Forget About Heero

By: Matrix Taylor

Type: Humor/Romance

Rated: K (All Ages)

From: Disney's Aladdin: Return of Jafar

Anime: Gundam Wing

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I rewrote this fic in….well…fic form. Anyway, as I've said before, this is just something I wrote to make fun of Relena!! *Grins*

Relena sat at the table alone on her balcony located in the parlor of the sitting room drinking tea and looking out longingly to what seem to be nowhere. She gives another long sigh as she thought of Heero Yuy, the boy who she knew she was in love with. The first and only guy, she decided, that she wanted to spend her life with. She knows that she should be out doing something, anything instead of sitting here pondering for a boy who seems to continue to run away from her.

Dorothy entered the little room to see Relena staring pathetically from the balcony again. It was obvious to the other blonde that one Relena Dorlian was hopelessly in love with one gundam pilot named Heero Yuy. From what Dorothy gathered and what she was told by Relena Dorlian herself, the younger blonde fell for the gundam pilot at first sight. The trouble was, Dorothy believed that Heero may have trouble seeing it. After all, the Wing pilot was never the one to discuss or express such feelings from what she knew and saw for herself.

"Pining away again? Mrs. Relena it's not healthy for you to stay indoors so often." Dorothy scolds her as she closed the door and proceeded to the pacifist's side.

"I know…but…I really miss him. You know…sometimes I wonder if it's even worth my time." Relena says with a sigh, yet Dorothy can detect a hint of anger in her voice.

"Why, what do you mean?" Dorothy asks innocently.

The blonde haired pacifist turns to the taller girl meeting her blue eyes.

"I mean why I even waste my time on him! He comes and goes without so much of a hello and goodbye! He saves me and then disappears in thin air!" Relena prattled on, her voice rising and anger flashing in her eyes.

"You know what Mrs. Relena. You're absolutely right! He never should of bothered saving your life so many times!" Dorothy says.

Dorothy: Forget about Heero

He's more concerned about his new mission

Forget about his charm

He's never there anyways to hold you in his arms

Thinking of him is obnoxious

The thought of him should make you nauseous

Enough is enough

Just forget about him

Relena eyes widened and then gave a humph folding her arms across her chest.

Dorothy: Forget about romance

Forget about the first time you and him danced

Relena found herself instantly blushing as the memory of the first time she and Heero danced played in her mind. Dorothy smiled but continued to sing.

Dorothy: Don't even see why you blush

When he's not even spitting out some sentimental mush!

Thinking of it's revolting

It's even worse then when you're moping

Just get over it

And forget about him

Relena found herself shift from not being with Heero and his reluctance to be with her to the tall blonde haired woman standing before her. How dare she talk about her Heero like that?!

Relena: I can never forget when he held out his hand for mine

She blushed as she accounted that night when he attended her birthday party.

Relena: My heart a flutter

Relena sighs as she thought of that night and how romantic it was despite how it ended.

Dorothy: Oh brother

Relena: *with a sigh* the first time we kissed

Dorothy: It won't be missed

Relena eyes glared darts at Dorothy now.

Dorothy: Forget about his touch

Relena: I can't forget about his touch

Dorothy: To really tell the truth it doesn't matter much

Relena: It matters so much

Dorothy: You're better off alone

Anyway, it seems that you always end up dining alone

For this love, there are no prizes

Relena: *sighs again* A cozy rendezvous

Dorothy: *scuffs* off please

Relena: Candelight for two

Dorothy: You wish!

You're kidding yourself

Just forget about him!

Relena was now heated mad. She knew that Dorothy was just doing it on purpose. It was another tactic to get under Relena's skin. Unfortunately, the taller blonde knew just what to say to push the shorter blonde's buttons. Talking about Heero in such a negative manor just happens to be one of them.

Relena: I can't forget about my heart

"He doesn't even have a heart," Dorothy responds.

Relena: And whet it felt like to fall for him from the start

"He's not falling," Dorothy sung on with that smile of hers that made Relena madder then she already was.

Relena: Whatever he may do

Dorothy: *spoken* Which is nothing

Relena: I will wait for him so forget you

Dorothy blows a raspberry Relena's way.

Relena: I'll be there to wish, to want, to wonder

I'll wait for him through rain and thunder

A cozy rendezvous

Dorothy: Oh please

Relena: Candelight for two

Dorothy: *spoken* Drea-ming!

: That makes you an ass

Relena: But I won't forget about him

Relena, angry, got up and stormed out forgetting that she was upset with a certain pilot She would not stand to have him insulted by someone the likes of Dorothy. But what she did not notice was that satisfied, victorious grin on the taller blonde's face.