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My small Universe

Four years later…

Harry Potter, age twenty two, entered the Ministry's atrium with his team through one of the fireplaces. His team followed behind him, two captured wizards banded. Harry was the head of the team and mission and did as Kingsley had told him. He brought the two neo-Death Eaters back in the Ministry.

Everyone in the atrium started clapping. Harry smiled shyly and crossed the large room. With the corner of his eye he looked at the huge, golden statue of the atrium. The statue was symbolizing three people: Harry James Potter, the Brave Savior, Hermione Jane Granger, the Bright, and Ronald Bilious Weasley, the Loyal. The statue was showing Harry pointing his wand to nowhere, threatening the community's enemies, Hermione, having his free hand in hers and with the other holding her wand and Ron holding his wand in one hand and a torch in the other, showing the way to the trio.

Harry moved to the elevators with his team as the people kept clapping and cheering for him. His entire body was aching; he has been trying to catch those two for the last seven hours and now it was late afternoon. After some good minutes, he moved to the right and entered Kingsley's office; his team entered the office as well. Kingsley stood up and greeted Harry for his success. Harry smiled and, with his team, left the office as other people entered it to interrogate the captured wizards.

As Harry entered his office's floor, Andrew Mathews ran close to him and stopped in front of him, breathless. Harry looked at him alarmed.

'What is it, Ad?' Harry asked and Andrew tried to talk.

'I thought you -were in Azkaban, and then I ran to the atrium then- then in Minister's office and – then – here, Harry, Hermione—' Andrew rasped out and Harry's stomach fell in pure panic.

'What happened, Andrew?' Harry asked. Andrew gestured behind him.

'They have her in the Hospital, St. Mango.' Andrew said and Harry patted his friend's shoulder and started running to his office. Many Aurors were there as well, ready to talk to him but Harry didn't stop. He entered the fireplace of the office; he gripped floo powder from a pocket of his robes and said aloud as he let the powder down.

'St. Mango's Hospital!'

The last thing Harry saw from the ministry was a co-auror saying something about replacing Harry for the rest of the day. The next thing he saw was the large hall of the re-made hospital. He ran to the receptionist, expecting a young, bored blond reading the latest copy of Witch Weekly, but rather, he found the woman smiling brightly at him. It were almost as if she were expecting him to arrive.

'She is in the seventh floor, in the new department.' The woman said and Harry nodded and started running up the stairs. He was breathless as he reached the sixth floor, one of the new departments about Unforgivable Curses' victims because of the war had finished four years ago. Harry kept moving on the stairs and reached the seventh floor. The department was only for witches and their magical or non problems. Four years old Teddy ran close to him and everyone looked at him.

'Uncle Harry!' the boy shouted and Harry picked him up and kept running close to the small crowd at the end of the corridor. Ron stood up from a chair first; next to Hermione's parents. He was still in his Cannons' uniform. He looked at Harry relieved and angry.

'Where the hell have you been? She has been screaming for you for the last three hours!' Ron shouted and Harry gulped and let Teddy down carefully.

'I was in a damn mission, where is she?' Harry asked ready to fell apart. Molly, Arthur, Andromeda, Hermione's parents, and the rest of the Weasleys were there. Luna as well, her swollen stomach just visible, she waved at Harry smiling, completely calmed. Harry looked almost socked at Ginny; she hadn't been close to him or Hermione for the last years and the only times they saw her was in the Quidditch pitch the times the Cannons would play against the Harpies. For the first time, she smiled and approached him.

'She is behind those two doors. Tell her we all are with her,' Ginny said with her head lowered. Ron looked proudly at his sister and then at Harry again.

'What are you waiting for, you git? Go! Hermione needs you!' Ron shouted and brought Harry out of the sock of Ginny's presence there.

He moved through the door and a healer approached him. There was another closed door in front of him. A scream was heard and Harry's heart ached hard. He knew that voice and the way Hermione screamed, which meant only one thing, she was suffering. The healer started casting sterilizing charms on him and then dressed him with deep blue robes above his own clothes. Harry nodded his thanks and impatience and she let him through the doors. The sight came in view stole his breath.

Hermione was propped on her elbows on a bed, her legs wide opened with a healer sat on a chair at the end of her bed. The healer, Harry knew; she was Hermione's friend and co-worker, her name was Roman Stevens and she was the head of this department. Hermione was panting on the bed and screamed again with her head falling back. Harry felt his feet move on their own accord, towards Hermione. Hermione stopped screaming and looked at him, shocked. She released who he was in a heartbeat and gripped his hand. Harry leaned and kissed her sweaty forehead as his other hand touched her harder than usual stomach.

'It's OK, Mione, I'm here love.' Harry said sweetly at her and she nodded her head ready to burst in tears.

'It hurts – so much, Harry, I thought you – won't be here- when the – baby will be- out.' She said breathless, tears started running her cheeks. Harry felt so guilty. He was too busy with his mission, and Hermione was here, trying to get their baby into the world.

'It's OK, baby. Everything will be fine,' Harry said smiling and felt himself trebling. Healer Stevens smiled at Hermione and Harry.

'OK, Hermione, you are ready to push, girl. When you feel pain again, hold your breath and push as hard as possible, OK?' Roman asked and Hermione nodded her head. She took some more short breaths and Harry wiped her forehead with his free hand. He felt Hermione's hand clutching his with enormous power, her now long nails digging deep in his skin. He clenched his teeth as Hermione kept crushing his hand. She let out another agonizing scream and started panting, this time she started crying freely. Harry felt like he was the worst person in the earth for casting such pain to the woman he loved.

He moved his arm behind her so he could support her body enough for her to rest her head on his shoulder and gave her, his other hand to grip. He kissed the top of her head and started whispering to her ear how good things would be in a few minutes.

'You're doing great Hermione. Push again and the head will be out! Push, Hermione, push!!' Roman said, extremely calmed, and Hermione nodded. After a few seconds, she started pushing again. Harry thought his hand would be useless in less than ten seconds, but he couldn't complain. She was taking another person from inside her, for heaven's sake.

'The head is out!' Roman exclaimed and Hermione screamed again as she kept pushing. Things around them like bottles of potions on shelves were moving themselves because of Hermione's lack of control on her powers.

'Come on, Mione, push harder and the baby will be out, sweetheart!' Harry said as he felt Hermione's hand clutching his more if that was humanly possible. They didn't know if the baby was a boy or a girl so he couldn't reassure her if a son or a daughter would be there soon. Hermione screamed once again and pushed harder than ever, rising her upper body in effort.

'It's a boy!' Roman said between high pitched screams and Harry's heart beat faster than ever in his life. A baby boy, my son.

'Harry, you want to cut the cord?' Roman asked Harry and he looked at her scared, but nodded. He left Hermione's side for a few seconds and looked at the end of the bed. A small baby was there screaming. He cut the cord with a pair scissors, separating the baby from his mother. Roman took the baby and gave it to Harry. He was wrapped in a large white towel full of blood, but Harry didn't care.

He took his son in his trebling hands and looked at him, he was exactly like him. Black hair was on the baby's head and large emerald eyes mixed themselves with his father's; the baby looked at Harry for a moment and then kept crying. Harry hadn't felt so many shocks of happiness, awe, fear, proudness and love for someone in his life until that moment. He kept his son close to his chest for dear life. The baby kept screaming and Roman took it from Harry gently.

'Go back to Hermione and I will bring him to you in less than minutes,' Roman said and walked away, nodding to another healer.

Hermione let her self back in the mattress, she was panting. She was all sweaty and her hair was stuck on her head all wet; but Harry thought that he had never seen her more beautiful before; as he approached her side again. He moved next to her and leaned for a kiss. She was sill panting, but returned the kiss hungrily. He smiled against her lips and started stroking her now flat stomach and her hair. A healer made some quick spells on Hermione and covered her with a clean blanket as the couple kept enjoying their sweet moments.

'How is he?' Hermione asked a soon as the kiss was over, her voice weak after all this time of screaming.

'He looks like me but he is smashing like you, love,' Harry whispered to her and kissed her again.

'We have a son,' Hermione whispered as he kept his head lowered above hers. He pecked her sweaty cheek, wiping a new tear and smiled at her.

'We have a son, our son, Mione, our first child.' Harry said and chuckled at the thought, a son. Hermione smiled and tried to sit up on the bed. Harry helped her and hugged her for the first time that day. It was easier now without her swollen belly. She hugged him tightly, even if she was exhausted.

Roman approached the couple with the little baby in her hands, wrapped in a soft blanket. 'Hermione, ready to nurse your healthy, little son?' she asked and Hermione nodded her head smiling.

Harry sat next to Hermione's lap and looked Roman handing the baby in Hermione's arms. She took their son and smiled sweetly at him. Tears started running down her cheeks as she looked at the little being. Harry moved even closer and kissed Hermione's cheek above the little crying baby. Hermione kissed his lips and smiled at him like she had done with their son. The couple looked at each other for some seconds, smiling at each other, communicating silently like they did for years; words were useless to represent their feelings at the moment.

'I will inform your friends and family if that's OK. You can stay here with the little one for awhile. People would be good to visit you after some hours of rest for both mom and baby,' Roman informed them. Harry nodded, smiling goofily, and she left their side and with the rest of the healers exited the room to announce the news to the rest.

Hermione moved her deep blue gown's neck down and exposed one of her breasts. She moved her little baby closer and guided him to her breast. The baby started sucking his mother's breast for dear life and calmed on the spot. Harry melted right then and there, his life's love giving to their son the only thing he needed to keep himself in life. He leaned and gave the first kiss on his son's little head, trying to avoid his unshaved chin of scratching the sensitive skin of his son's little head. The couple stood in silence just watching their little boy taking the first meal of his life.

'He is adorable,' Harry whispered as the baby let go of Hermione's breast and looked at her and then at Harry.

'He is indeed.' Hermione said softly and rocked the little one just so he wouldn't start crying again. Harry took one of the baby's hands and shook it for awhile, the baby close its tinny fingers around Harry's index finger and Harry leaned and kissed his son's little hand.

'We need a name; you know,' Harry said quietly to Hermione and she nodded smiling her agreement. 'I let it be up to you,' he said softly and she looked at him, surprised. Harry felt that was the least he could do for the pain she felt to bring their son to life. She looked at the baby for some more moments and then looked at Harry again.

'His name will be James Evan Granger Potter, what do you think? I think both your parents would be happy with that.' Hermione said smiling and Harry felt tears collecting in his eyes. He smiled and kissed her again.

'I think it's perfect for him.' Harry said and smiled at the little being, James had started falling asleep so the couple looked at him in silence again. 'We can have the christening the same day with our wedding.' Harry said softly and Hermione nodded smiling. Hermione looked at Harry again and moved her self closer to him.

'You want to hold him again?' she asked and Harry nodded franticly. She smiled and handed him their son. 'Just support his head with your elbow so he can breathe easier and he is fine.' Hermione said softly. James didn't seem to bother by the change of parents, so he kept sleeping. Hermione let her self back on her pillows and looked at Harry, who hadn't move from the spot of her bed with James in his hands.

'I had told you once, and I'll tell you again: you make a great picture with a baby in your arms.' Hermione murmured before yawning.

Harry smiled at her and moved wandlessly a chair close to her bed. He sat on that chair and started watching James sleeping and Hermione falling asleep as well. After some good minutes of silence, both his son and future wife were deeply asleep. He kept rocking the little baby in his hands. He didn't know what title to give to his emotional state right now. He was shocked, he could say, but he was feeling proud, worried, fear, happy, awe and he was sure for that; love for this little guy in his hands.

When Hermione had announced to him she was pregnant; eight months ago he didn't care of the baby's sex, but now with his little miniature in his hands he had to admit; he was happy to have a son. He would be the most happy man in the earth like now if the baby was Hermione's little version, but those emerald eyes was the one thing stealing his breath at that moment. Those emerald eyes were now opened and kept looking at him, pulling him out of his thoughts.

'Hey you, little guy,' Harry whispered to the baby. 'Welcome here, I'm your Papa and the beautiful woman there is your Mummy; you know. We both had been talking to you for the last months, but you were inside mummy's tummy so I'm not sure you could understand us.' Harry said smiling to the little baby, feeling a bit silly of trying to communicate with the little sleepy being, the baby kept looking at him so he went on. 'Mummy said we have to talk to you like you are adult so that is what I will do. Your mummy is almost always right so, welcome here James, both mummy and I are very happy to finally meet you.

"You came a bit earlier than expected but I understand; you wanted to meet your brilliant mom faster, I would do the same if I was you.' Harry said and chuckled at his own silly joke. He reached one of his hands and touched the little baby's nose. The baby kept looking at him; Harry would swear his son wanted to know more. He was his son, after all; and Hermione's, a bright child for sure.

'Your mom decided to have the wedding after your birth and I'm happy for that, there was noise from the press of course about our decision, but who cares any more? You will be the special guest there. We will both teach you everything little one: how to fly on a broom, how to play Quidditch, how to read and cast spells, how to duel-' Harry went on and he felt suddenly the need to explain everything to his son, he suddenly felt the need to talk about everything had happened. 'Look little one, your mom and I were best friends for the last eleven years of our lives and we are together as a couple for the last four. Your mummy was always there for me; she saved me many times because a very bad man was threatening to kill me. It's a long story, but I want you to know that I wouldn't have survived if your mummy wasn't there for me. She is very bright you know; the brightest as many people are saying and I agree with them.

'She was, and remains, the best friend, the best fighter and I survived seven tormented years because she was there. Your godfather, Ron, was there as well, but he sometimes ran away; your mummy never did that. I fought that bad man many times and thank Merlin I survived. The last years, little one; are the most happy of my life, because my wounds are healing now, your mom is healing me. With her love, her apprehension and affection, she is. She did a great choice of being a healer, really. She was always the one for me and even if I released it a bit late, she accepted and loved me as none else could ever do, because your mummy knows me as none else. She has been seeing my nightmares and my bright days, my dark and good side. And she has support and loved me no matter what. She was in danger many times and thank Gods; she survived, I would have lost my mind and soul if your mom hadn't survived the war.

'Because, little one, your Mum is my everything. You'll see, she is smart and beautiful, clever and she can see the internal beauty of every person. You won't have only me and mom though. No, our family is big enough, you have nana Amele and gramps Alex, you have all the Weasleys, many uncles, aunties and cousins, you have nana Meda and I'm sure you'll be great with Teddy, and you have Ron and Luna; and their baby boy will soon be here as well, you'll love Ron. He is moms and my best friend and I'm sure you two will be the best buddies. And of course mummy and I will give you siblings, we'll fill our house with little ones like you, son. Wow, it sounds so nice.' Harry smiled at his little version; tears were running his cheeks without realizing it. His little son was the only one Harry had confessed all those things; except the baby's mom.

Harry looked at his little son and smiled sadly. 'I was never been in a house with a mom and dad like your mummy was and you will be. But I swear to you, little one, I will be the best dad; I swear I won't mess up, because you and mummy are my universe. My little, precious universe, and I will protect both of you, no matter what. Your mummy will help me being a great dad for you. Like she always helped me.' Harry said smiling at the baby.

'You don't need my help, love,' Hermione's voice heard and Harry jerked his head to her direction. She was still lying on her pillows, but she was awake and smiling to him.

He stood up with James in his hands and approached her. He sat next to her and Hermione smiled wider to him. 'You don't need my help because you already are a great dad and you love James like I do, so our son is the luckiest baby in the world.' Hermione said and answered his unspoken question. Harry smiled at her. 'I heard all your confession and James will have the best dad ever.' Hermione went on and Harry blushed. He gave her the baby and Hermione took the awaken baby and put him on her chest with his front against hers, James' head hidden in Hermione's neck. She started caressing her little son's back above the blanket and Harry moved closer and took Hermione's hand and kissed it. He then leaned again and kissed her lips. She responded and kissed him back.

'I love you, Hermione,' Harry whispered as their sweet kiss was over.

'I love you too, Harry,' Hermione smiled at him. 'And I love you too, James.' Hermione said and kissed their son's little head. Harry smiled at the two most precious people in his life. No more nightmares and Voldemort would ever affect him again. His past's ghosts and monsters were finally beaten, and the ones that weren't, were very close to be.

Harry's and Hermione's life was just starting.

END (?)

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