Yoshizilla's Important Announcement: This story's main genre is family, because it shows how much of a close bond Peach and Phione have as mother and child. The first sub genre, Humor, has finally made way for the second sub genre, suspense, so here's where the story starts to get more and more serious...and also note that since this story is in the Super Smash Brothers timeline, this is the first appearance of Meta-Knight, a famed Kirby character who already is in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. That is all I have to say. Enjoy the chapter!

A Dark Prophecy...

A Connective Bond Between Mother and Child...

Can Be The Only Thing...

To Save Us All...

Princess Peach Toadstool woke up, looking at her surroundings. She noticed her baby Phione, sleeping on a small, baby-sized cradle. "Phione!" She got off the bed and looked into the cradle. She sighed with relive. "Thank goodness, you're all right..."

"Of course she is," Said a strange, mysterious, masculane voice from the shadows, startling Peach, "But you must realize why you are here first."

The room Peach and Phione were in was, surprisingly, very clean, and very high-class. The bed Peach was on was a king-sized bed, but who in the right mind would be able to afford just an expensive piece of furniture?

"Who are you!?" Peach shouted angrily, standing up and guarding the cradle, "And why did you take me and Phione here?"

A small, metal-suited figure with bat-like wings and a hockey-like mask stood out of the shadows, his yellow eyes pearing out of the mask. In his right hand, he weilded a small, yellow-and-orange sword. "My name...is Meta-Knight." He bowed down, showing his gratitudes, "And I will be able to explain on why I brought you two here..."

Peach frowned, murmuring. "Well..."

Phione then woke up, and she started to cry. Peach noticed this and picked Phione up, calming her down. Phione smiled and hugged Peach. Peach smiled, giggling.

Meta-Knight sighed, sitting in a wooden chair. "Please, sit down on the bed, princess. I will explain."

Peach nodded, slightly shocked at Meta-Knight calling her a princess. "H-how did you know that I was a princess?" She asked in shock, sitting down on the king-sized bed.

Meta-Knight chuckled. "You sure do look like one, for starters. And second..." He pointed at Peach's crown. "...Need I say more?"

Peach nodded, smiling a bit. "Yeah, I guess you're right," She embarrassly admitted, rubbing the back of her head.

Meta-Knight cleared his throat. "Anyway...the reason you are here is..." He looked down at the floor, placing his sword away. "There has been a dark prophecy..."

Peach gasped, as did Phione. Thunder can be heard outside as the rain pours down louder.

Meta-Knight continues, "I was one of the few star warriors to have heard of its existance...and it is told that if the Dark Prophecy were to come true, then all of life on Earth will perish..." He looked up intruigingly at Peach and Phione. "It is written that only the great, connective bond between a mother and her child can help prevent this from happening..."

Peach and Phione looked at each other, and then at Meta-Knight. Peach asked, "So, what you're saying is that me and Phione have a bond that can prevent the Dark Prophecy from destroying all life on Earth?"

Meta-Knight nodded, murmuring, "Yes. Princess, I can assure you that your bond with your baby is the only way to save the Earth from being void of life by the Dark Prophecy..." He got out of his chair, and stood up. "Are you up to the dangerous task that may affect your life dramatically?"

Peach frowned. "Well..." She murmured, looking down at her Phione.

Phione started cooing to Peach. "Mama...Peach...life...save...life..." She cooed.

Peach gasped, covering her mouth. "Phione...do you really mean that...?" She asked.

Phione nodded, smiling.

Peach paused for a brief few seconds, and she then stood up, finally deciding her decision. "All right, I will do it!" Holding Phione with her right arm, Peach took her left arm out and extended it to Meta-Knight. "Meta-Knight, I will save the world from being destroyed!" She said with a confident smile.

Meta-Knight grinned. "Good. All right, princess, let's go and save the world!" He said, shaking hands with Peach, and dragging her along as he dashed out of the fancy room, and headed down the hallway to the staircase.