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Summary: The story is after Deathly Hallows events, I manipulated a bit the last "chapter" 'Nineteen Years Later' and I went on with Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Ginny, Draco, Neville, and other people's lives.

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Characters: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna, Voldemort, Dumbledore, Neville, Lilly, James, Remus, Sirius, Fluer, Bill, Tonks, McGonagall, Snape, Teddy, Mad-eye, Draco, Lucious, Narcissa, Rodolphus Lestrange, Rokhood, George Weasley, Molly, Arthur, Percy, Charlie. (maybe some more as the story goes on).

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So here we are…

Chapter 1 The day after the End

…'He'll be all right,' murmured Ginny.

As Harry looked at her, he lowered his hand absent-mindedly and touched the lighting scar on his forehead.

'I know he will.'

Harry opened his eyes widely; he was a bit, sweaty as he looked around the boy's dorm. It was in the middle of the day. It was over, some hours before. He released his hand was touching his scar. He lowered his hand and then stretched it to catch his glasses. He put them on. And then as he looked at the empty beds of the room, everything came back to him. Fred was dead. Remus and Nymphadora were dead. Teddy was alone as he was for many years, at least his godchild would have his grandmother and him of course. The dream came onto his mind's eye. He didn't really know why but he didn't feel right with it. So many things had happened. He just felt… odd about the dream, was it a vision or just a dream?

People were dead around him. In the dream everything looked great, but still... Harry stood up and looked out the window; many people were already helping each other to set many chairs around the grounds.

The funerals, Harry thought and he felt his heart ache at the picture he would see in a few hours. People crying and mourning as the rest of the world was celebrating, they had to burry a nineteen years old boy and two people, parents of a now orphaned baby. And fifty more people, not to mention the rest of the non-wizarding creatures which had died, hours before.

Harry felt his eyes full of tears. He had seen his parents some hours ago, and Sirius, and Remus, and Albus. And he had killed Voldemort. This damn scar would never hurt him again. Hermione would never say to him to close his mind. Harry smiled at the thought of his best female friend. She never imagined that he couldn't close his mind as his body had to be shared by another's soul's part.

Harry felt, angry, dirty, and then happy. His body, his heart were finally his own. No more angry or desperate thoughts. No more actions under other's thoughts. No more emotions which weren't his. No more traveling through Voldemort's vicious mind and gaze. No more Voldemort.

No more Voldemort

Hours ago, after Snape's pensive, Harry couldn't imagine he would survive this. But it was true. No more Voldemort.

He was ready to live his life, to do things: to rest, to travel, to be with his friends. To live and love, he was ready to be with Hermione and Ron. He was ready to love the girl he wanted. Ginny, Harry thought for a moment all the times he had been through the last months of his life. First came the battle, and now he can live the dreams.

Ginny wasn't always with him, nor Ron was, even if he had apologized for it. Hermione. A voice in his mind with Hermione's tone said. And Harry smiled. Hermione, the most loyal person to him, the person whom would yell at him and she would smiled and try help. She was the girl who stayed with him and not with her heart's boy when they fought in the tent, months ago. She was the person who saved his life in Godric's Hollow, and the person who handed him roses to give his parents on Christmas night, and she was the person who has cried for him more than anyone else. Harry never thanked Hermione, he realized now. He never showed her how grateful he was for her help.

He hadn't time to do many things, but thank Merlin. His best friends were alive and he had the time to thank, live close and love them as he never did with someone else.

Harry dressed in clothes he found in the edge of his bed and said loudly. 'Kreacher' .

A loud 'crack' heard and the injured elf showed up and made a bow. Harry without even releasing it smiled at the sight of the small being. A part of the elf's ear was missing.

' Kreacher, I want you to know, that I'm really proud of you. And I'm sure, Regulus would be proud as well.' Harry started and the elf looked at him like he never did before, his eyes were really like the ones of Dobby's, when the elf was alive.

' Thank you master, many of Kreacher's race died but The Dark Lord died as well,' Kreacher said.

' I'm proud of everyone who left, Kreacher. If you want, you can go back home. Did you tell to McGonagall to put the wand back where it belongs as I asked you yesterday?' Harry asked smiling at the elf. It looked at Harry happily.

' I did and I waited to be sure that she did. What about you, master? Wouldn't you join Kreacher back at Grimmauld Place?' the elf asked.

' Not yet, I will maybe, but not yet,' Harry said and the elf looked sad.

' Do you know where Hermione and Ron are?' Harry asked some moments later.

' They are downstairs, sir, fighting about random things.' the elf said and Harry frowned. Even now, after the Battle, after so many problems these two were still fighting? ' Thanks, Kreacher, you can go anywhere you want, back to the kitchens, back to Grimmauld, you can go and take some rest. And well done for your leadership with the rest of the elves.' Harry said as he started his way to the door.

He shut the door as he heard a loud crack again and the elf was gone. Harry started moving down the stairs, until voices were heard.

' I don't know, Ron! I need to go for awhile. I have to find them; I send them in another continent for heaven's sake." Hermione was screaming.

' And why I can't come with you? I want to!' Ron screamed back at her.

' Ron, you just lost Fred, your family needs you.' Hermione said softly. There was pause. Harry wasn't sure he wanted to move down the rest of the steps. The first time he saw them kissing, and he felt odd, annoyed, and lonely even jealous… That was because Ginny was away. A voice much more like his, told him and he tried persuade him self. He decided to stay where he was for a bit longer. Hermione spoke again.

' Ron, I need time to think. I need time to spend with my parents, they have a daughter who was "lost" for the last seven years. I have charmed them to think that they never had one; I need to find them, break the spells and bring them back in England, then through spells I need to learn to cast, to make their lives normal as they were. They need me. Even my cat is with them. I need to think about the things we discussed back in the chamber…" Hermione said and Harry felt curious and so sad. Hermione was leaving, for Australia. Things had been discussed as he was searching for the diadem of Ravenclaw's.

He decided to move down the rest of the stairs. Hermione and Ron stopped fighting, both in the edges of the common room and looked at him. Hermione smiled at him brightly and got closer, hugged him tightly.

' Good morning, Harry. We thought you would be asleep for the rest of the day, did we wake you up with our screams?' she asked concerned.

' Are you leaving?' Harry asked without giving attention to her questions or to Ron who had gotten closer. Hermione blushed and looked at her feet as she took a step back and left his arms. Her face and arms were full of bruises and scratches. A big scratch was from her chin to her blouse's neck hem. She smiled after some moments sadly.

' I have to, Harry, I need some time. I need my parents and I need to restore their lives." Hermione said. She looked ashamed. Harry never thought Hermione would leave for so far away after their victory, but on the other hand, if his parents were alive, he would run to them no matter how far they were.

' I understand, but if you want, we can come with you,' Harry offered smiling. She looked back at him and then spoke almost panicked.

' No, no, I need to be of my own, I need time, Harry, try to understand me. I need to be with them alone, I need to-' her voice trailed of. He understood. He knew she had given up everything, even the people who brought her to the world and he was already feeling bad about it.

' OK, go, but promise, you'll return, Hermione, promise it.' Harry said some moments later. She smiled and nodded her head.

' I will bring them back on track and I will be back in England, I think it will take a couple of months, helping them with me and everything else.' Hermione said smiling. Her eyes were full of happiness Harry had accepted easily her decision. Ron groaned behind them in frustration.

' I can't believe you're leaving her go like that for the other side of the world, Harry!' Ron said angrily. Both Harry and Hermione looked at him for a moment and then approached and hugged him. Ron returned the hug.

' I know Fred is a great loss for you, but I won't leave forever Ron, I'll return, I swear to our friendship, I will.' Hermione said and left both he and Harry. Ron looked tired, sad, scared, worried, annoyed and certainly angry with everything had happened in the last hours. His brother was dead, Hermione was leaving. Harry felt like something inside him was in pain, like when he could hear Hermione screaming under Bellatrix's Cruciatus curse on her, some weeks ago. Hermione was leaving for Australia! A voice this time in his tone screamed inside his head.

' Hermione, when are you leaving?' He asked some moments later. She smiled a bit scared.

' Well, some hours after the funerals, I need to go and find them as fast as possible… a year away from them, I don't know if the spells will still be working on them.' Hermione said softly and Harry felt worse than before, he felt stupid letting her leave, especially since he didn't know the date and for how long Hermione would be away. ' I promise I will write to both of you,' Hermione said smiling and Harry remembered his beloved Hedwig with a pain in his heart.

The door opened widely and some people came inside, Ginny, Luna, Neville and Seamus entered the common room. Ginny ran in Harry's arms like Hermione had done some minutes before. Harry opened his arms and welcomed her. She turned her head and kissed him full on the mouth. Harry returned the kiss but didn't feel the same as he had felt when she had kissed him to his birthday. You are tired, confused, and you learn so many things the last hours. Harry thought as he let of Ginny's mouth and body.

Ron was looking a bit uneasy and Hermione had turned and was talking with Luna. Seamus and Neville were talking together as well. Ginny beamed at Harry.

' How do you feel?' she asked smiling, her red hair all around her shoulders, Harry noticed she hadn't change a lot in the last months, same height, same features, maybe deferent haircut but other that Ginny was looking exactly as she did in Bill and Fleur's wedding.

' I'm fine, don't worry, how are you?' he asked worried about all the Weasleys.

Ginny's face darkened. ' I'm ok,' she answered. 'Malfoy made his apologies to me, Lucius did the same with my parents.' She said simply.

Harry looked at her, surprised. Lucius and Draco were still in the castle and they had talked to the "blood traitors". ' Draco wants to talk to Hermione as well.' Ginny continued and Harry looked at her like she had five eyes.

' Then he has to act fast because Hermione is leaving after the funerals,' Harry said concerned about Malfoy. He and Ron had to be with Hermione during Draco's talk with Hermione.

' I know, she told me,' Ginny answered sadly. ' I'll miss her,' she whispered.

' I know, me too,' Harry said and thought about it again; Hermione, away, in Australia. Merlin… he though he would be with his best friends, but he had forgotten that one of them had given up everything and everyone to help him with the Horcuxes and then the Hallows. Hermione had the right to restore her family. To look after her blood and flesh and put, him, Ron, Neville, Ginny, Luna and everyone else aside, just for once.

Harry knew that was selfish of him, but he also knew that she had the right to leave and help her family. He knew, Hermione would be back as soon as she could, because Hermione was his—his Hermione, his – friend, his partner in fights, and the cool head as Dumbledore called her back in King's Cross. The person who Dumbledore himself chose to help Harry. Ron of course was the other one but Hermione was always there…

Ginny was talking in front of him but Hermione's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

' We should go downstairs,' Hermione was saying, and Harry thought that the hard time had come.

Everyone started moving downstairs, Ginny was holding Harry's hand, Hermione was next to Ron but they didn't hold hands or each other like they did the night before. Harry wanted to know what was going on but he couldn't ask something like that in a time like this.

Harry looked around, the castle was still damaged but everything was clean and every figure was back in its portrait. Everyone was talking to each other, everyone beamed at Harry, Ron and Hermione as they walked down the stairs and corridors. Pieces of walls, floors and portraits were missing but the rubble was already away. The statues that fought the last night were back in their seats, looking proudly to nothingness as they always did. Harry smiled. For the first time the last days he smiled. Everything was getting back to normal already.

But then, his smile died like the tiny happiness in his chest. The rest of the Weasleys were standing in front of the Great Hall's gate. Andromeda Tonks was there as well, she was holding her small grandchild in a blue blanket. The Weasleys and Mrs. Tonks were looking like ghosts. White as sheet, tired, sad, angry, but most of all devastated. Mrs. Tonks was looking at her grandson and sobbing lightly moving the child in the rhythm of her trebling figure.

Harry felt awful. Remus and Nymph were gone for him. Dora (as her father was calling her) should have stayed home, should have waited there. But Harry knew she wouldn't do that. Just stay there and wait, she fought, she killed and had been killed. She died as a true heroine on a battlefield. And Harry felt sure that he would teach his godson what good people his parents were, like Sirius did as more as he could with him, as Remus did the last years.

The trio approached the people close to the gate. Mrs. Weasley ran and hugged Harry tightly.

' Freddie is with your parents, but you, my Harry, I want you to know that you are one of my sons.' Molly said and started crying harder than before. Mr. Weasley took her and pulled her in his hug, his face a mask of pain and desperation. Harry felt like he was suffocating. They had lost one of their kids, but still, they were accepting him like blood and flesh of them.

Mrs. Tonks approached him and Harry felt numb. The baby in her arms was looking at him. She smiled ready to collapse and handed the child to him. He took the baby, scared he would hurt it but little Teddy didn't cry or scream at the change of embrace. Hermione and Ginny came to his right and left. Hermione lowered her head and kissed the little being on the head.

Harry felt very strange with Hermione and Ginny around him, with the baby in his hug. He decided to forget his strange feeling and looked at the little being. Remus was right, he did look like Tonks, Teddy was a bit deferent than the baby in the picture he had seen. That meant he would be a great metamorphmagus when he was older.

Harry turned in his right and handed his godchild to Hermione; she looked surprised but hugged the baby with affection and love in her eyes. Harry wasn't sure why, but he thought Hermione would be more firm with a baby than Ginny. He could trust Hermione with thousands of things and holding his little part of family was one of them.

McGonagall ran close to Harry and put him in her hug like Mrs. Weasley did some minutes ago. Harry felt his professor's chest trebling, she was gasping and trebling, first time in his life saw Minerva McGonagall crying, losing her self's control. She pulled him away some moments after, she put her hands on Harry's cheeks and smiled at him, like Hermione, or Ginny, or Fleur would. ' I'm so happy and proud of you, Harry.' She said still smiling. Harry nodded not knowing what to say.

Everyone started moving outside, many chairs were covering the grounds from the castle's walls to the lake, and almost fifty graves were open and waited for the bodies from Hagrid's sack to the forest's start. Everyone sat down. People who had fought the previous hours, centaurs, elves, witches and wizards, Grawp, Hagrid, people from the ministry and the press. Xenophilius Lovegood was already there, Luna close to him. Rita Skeeter was there as well. Injured people, who came out of the castle with the help of their friends or relatives.

Harry sat down on the front line, right across from the tombs; Ginny and all the Weasleys on his right side, and Hermione and Mrs. Tonks on his left. Everyone was murmuring, sobbing or calling the dead's names. Harry was feeling worse every passing minute, especially when he would set his eyes on the small being in Mrs. Tonks' hands. An orphan, Harry knew the feeling. Knew how this child would be without a mother and father. Just with a devastated grandmother who had lost in less than six months, her husband, daughter and son-in-law. And now have the duty to raise A child who was probably a werewolf.

Hermione took his hand and squeezed it as she had done almost six months ago when they were in Godric's hollow the Christmas night, he squeezed it back. She was leaving, who would be there for him for the rest of the two months when Hermione would be away? Ginny? An unsure voice asked in his mind. Harry wasn't sure if he could have Hermione so far away when he was sure the trio should be together to heal its wounds.

Silence fell across the Hogwarts' grounds as almost fifty centaurs started walking from the castle to the forest's start, where the tombs were set. Kingsley stood next to Dumbledore's tomb, which was repaired and waited. Harry knew McGonagall had put the wand back to Dumbledore's tomb. He felt relieved; he knew that if he die normally, something that now looked possible. The wand would be finally useless.

Harry felt something like happiness in his heart watching, elves centaurs, wizards, and other half and half people close to him, all as one, no matter, races, tongues, beliefs or number of feet and inches. Everyone was like one, even Draco and his mother were there, in the back seats.

The centaurs put slowly each body in a tomb. Harry could recognize Firenze holding the "sleeping" form of Colin Creevey. Harry felt so guilty, that boy was so loyal, was so big fan of Harry, not only in words, Colin was the youngest D.A. member he and Hermione had when they had made and co-lead the team with his brother Dennis.

Kingsley took out a list with names, looked at it, with a mask of despair as face and then said aloud, his voice ready to break.

' The people who fought and tried to help against the Dark Lord are Heroes and Heroines. The dead are the true prove of sacrifice for the Greater Good. We fought, we Won! But we lost also,' Kingsley said, Harry had put a hand on Ginny's shoulder as she had her face in her palms, crying. Hermione on his other hand was hugging Mrs. Tonks and helping her hold still, little Teddy. Ron was some chairs away, holding George as the only now twin was crying harder than anyone else.

' We have to live,' Kingsley went on, ' have to live for them, we have to let them live through us, we have to keep them alive in our hearts and minds.' Kingsley said and then started reading the list.

Harry was feeling like every name's sound was a knife in his already blooded heart. All the names were for people Harry knew, people who fought, and people who faced death and weren't lucky as the Three Brothers were… At the sound of each name, the centaur was close to the person's tomb was throwing a flaming arrow to the air. The Arrow was exploding itself and becoming a beautiful twilling dozen of lights.

' Nymphadora Tonks Lupin, fighter, friend, mother and wife,' Kingsley said and Tonks' mother was ready to fall apart, she held her grandchild tighter in her hug, making her self believe that she had still hope.

' Remus John Lupin, fighter, friend, father and husband,' Kinsley went on and Harry felt so bad, father and husband, but still, Harry knew, Remus was happy up there, with his mother and father and Sirius and Tonks and so many others.

' Fred Marius Weasley, fighter, brother, son and friend.' Molly's half-scream, half-sob ripped Harry's heart. Fred was gone, no more problems about which Twin is which. No more crazy twins, no more jokes about George's missing ear from his brother. No more "tortures" to Ron about his high or attitude. No more Fred.

Finally the list was over. The centaurs threw many arrows at the same time; they exploded into deferent colored lights, blue, yellow, green, red, for every race's loses. People looked at the tombs and they covered themselves with white stone as Dumbledore's had, a year ago.

People started moving, back in the castle, around the lake, out of the grounds and into Hogsmeade or left through disapparation out of the castle's grounds. Ron approached his best friends as Ginny went close to her mother and George. Hermione was crying hard, her face hid in her palms. She looked at the tombs and let a hard sob escaped her lips. Harry and Ron both reach for her, they hugged her and she hugged them back.

' I'm so happy you're both alive,' she murmured as she kept trembling.

' Mione, you need to relax,' Harry said and didn't even realize the use of this nickname after seven years of friendship. Ron looked at him with a gaze; Harry knew very well, suspicion and jealously was in his best friend's eyes. Harry wasn't able to talk to his friends as loud voices heard from somewhere near them.

' STAY AWAY FROM MY GRANDCHILD, NARCISSA!' Mrs. Tonks was screaming, many people looked at them. Narcissa and Draco Malfoy were close to Mrs. Tonks and her grandkid.

' I just wanted to see your grandchild, Meda…" Narcissa was saying as lightly as she could. The trio approached the other trio.

' Really? Then you should stop your sister of killing her own niece and Nymphadora's husband. Then, he wouldn't be here now!' Andromeda screamed again and little Teddy started crying. Harry felt his heart ache at the sound of his little godchild crying. He reached and took him from Andromeda's hands as she kept arguing with her younger sister.

' I didn't know she would do that, Bella was out of control the last months, Meda, you have to believe me, and you knew how she was…' Narcissa begged her older sister and Harry saw sadness and pain in her grey eyes.

' BELLATRIX IS NOT MY SISTER NOR ARE ANY OF YOU MY FAMILY, THE ONLY FAMILY YOU LEFT ME, DEATH EATERS, IS MY GRANDCHILD BECAUSE MY EX-SISTER KILLED MY DAUGHTER!' Andromeda screamed at the top of her voice, angry tears felling down her cheeks. Narcissa wasn't much younger than Andromeda but the second looked so much older now.

' You, Bellatrix and Mother threw me away as a piece of nothing when I announced my pregnancy, I was with child! Ted and I brought our child to life, alone! And now, years after, when when my child has a turn to bring her child to life, your sister killed Nymphadora because she wanted to show to your bloody master that your family was pure. Well done Narcissa! You made it, I'm the only one now, and you took everything from me, husband and child. But I warn you! I will kill your brat if someone touches my grandson, I will kill your son with my own hands!' she screamed looking at her nephew.

Draco hadn't spoken at all , his head was lowered, and his eyes closed like he was praying it all that would stop. Draco raised his head and saw the trio; Andromeda got closer to Harry and took her grandchild again. She started moving back in the castle.

Draco looked more than scared when he fixed his eyes upon Hermione. ' Can I talk to you for awhile, Granger?' he asked but his voice hadn't even a hint of irony. Hermione looked at Harry and Ron a bit frighten.

' She won't be alone, Malfoy,' Ron said angrily. Draco nodded to Harry's surprise and let her mother return to the castle as well. The four started walking away from the crowd was still watching. They walked a bit more and stopped at the edge of the ground's piece the tombs were set. The centaurs had already gone to morn their dead.

' Granger- I mean, Hermione, I wanted to apologize to you for my behavior.' Draco said lightly, not looking at Hermione, his gaze locked at his feet. Hermione was between Harry and Ron. She made a step towards Draco and raised her hand, she touched Draco's chin and made him lift it and looked at her.

' If you're not disgusted by my touch or gaze, could you please repeat to me what you just said, I want to have people's apologies as they are looking at me so I can see if they are lying.' Hermione said so softly, like talking to a small, terrified child.

' I'm sorry for everything, I've done.' Draco repeated looking deep into her eyes. Hermione's hand which was still on his chin rose and Hermione slapped him hard on the face. Her eyes were full of pain and rage. Draco's head fell to his left but didn't make a move of looking at her again, he kept looking at his feet like before.

' That was for the Cruciatus, Bellatrix cast upon me so many times after your confinement and left me this,' Hermione shouted and showed the back of her neck by pulling her bushy curls aside on her other shoulder, there was a scar almost three inches long. 'She almost beheaded me!' Hermione screamed with a broken voice like Andromeda had done some moments before. Harry felt so bad for his best friend. He never though Hermione could be so harmed, of course he could still hear her awful screams in his head, but- he always though of Hermione as the smart, beautiful on her own way, cute, brave and untouched by pain girl.

But when he saw the scar and realized that Hermione wasn't that girl anymore, like him, she was an adult, with many painful experiences and memories, feelings of pain, despair and need. Hermione was a woman now, a beautiful, brave woman who had grown up like this under his nose and he didn't had notice it. Or had he? She was beautiful, tall, smiling as any other person, not ashamed to cry in front of him. And she loves Ron! The voice in his mind remained him. Harry pulled out of his thoughts as Hermione walked between him and Ron furious. Draco was still there, looking at his feet like he would find something down there.

The trio started moving back to the castle and Harry knew, Hermione was leaving for her trip to Australia…