La Chaleur De La Peau

The Heat Of The Skin

Chapter 1: Kisses, Trees, and More Trees

Here is the long awaited sequel to Les Voeux Dans Le Claire de Lune, (yeah right!). Please read it first if you haven't already and review! I'm starting off on Jude's POV and will switch into Tommy's.

Sorry, I'm American, I don't know what a kilometre is, so I used miles.

I have about three project for Tommy and Jude in my head. And you know how I said my vampire was ready to kill me? He's bringing backup now.

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I couldn't believe I was going to the middle of nowhere for this man. I have been sitting in this car for two hours, and for the last hour all I have seen is trees. He's watching me, I can feel it. If he doesn't stop he's going to get us into an accident.

He'd have a coronary if anything happened to this car. I don't think he was kidding when he compared himself to Edward, he's doing a good job of driving and staring at me.

My cell phone is in my lap I look down and... great no signal. Not that there's anyone I want to talk to while I'm alone with Tommy.

Tommy pulls over at a rest stop. There is actually a break in the trees although I can see more trees behind the railing. I try to get out of the car to stretch my legs but Tommy holds onto my arm. I look back at him and he drags me across the center console.

His face is only centimeters from mine. A stare at him in shock for a moment before I very gently brush my lips against his. Now I just had to wait for it.

He pulled me into a very sweet kiss, I didn't know he knew how to do that. I expected him to go for the rough, all out lustful kiss. But I liked this one too.

He opens the door and takes me out of the car and carries me over to the guard rail. "Tommy? I know you call me baby but I do remember how to walk." He doesn't say anything; he sets my down on the railing and rests his chin on my shoulder. His arms are securely around my waist, I understand we're together but I'm not use to him being so affectionate.

It really won't take me long to become accustomed to it though.

I've seen the look on his face, you know when he looks about a thousand miles away, I'd say a million but he can't that far gone not if I'm the star of what's going on in his mind. But anyway, he won't be this polite for long, he's got a lot of ideas that he want to try out with me. He's possible done them all before, just not with me.

Tommy puts his hand under my knees to pick me up again, "Tommy, please, let me walk." he shrugs and sets me on my feet and walks over to the passenger side of the car. What's with him and not talking?

He opens the door for me, he can be such a gentleman, he smile and waits for me to get in. But first I want a kiss like I was expecting earlier. I take my sweet time getting over to him, sorry couldn't help it.

He looks at me strangely as I stand in front of him, he gestures for me to sit but I continue to look up at him.

"Ju-" I cut him off, I wanted him to say something. I'm surprised I didn't send him flying back into the side of the car. Because I jumped at him, locking my legs around his torso, my arms around him neck.

One arm snakes around my waist the other hand is fisted in my hair. He took full advantage of the lip situation and I'm glad that he did. He could have done anything thing with me, I mean, I saw no cars anywhere. None passing by, there were none while we were driving to where ever he planned on taking me.

But he just broke away from my, literal, attack on him after a few minutes and put me back on the ground and helped me into the car. Walked around to his side got in and started back on the road.

I stared at him for a minute, I don't know what to think about the incident back there. Did he reject me? Is this revenge for what I did that day at his house? What does he want? I was scared and confused, I didn't know his true feelings then.

"Something wrong baby?" Something wrong? Something wrong?! I throw myself at him and he... throws me away. He's Tom Quincy he's been naked in public before, what's the problem now? I shake my head and watch the trees pass by out of the passenger side window.

I'm so not having a Christmas tree when the time comes. I may have to get rid of any kind of plant in the house. Possibly anything green.

Another hour and a half of nothing but trees and Tommy asking me 'what's wrong' and I'm ready to explode. He earned his glare the last time he asked me. "Girl, you're kinda ruining the trip with your sulking."

"I have seen nothing but trees for over three hours, I'm getting to the point I don't want to see green ever again." He caressed my cheek and smiled still looking straight ahead.

"Don't worry, we're almost there. Another forty five minutes and you won't be stuck in the car anymore. Can you last that long?"

I smile tightly, "I'll try, but I won't be happy about it."

"That's my girl. Why don't you try to sleep?" Is he kidding?

"I tried that earlier but someone kept talking me," my eyes were closed but he wouldn't stop with the questions, well only one question, but still.

"Whoever that was I'm sure they won't talk to you this time," this is not a time to joke with me.

"You need help, you know that?" I shake my head try to sleep. I hear him mumble something about there are a couple ways I can help him. At least hope he doesn't mean in the car. I offered on the side of the road and he declined, so he's not getting anything in the car.

I'm guessing I got my wish because I'm being picked up again. I open my eyes to see a white, two story cottage. The door and trim are the color of Tommy's eyes. I love this place already, just for that fact.

"It's beautiful. How did you know about it?" How would he find a place like this? He made his way to the door, still holding me.

"I had it built a couple years ago, after the whole Boyz Attack thing, I had to hide out for awhile. Plus this was always just good to get away from everything." I got to thinking, was has gone on in this house? I'm scared to find out.

He went to put my down but I held on and looked at him sweetly. "I need to get the key." I gave him a look like 'your point?' "It's in my pocket and I can't hold you and get it at the same time."

"Which pocket? I'll get it for you," his face was priceless. I guess he never thought little innocent Jude would be brave enough to reach into his pocket. "Is there something in there you don't want me to find?"

"Can't I just put you down?" I faked hurt and pout at him them made myself look angry.

"You wouldn't let me walk when I wanted so now I don't wanna. I wanna be carried so you're just stuck with me. So what are you hiding from me?"

He get all nervous and takes a deep breath to calm himself. "I'm not hiding anything from you," but he still said it too fast. Shifting me so I'm over his shoulder her get the key and opens the door. He carries me into the front room and wow, I may have to move here.

"So. How did you plan on carrying me asleep and opening the door? Or did you not think that far?" I was making a very good point.

"Didn't think that far ahead, but I made it work." Great he's all proud of himself now.

There's such an elegant yet rustic feeling to the place. I don't think I could accurately express the peacefulness of it and I've only seen one room. Okay the bloods really rushing to my head now, he needs to let go of me now.

"Tommy I feel dizzy, put me down," he doesn't he just adjusts me to how he had me before and keeps going to the stairs. "I'm still dizzy, you have to stop moving." Why won't he listen? He opens a door and walks over to the bed and lays me down.

"Stay here, I'll go get the bags out of the car," he turns and I get a very nice view as he leaves the room. I'd be able to enjoy it more if the room wasn't spinning. He appears again with my suitcase and sets it by the door.

Maybe I'm really sick...

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