't understand me she still didn't hear me.

"Yes I bought it," Edward said, rolling his eyes. "I don't know why you guys buy her so many—"

I shushed him.

"Alice would kill you if she knew you told Elizabeth before she opens it," I said, smirking as his expression.

"Yeah, yeah, let's go," he said, picking me.

Ah, yes, Elizabeth's first birthday. Just seems like yesterday when she was born. Ah now onto the party where Elizabeth is adding to her collection of teddy bears.

"Okay did EVERYONE get Elizabeth teddy bears?" Emmett said looking around at the teddy bears that were collected on the couch, besides Elizabeth.

Alice smiled and nodded.

"Even Renee sent her one from Florida," Esme said, holding up the camera. "Smile Elizabeth."

Elizabeth looked up and talked baby gibberish, smacking her legs, as Esme took a picture.

"She is big," Emmett said, holding up the nearly two year old Angelina.

"Big, Big," Angelina said, stretching her arms out. "Liz big."

"Liz is every big," Rosalie said, smiling up at her daughter.

Angelina looks just like her mommy. She doesn't threw or pull on her Daddy's hair as much as she did. But he should be forwarded that she will pull his hair at his next stupid comment. Rosalie and Emmett are expecting again when Angelina is five…about the same time someone else is expecting. It will be a girl again and they will name her after the Latin Goddess for Love, Venus (Rosalie's idea, Emmett will be upset a bit that the baby wasn't a boy).

"She is so precious Bella," Alice said, smiling at Elizabeth as she plays with one the bears and Esme takes a picture of it.

Alice is engaged to Jasper. Their wedding will be smaller than Bella's was. Only people that know the family and those who work with Jasper at the restaurant he owns. Yes, Jasper got that restaurant he wanted to open: "Special Cuisine". It's pretty successful in Port Angeles that he's going to open one in Settle. That too Destiny has big plans for that.

"Sorry I'm late," Carlisle said, pulling his tie loose.

"The hospital's Board of Directory still hasn't decided?" Edward asked.

"They will make the decision later today," he said, giving Esme a kiss on the forehead.

The Board of Directory will decide to make Carlisle the chief of staff…midday tomorrow. It's a big promotion for Carlisle.

Bella looked up at Edward and smiled. Life couldn't have gotten any better.

And there you have it. One year later and everything is just…beautiful.

Anyways, I better get back to my duty. Destiny will be around soon to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. We don't want a "Destiny re-written" to happen. What is that? Oh, if a destiny book is stolen from the Hall of Destinies, that person's destiny that was stolen…it could be rewritten. And we don't want that. Oh no! No, we don't. And it's my job to make sure that every book is account for. So, shoo, shoo, let me get on with my job.

And remember, if you're lucky again, please stop by the Hall of Destinies again. Oh...wait, (laughs) I will know when you're coming. ITS IN YOUR DESTINY.

Bye-Bye now.

Sniffle, that is the end of "This is My Destiny". I hope you guys enjoyed it. I had fun writing it and it is my first FF to be finished. So yeah.

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