Peach's Phione

By Yoshizilla

Yoshizilla: Yeah, I know what you are all thinking: Oi, not another Super Smash Brothers fanfic that's going to be ignored for months. Well, this time, I'm dedicating myself to work hard on it, and gosh darn it, I will do damage to myself if I do not update this story! So, while I do update my other Smash stories, let this story be a special one in the Super Smash Brothers timeline, why? Because Peach has a child of her own...or at least, "child" being interpretted as a "baby Pokemon". And for those who have seen or heard of the 9th Pokemon Movie, "Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea", you'll understand what I mean. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All of the characters (except Peppy Ankylosaurus and Dr. Hoshi, property of Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus) belong to Nintendo. As does Super Smash Brothers itself.

It was another randomly normal and beautiful day in the gigantic metropolis that was Nintendo City, yadda yadda yadda...tell us something we DON'T know, for crying out loud.

"I have a Pokemon egg!" Princess Peach Toadstool happily chimed, holding, in fact, a Pokemon egg as she came into the living room.

Mario and Bowser both yawned and looked out the window.

"Come on, guys!" Peach chimed happily, pulling Mario's right arm, "Mario, don't you think it's exciting?"

Mario groaned. "Yes, it's exciting, now stop pulling my arm!" He shouted, pulling away from Peach.

Peach frowned. "That's not nice..." She turned to Bowser. "What about you, Bowser? Shouldn't the King of the Koopas be happy to hear that I, Princess Peach Toadstool, have a Pokemon egg?"

Bowser rolled his eyes. "Yeah, sure, whatever," He said with much less enthisasm.

Peach became angry. "Fine! If that's the way you two are gonna be, then I'll leave!" She slapped both Mario and Bowser, and stomped off upstairs to her room.

Mario sighed with relief. "Thank God! I couldn't stand to hear her bickering every five seconds..."

Bowser nodded in agreement, folding his arms. "Yeah, me too. Say!" He said, snapping his fingers, "Let's go play some golf!"

Mario cheered, jumping up in joy. "All right-y!" He said with higher enthusiasm, and both Mario and Bowser went outside the Super Smash Brothers Mansion to play some golf.

Peach was in her room, muttering to herself on how both Mario and Bowser were arrogant. "Stupid Mario...stupid Bowser...all they wanna do is have fun...all they wanna do is fight over for me...when will they care that I have a Pokemon egg?" She sighed as she noticed Princess Zelda coming in. "Oh, hiya Zelda."

"Hey, Peach," Zelda greeted, taking a seat down on Peach's bed next to Peach, "What seems to discourage you, lately?"

Peach sighed, looking at her Pokemon egg. "Well, I got a Pokemon egg from a mysterious trainer while taking a walk in the NES Greens, and neither Mario or Bowser would appreciate it..."

Suddenly, to both Peach and Zelda's surprise, the Pokemon egg started to move, and hatching sounds can be heard from inside.

Zelda gasped. "Peach...the Pokemon''s...!"

"It's...hatching!" Peach exclaimed, looking at her hatching Pokemon egg in surprise.

The Pokemon egg then exploded into several pieces on the ground, and the newborn Pokemon was a small, blue angel-like Pokemon. It was none other than Phione, the un-evolveable offspring of the Legendary Manaphy!

"Awwwww!" Peach said with a smile, hugging the newborn Phione, which was sleeping peacefully. "It's so cute!"

Zelda covered her mouth, and then she started clapping, smiling. "Congratulations, Peach! You have a new Pokemon!"

"Thanks!" Peach said, putting the sleeping Phione back on her lap. "It's so cute and adorable...what do you think it is, Zellie?"

The newborn Phione then woke up, saw Peach, and started crying.

Peach gasped. "Awww, don't you cry, little baby!" She cooed, standing up and rocking Phione back and forth, calming it down.

Zelda smiled, standing up and watching the calmed Phione sleep again. "It's so wonderful, Peach. What are you going to do with it?"

Peach shrugged. "I don't know. But Mewtwo knows Pokemon, so I'll go see him," She said, heading out of her room with the sleeping Phione in her arms.

Mewtwo was in the library, meditating with no distractions. However, he stopped and stood up, sensing Peach's presence. "What do you want, Peach?" He growled, folding his arms and waiting for Peach to come closer.

Peach gulped. "Well..." She started, walking cautiously into the Library and standing in front of Mewtwo, "You see, I just hatched my newborn Pokemon, but I don't know what it is, and I can't tell what gener it is, either. Can you help?"

Mewtwo looked at Peach, and he sighed. "Very well." He took the sleeping Phione from her arms, which woke up and started to cry again.

Peach gasped. "Ohhhhh, don't cry, little baby!" She took Phione from Mewtwo and started rocking it back and forth again.

Mewtwo sighed, shaking his head. "Typical...wait, you're it's mother?" He asked Peach in disbelief.

Peach nodded, smiling. "Yes, I am! It hatched froma Pokemon egg a random guy gave to me!" She giggled, cuddling her now-sleeping Phione again.

Mewtwo sighed. "Oh, forget it. Now..." He used his telekis to grab a book from the shelf and opened it, going through the pages until he stopped on a particular page, seeing a picture of Phione and the information. " says that the baby Pokemon you're cuddling is a Phione, the un-evolvable offspring of the loegendary Manaphy. And apparentely..." He looked at the Phione in Peach's arms and the Phione picture in the book, "The one you are holding his a female..."

Peach gasped, looking at her Phione. "You mean to say that my Pokemon baby is...a girl?" She squealed with delight. "Oh, taht is sooo kawaii CUTE!!" She gave Mewtwo a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you very much, Mewtwo!" She merrily skipped out of the library, with the peacefully sleeping Phione in her arms.

Mewtwo just stood there for a few secinds, and he shuddered, wiping the kiss from Peach off him with a hankerchief. "Urgh...stupid princess...does she even know how to tend for a baby Pokemon like Phione..." He shook his head and sighed. "I guess I'll never know..." He said to himself, as he went back to meditating.

What will happen as Peach develops a sweet Mother/Child bond with Phione in the upcoming days? How will the other Super Smash Brothers characters react and/or help in anyway possible? Will one or a few of the Smashers attempt to break the bond between Peach and Phione? Fine out next time...